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I'm new, I'm psychic - been learning by reading - ready to share by posting

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posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 08:15 AM
reply to post by noonebutme

To answer your question, yes, you can learn this. All human beings have this ability, most never use it, or simply do not believe it exists, thus cheating themselves out of an ability that can be a boon. I learned at a very young age, my Grandfather turned me on to a lot of things about myself that normal people would never say, or talk about. Practice makes perfect, remember that. Love and Light.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 09:02 AM
I don't believe in psychics although I do believe that some people are more sensitive to their surroundings than others.
Mind you, if you really are psychic you'd know that already wouldn't you. . ?

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 09:34 AM

Originally posted by psychicschool
No - not at all.

Your untestable and unconfirmable comment enters into the typical atheist/prove it question most psychics get bombarded with.

hi and welcome to ats.
we, like everyone else, can be very critical of people, ideas, ect...... i try to not take offense to posts that people make. i am after all a simple carnal being, so sometimes i lose the battle to contain it.

why did so many who claim that they are from "new age," feel the need to create the additional group(s), was it hard for them to adjust to the known worldviews?
the reason i ask that is when it's all boiled down, this indigo idea seems just like another ploy to get people buying the same ideas, just wrapped a little differently.

also, i noticed that the inclusion of add/adhd which is supposed to be one of the "signs" a parent can use to determine if their child is "indigo." i find it odd that many use the diagnosis of one of the most biggest mistakes we are making regarding our kids. we are giving kids powerful mind drugs to fix a issue that more relates to teachers, oversized classrooms, and the mentality of some baby boomers....

this fits right in with this "children cant play dodgeball" mentality of todays parents. which allows kids to have the ability to avoid certain needed skills pertaining to society and how to deal with it. they would rather take a pill then challange themselves and the indigo movement caters to that. todays lazy, obese, dumbed down young ones are not even instilled with the importance of health both mentally or otherwise. a healthy body will work well with a health mind. often, bad health directly ties into this new version of society.

"having trouble finding your way (asks the indigo elder)?" "yes, i am" says the student. "well, here let me make a group for you so you have the easiest possible time claiming that title" says the elder. oh before we begin have you been diagnosed with the one of the most misdiagnosed diseases for kids?" "yes, i have" says the young one. "it's official then, your indigo."

i thought we had enough groups that did not think for themselves. i guess not...

to each his own



on a side note, why would you consider that question to be typical of some type of "atheist" mindset? i noticed you were quick to react to that confrontation by labeling it atheist. i'm curious to know what your worldview is in a much deeper sense.

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posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 06:25 PM
Hi psychicschool!

Excellent introduction post. I have also been having a very clear reoccuring dream where dozens of planes are falling out of the sky from every direction. I hope this is just a normal dream.
There are many different predictions out there given by many different precogs. Are there any well known ones that you feel have exceptional abilities?

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 07:01 PM
Please check your private messages inbox. I've sent you a message. By the way, your signature doesn't seem to have any links.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 07:30 PM
Very interesting! Nice to make yer acquaintance, Leon.

I'm definitely interested in your story and what you have to contribute to ATS.

Tanti auguri!

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 08:41 PM
Very cool thread!

I like you already psychicshool, you are a very interesting person.

I may say that I'm kind of new on ATS too, despite being a lurker for years!

I look forward to learning with you!
I believe I also have my gifts and I'm still figuring out how to use them.
I'm signing up for psychic school right now!

