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posted on May, 10 2005 @ 06:13 AM
topics turning into a liberal consertive slugfest what is it with americans?
How could there political views be so black and white?
Do people even know what a so called Liberal is ?

I swear I want to know what people are smoking when they say France is a enemy of the USA.

PTS needs more genuine political debate none of this Liberal and consertive bashing BS.

You can be a consertive and have liberal views on social issues such as gay marriage nor are athiests so called liberals.

PTS is like a drug its bad for me but I keep coming back for more.
In conclusion Liberal - consertive slugfests mindless Iraq war threads and mindless europen bashing and the world hates america threads should be banned :bnghd:

Boy Im glad there a rant section where I could get my frustations off my cheast.

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