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The Picture of the Modern World........pleasure and pain~

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posted on May, 10 2005 @ 11:19 AM
QUOTE/////In all ages, men have been trying to understand the state of the world in which they live in order to be able to confront the problems that arise. If one does not study the state of the world, he will not be able to find solutions out of the impasse.

Today we observe that many people try to identify the picture of the modern world. Among them are philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, politicians, journalists, etc. However, we should also look at the views of the theologians, and, above all, of the Fathers of the Church which are timeless.

It is known that the Fathers of the Church believe that the human nature is in a fallen state, which means that it is ruled by sensual pleasure and pain, which constitute the original sin. Therefore, I think we should view the state of the modern world through the link between pleasure and pain and through their transcendence.

After a few introductory remarks, I will attempt to focus on a great saint of our Church who is able to help us with what we face in our times effectively, because he is noted for his great insight and mental capacity, as well as his broad experience in divine matters.
He is St. Maximus the Confessor, who may well be considered a most modern Father, for he combines many talents, such as: a deep knowledge of human matters, of the philosophical trends of his time, experience of God, an outstanding writing style, and, generally, one could say, that he combines theological, philosophical, social, existential, and psychological knowledge.

1. Facing the Third Millennium
2. Hedonism
3. Pleasure and pain according to St. Maximus the Confessor
1. The origin of pleasure and pain
2. The purpose of Christ's incarnation
3. Personal adoption of salvation
4. The great contribution and value of Orthodox hesychasm
Conclusion .....

Quote(web page below)///The seeking of pleasure and hedonism dominate our times, at all levels of life, and this is why there is profound pain and affliction.
In my view, what can be observed today is the rule of sensual pleasure and pain. Therefore, the essential contribution of the Church is to help people transcend this nexus of the dualism of sensual pleasure and pain within the boundaries of their personal life.
So-called social problems will be solved through the cure of this basic anthropological problem.

Christ is Risen


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