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 04:34 AM
Circle this dates on your calendar

November 15 2009- Tambora eruption ( This is the only one not sure )

November 19 2009 - linked to Waterloo battle in the history cicles and it's about Federal Reserve

November 24 2009- Disastrous breakout of flu or fire will last for 2 weeks

December 20 2009 - First date in which there could be a new king for England

December 6 2009 - Big economical and government problems

December 12 2009 - This day people will talk much about Obama and is a very important day

December 25 2009 - Big event in Rome, Russia will be involved, could be a terror attack or a bacteriological outbreak linked to July 15 1923

December 28 2009- Cumbre Vieja eruption will destroy the island and cause huge tsunamis in Africa, Brazil and Florida, less high tsunami in Spain and England
Linked to December 26 2004

December 27 -29 2009 - Israel and Iran war begins

January 5 2010 - Maybe on this date England could have a new king

January 19 2010 - Martial law and general strikes in England

January 22 2010 - Big earthquake in China

January 24 2010 - Big event or flu outbreak in Finland

January 29 2010 - Russia and Turkey in war

Second week of February - Russia and Poland in war

February 21 2010 - Revolution in Brazil

February 22 2010 - Small revolution riot in Texas and riots in mass in India

February 16 or 26 2010 - Big earthquake Iran

March 16 2010 - Civil War in United States will begin

March 30 2010 - Fire in London Big Ben

April 16 2010 - Bankruptcy through the roof for banks

April 28 2010 - United States will announce the will to expand the states territory

May 2-12 2010 - These days there will be lots of riots in Sicily

May 22 2010 - China rebellion will start; president of Usa will make changes into constitution of Usa

June 29 2010 - Big One California

July 12 2010 - Civil war in Usa will explode by this day

September 25 2010 - Russia and Turkey war will escalate and cause riots and rage in the whole Asia

October 31 2010 - On Brooklyn Bridge some people will believe its going to fall, the bridge, so they will create panic

October 26 2010 - Englkand, Sunderland, Victoria Hall Theater event

December 18 2010 - Possible terror attack in Usa

December 21 2010 - China and Japan war because of Koreas

January 10 2011 - China coup d' etat

January 28 2011 - Mount Shikoku will collapse, Japan

January 23 2011 - Usa at war with Philippines

January 27 2011 - China rebellion ends

February 17 2011 - Russian Revolution

February 21 2011 - France leader will say something against Japanese people

April 2 2011 - World tension will escalate

April 5 2011 - England and France war with Turkey

April 17 2011 - Riots in Russia will escalate

April 16 2011 - Huge explosion in Scotland

April 21 2011 - Brooklyn, huge car accident

April 21 and 22 2011 - World tension will ease

April 30 2011 - Swine Flu, Avian flu or Spanish flu will be eliminated

May 11 2011 - Martial law Ireland

May 22- 23 2011 - Disastrous floods in Italy

May 28-29 2011 - New tri- State tornado

June 6 2011 - False announcement of a terror attack in London will create panic

June 13 2011 - Heavy hail, London

June 9 2011 - London huge flood

June 18 2011 - London flood will get worst

June 22 2011- Related to Cern success

July 2011 - Bank holiday Usa

July 11 2011 - Earthquake, Long Beach

July 12 2011 - Dictatorship in Usa or another important country

July 28-29 2011 - Pittsburgh will be flooded

July 28 2011 - Spain civil war

July 28-29 2011 - New London , Texas, event

August 7 2011 - Mexico nationalises oil

August 17-18 2011 - Invasion of Albany; these weeks, invasion of Denmark and Norway

August 26 2011 - Invasion of East- Europe and Greece

August 23 2011 - After a terror attack in London, internet and tv programs will be reduced

September 9 2011 - Russia will win against the enemy in world war

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 05:15 AM

Originally posted by psychicschool
I'm familiar with "Indigo Children", but by know means an expert.

I've read and taught a number of them over the years and I believe myself to be one of the earliest incarnations.

Indigo Children know as spirit (and before they came to incarnate) that theirs was the generation that would live through the tribulation and assist earth as it shifts to the next dimensions of life.

They tend not to get "programmed" by society easily which will make them strong when society breakdown, but this can make some do poorly in school and feel like outsiders. They are very psychic, but they don't always have the know how to handle it.

