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Example of Propoganda

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posted on May, 9 2005 @ 07:39 PM
I know many on here are aware that the communists (DPRK and PRC in particular) are utilizing propoganda through their controlled media. However, many probably do not know the extent that the officials take this controlled media to. As there are scarcely any examples, the recent tensions between Japan/China have provided a wonderful example. So I finally stumbled upon this article:

By the way, this article was on the front page of Google News!

Have a nice read!

posted on May, 9 2005 @ 10:28 PM
This is an opinion piece, not a news piece. Says so right at the top of the page.

Headlines and soundbites from politcal leaders like:
"Iraq has WMD that we must destroy or wake up to a mushroom cloud", thats propaganda.
"Weed makes users crazy", thats propaganda

Opinion pieces are not propaganda, as it clearly states opinion, which basically means "take it or leavel it, this is the way I see things" not "this is the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, believe it or perish a horrible death"

posted on May, 9 2005 @ 10:42 PM
The opinion piece qualifies as propaganda......

Source: Merriam Webster
Main Entry: pro·pa·gan·da
Pronunciation: "prä-p&-'gan-d&, "prO-
Function: noun
Etymology: New Latin, from Congregatio de propaganda fide Congregation for propagating the faith, organization established by Pope Gregory XV †1623
Date: 1718
1 : capitalized : a congregation of the Roman curia having jurisdiction over missionary territories and related institutions
2 : the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person
3 : ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause; also : a public action having such an effect.

Interesting piece, but nothing really new........

posted on May, 10 2005 @ 02:10 AM
Propaganda is bull$hit used to influence someones way of thinking. Plain and simple. Look past the malarkey, decide your beliefs based on fact. The more you know the more you can appreciate.

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