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Another Spooky ghost story

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posted on May, 9 2005 @ 06:54 PM
Hey ATS Readers,

New to this forum, But wanted to post one of my stories. It still gives me the chills when i think about it. My brother travels alot on business trips. Anyways, I think he pretty sensitive to spirits. The story goes like this. He was in oakland for a business trip, The business he works for booked him in one of those very fancy hotels, with the room walls made of a glass or almost clear plastic. That night he was sleeping alone when he felt someone shaking him telling him to wake up. He woke up to see the cleaning lady standing over his bed, telling him someone was trying to get in his room. She was dressed in a cleaning out-fit, middle aged, latin looking lady. At first he was too sleepy to think about things, so he got up and looked at the door. From behind the door he could see a shadowy figure behind the glass//plastic door trying to get into his room. Then in a instance the black figure moved away from the door and moved down the hall. Tripping out, he moved to the door open it and looked down the hall. The figure disappeared. He got back into bed and sit there for a bit. Then he realize the cleaning lady was gone. Then he realize, how did she get in?....The door was locked?? No distrub sign was outside...How did she get passed him??...Freaked out...he sat in the bed....thinking about it...he couldn't sleep after that. He told me this story...when he got back...i am thinking it was a friendly ghost who tried to warn him about danger...or could have been his guardian angel trying to protect him. Anyways. Just a story for you guys to listen to. Tell me what you think. Spooky huh?

posted on May, 9 2005 @ 07:03 PM
Thanks for sharing,

Very interesting story and I wonder if others in this hotel have ever experienced this,

I think this spirit belonged there due to being dressed as a cleaning lady,

Might be worth looking up the hotel and seeing if theirs any stories like this connected to it somewhere on the net,

Interesting stuff though,

posted on May, 9 2005 @ 07:10 PM
did your brother ask the hotel staff about the cleaning lady? if they ever had one die on the job or something like that? maybe you or your brother could still call the hotel and find out.

posted on May, 9 2005 @ 11:21 PM
Ya i will tell him to do that, that's not the only time he had expereince like that. Here's another one for you guys. When i was a kid, we grew up in this old house. Probably a mile from where i live now. I live in southern california. Out of everyone in my family. My grandpa and grandma are the most senitive to ghosts. I am chinese-american. If you know alot of chinese culture, ghosts are apart of our belief, religon and our lives. Anyways, i will tell you two stories about our old house. I moved outta that house when i was about 4-5. But yet i still remember certains things at that house. Let me tell you my story first. As a kid, my mom use to tell me their was no such things as ghosts. Since my older siblings use to tease me and scare me about them. So she use to tell me there was no such thing. In the old house...i remember one time....I was about 4-5 i was sitting alone on the couch. Watching T.V it was around 9-10 i remember the time because that's when my mom would call me to go to sleep. Now She told me to turn off the T.V and go to sleep. I remember that my T.V was an old T.V with no remote control. you had to get up to change the channels and stuff like that, it had a knob on it. So what i did was got up, and turned off the T.V and headed out to my room. Then i heard the T.V turn on again. It was totally werid. I turned it off. Walked away again and it turned on by itself again. Of course i was scared #less by now. Then something told me to turn and look at the couch where i was sitting on. And i didn't see anything at first, then i noticed almost like a imprint of someone sitting on the couch. But nothing was there. And no it wasn't the same place where i was sitting at eariler. I freaked out and ran into my mom's room. Lets just say i didn't sleep alone that night. lol. It seem alot of times i would sleep with my mom, living in that house. Another time.....I was sleeping in my room, it was late at night, and i heard almost like glass dishes breaking in the kitchen. Worried and scared #less...that it might be a buguar or worst...i got outta my bed and peeked into the kitchen. I turned on the light....and i looked on the ground....Nothing was broken. That was just my story.

Now this story happen to my sister. My sister at the time when we lived in that house, she was like in 2nd grade. Now understand this... i always had suspisons of the house being sister didn't tell me this story until maybe 2-3 months ago. She told me night in the old house, she was sleeping and she woke up to find herself floating in the air, like a feet above the bed. She said it almost felt like someone was picking her up slowly....she then started to float away from the bed when she kicked the bed post and prevented herself from floating away. She said she was pretty much parazlyed, but started to pray and was then only able to break free from what was lifting her up.

Now this is my brothers story...the same brother who had that late night visit by the cleaning lady.... He told me this. My grandpa use to tell him that the room he slept in....he seen an old man in it. Now he didn't describe the old man, but my grandpa knew it was a ghost. My grandpa almost said he believe someone passed away in that room which they slept it freaky huh? My brothers use to tell me they would hear footsteps late at night in the room, or in the house, or they would hear breathing in the dark...they always knew they weren't alone..... Anyways we didnt live in that house that long maybe a year or two...I asked my mom about her incidents but she would still to this day deny it....i always wondered why we moved out so fast. The funny thing is when i ask my mom....and confront her with the story...her first reaction would be in chinese "what did it look like" instead of saying.....there is no such thing. Anyways, these are a few stories from my old house. i went back to visit that house a few years ago...its abandon now...I know why. lol. Anyways just a few stories to tell you folks. tell me what you think. Thanks for listening

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