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Quran Desecrated Causes Uproar

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posted on May, 10 2005 @ 05:30 PM
Newsweek magazine, in its latest edition, quoted sources as saying that investigators probing abuses at the military prison had found that interrogators "had placed Korans on toilets, and in at least one case flushed a holy book down the toilet."

There has been growing public outrage in Pakistan over the report. The National Assembly, parliament's lower house, on Monday passed a resolution denouncing the reported desecration and Imran Khan, a Pakistani cricketer turned politician, last week demanded an apology from the United States.

In Jalalabad, Afghanistan, about 2,000 students chanting "Death to America" protested over the reported desecration, some of them holding up an effigy of President Bush and shouting "Death to Bush."

"The Pentagon is aware of the allegation," said a State Department official. "They have started an investigation into it."

Why is Pakistan leading the cry to Washington? Simple, desecrating the Quran, whether it happened or not, provokes uncontrollable animosity amongst the populace. Pakistan's government is partnered with America in "exterminating terrorists," so they say, however, Pakistan will not be able to contain the mob and this is why we are seeing boisterous comments asking for apologies and investigation quickly to curb any further outbreaks of violence. You can be sure this one incident, BS or not, has caused a huge pledge of support to Zarqawi and any Jihad group recruiting new soldiers.

Pakistan harbors the "extremists" who wait for a cue to wage Jihad on America. How is it that President Bush is supplying aid of a $3 billion package to a country whose citizens are adamant anti-American and filled with thousands upon thousands who will Jihad against America?

posted on May, 10 2005 @ 06:05 PM
I hardly doubt this incident will perpetuate support for Islamic terrorist cells, as it would be a shamefull display of respect by the west towards the Middle East and Muslims universaly. The Qu'ran is a holy book -relatively speaking- and any attempt to detract it in a way which elicits emotional reactions will obviously propogate hatred.

As for the allegations that the Qu'ran was flushed down the toilet, this needs to be substantiated more; i've never heard anything from any major news source.

If a Middle Eastern were to flush the New Testament down the toilet and scream 'death to the pope', how would Catholics feel?



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