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dreams of a 6 year old

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posted on May, 8 2005 @ 04:10 PM
ok i might change that title later lol anyway when i was young i used to have very powerfull dreams of being's its hard to explain because ive forgot most of these passing them off as repressed memorys

anyway i wake up and feel a presence in the room and i used to fall asleep crying not of free choice cause i was worried too much but my point is how can i access these repressed memorys?

these always happend around 12:00 am onwards usually i woke up one morning convinced that somthing had touched my head and strangly i would'nt go in the sitting room for 3 days after (nothing even happend in their)

theirs a ghost in the house as well cause when i first came into this house i said to mum whos that lady when i was on the landing

actually its kindof unconfortable talking about this now lol

u all probably think im insane now im gonna talk more later

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