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(ACSS) Old Time Rock

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posted on May, 8 2005 @ 07:55 PM
The time is 17,000 BC on the coast of the Black Sea. Two tribes, Tribe Zilon and Tribe Kubar live near the same hunting grounds. They have disputed with each other over rights to the animals and the only local source of freshwater.

On the edge of a cliff The Watcher sits looking for any signs of prey. Picked for having the best eyesight of anyone else in Tribe Zilon, his name was forgotten and replaced with just Watcher. The sun is high in the air with no wind. Suddenly on the edge of the plains, is there something there? YES! The Watcher sees something moving, and then more, finally a herd of Red Deer come out of the forest and head down to the The Hole for a drink. "Loger! Deer!" The Watcher points out to Loger, the Hunting Leader.

Loger and other men come running out of a cave to see. They have been waiting for over 5 days since the last hunt failed due to the other Tribe interrupting them and spoiling the hunt. "Good, a more then one family, thanks Watcher." Loger motions to the others to get ready. The men go back into the cave and get the spears and deer hides inside. Wrapping up in the hides they found made them smell like the animals they came from, allowing them to get closer to prey. Finally ready they head down the trial.

Off in the distance three women hear something coming towards them. Picking herbs for dinner later at the dwellings. They have to go out in groups for protection, the rumors of what the people of Tribe Zilon do are horrible. "Lillian, what is out there?" Mira is still young, shorter then the other two, and is barely able to see over the tall grass. "I see something; it's not coming from their land. ANTLERS! We have deer coming, Mira, run back to the Tribe and tell them about this, NOW!" Mira runs off as Lillian and Zora continue picking herbs.

Mira runs into the camp. Camp consists of huts made from logs stacked up and covered with dirt to seal it from the weather, and right now she is looking for Ugar, Hunt Leader. “Ugar! DEER! Get the others together, we found deer!” The people in the tribe look at her as she yells. The last hunt was spoiled by the Zilon hunters and now they get a chance to make up for the lack of meat in their diet.

Logar and his pack of hunters are on the field looking for the deer Watcher spotted. He can smell them, he can hear them, he can feel them, and now he can see them. “Men get down.” They all get on their hands and knees and continue forward. Now unseen by the deer, and the hides covering the smell of the hunters, they get closer and closer.

Ugar is hurrying up his men. They weren’t ready for any hunting after they had made plans to go out to the Great Slat Water and fish in three days. But the little girl says that there are deer in the field, and this is an opportunity they must take. Getting the spears together Ugar and his men run out towards the plains.

The closer they get, the harder it is to stay down. But they must get closer before they strike for best chance of getting a kill. So close, the smell of the deer is making the men more needy, the need to get a kill, another notch on their hunting pole. Logar can feel the energy from his men, the time to strike is…….

There they are a whole herd, not just one or two. Ugar raises his hand, makes some gestures, and the men automatically spread out. This tactic always works, sweep around and move them towards The Hole where they will be trapped between them and water. His hand goes up again, five fingers, four fingers, three fingers…….

GO! Both Hunt Leaders order the men to strike. Spears come from both sides, landing hits on the deer, killing them all. “YES! We got them.” Ugar begins to say, but then Logar throws a rock. “Our kill, you can see we killed them. We threw first, and look, my spear goes through the neck of this one meaning I killed it.” Ugar pulls another spear out and points it at Logar. “We threw first, we got the kill. My spear clearly goes through it’s chest, killing it.” Logar grabs the spear from Ugar, cutting his hand but giving him a weapon and Ugar none. “Finally we will finish this, for this is our hunting land!” Logar throws the spear hitting Ugar in the chest.

Die! Hunters of the Kubar Tribe at the Zilon Tribe Hunters killing them all. They grab Ugar and carry his corpse back to camp. The deer is forgotten by the Kubar Tribe Hunters and the Zilon Tribe Hunters are dead.

posted on May, 8 2005 @ 08:05 PM
WooHoooo.....Welcome again to the competition James. I was beginning to think i'd be the only one with multiple submissions. This is great!

I enjoyed your story my friend and wish you luck come Wednesday.

Love and light,


posted on May, 9 2005 @ 04:44 PM
Couldn't let you be only one. Had trouble ending it, was just gonna have a nuke wipe em out, but figured that wouldn't work. So I killed a bunch to end it cause no characters no story.

posted on May, 11 2005 @ 01:51 AM
Again, won't let me edit....

Well, that's it folks, today the last day. Don't let me and MrWupy be the only multis, keep writing!

Also, what's the next topic?

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