This generation is getting attacked more than any other generation. When I say attacked, I mean given prescription drugs that shuts down their abilities. Therapists and counselors that make them think the have mental problems verse helping them understand they are psychic and how to handle it. TV and video games that fill their minds with violence (basically distracting them from themselves). By the time they are teens, they are in so much pain some drift to drug use to manage reality. It's pretty intense for them, but they are capable and I think once reality breakdown enough, they will suddenly realize their calling and kick psychic butt.

Indigo Children get a lot of credit, but we sometimes forget to thank the baby boomers. They were the first wave of evolved spirits incarnating on earth. They deserve a lot of credit because they paved the way for the Indigo Children and have had to endure the pain of human incarnation longer than the Indigo Children.

That's just a little of what I'm aware of. Is their any area your wanting to specifically explore?


Very good overall of indigos, and I agree with this definition completely. And though many talk in terms of recent waves of starseeds, energy recognition led me to recognize many in August, and I realized that my grandparents, who were incredible intelligence idealists were starseeds that were here paving the way for subsequent generations.

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 06:46 AM

Originally posted by Evidence
Circle these dates on your calendar

so I am guessing that you are some kind of psychic as well, would you care to specify in what way you obtained these dates/events and how?

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posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 07:16 AM
Another sceptic here, sorry.
Remember the Madeleine Mccann case? The little girl who disappeared? It had worldwide publicity and every psychic and his dog jumped on it (well a few anyway). And over 2 years on, they are no closer to finding her or anyone involved in her disappearance.
This is the sort of thing which makes me sceptical.

To Evidence, some of the dates are pretty likely guesses imo. I just started checking and there is a Federal Reserve event scheduled for 19th so not even much of a guess! Nor is it rocket science that there will be an event in Rome on Xmas Day or that there could be a terrorist attack. But all credit I suppose in raising your head above the parapets to be shot at in respect of some specific dates (just don't go saying 'the timeline shifted' if they don't come to pass). I will be watching!

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posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 07:59 AM

No - not at all. I've seen many precognitive events manifest. It's how I know the ability is strong. When I see something in the future, it can be difficult to understand because it's not happening now. It can be hard to relate to and a little confusing because it’s not happening now.

The quote you are referring to which you then suggest means I'm untestable or unconfirmable has nothing to do with the actual quote or what I was saying. I can say that in WWIII missiles will shower in US soil, but never WMD. I can say US will not use WMD in WWIII. I can say Russia and Israel and a third country will us WMD. I can say every grain of sand in Israel will melt due to nukes. What I can't say is when or why.

All I can say is what I see. If I added my own ideas or interpertation, it would no longer be what I originally saw. My own ego would get in the way.

Your untestable and unconfirmable comment enters into the typical atheist/prove it question most psychics get bombarded with. I’m really not here to prove anything to anyone, especially not to people I can't see or meet.

Playing prove it with strangers is totally boring and most people already have made their own judgemnet about psychics and all they really want to do is validate that their conclusions are right

Although I have predicted events including the Tsunami, Northridge, and 9/11, I no longer waste my time trying to prove it to people. Even when I show notarized statements marked months before, it's never enough. Precognition is the one ability that I don’t use commercially. It’s something I usually keep to myself because people really don’t want to hear about it. Also - you are asking what the Psychic School is – why don’t you click on my signature and find out - you didn't have to ask since the link is right there.

I sort of believe you when you stated the bold. It seems you know about the concept of oneness?

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posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 09:28 AM
reply to post by psychicschool

Welcome to ATS. I hope you enjoy your browsing in this forum. Will keep an eye on your posts for i have a deep understanding of the phenomena of "trans-communication" (psychic abilities), in other words, i know where the information comes from. On a personal note, i always am critical (objective analysis) of the information that is forwarded to me or others, not because the information is not useful, but because i do not know the real reasons behind these "trans-communications". I just know that most of the time, these trans-communications are used to either secure the mind for those in search of knowledge or satisfy the egoistic views of this knowledge.


posted on Nov, 11 2017 @ 01:15 PM

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