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Black Activist - Million Man March is a Scam

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posted on May, 8 2005 @ 10:28 AM
Farrakhan has had his problems with the Jewish community.
Farrakhan has had his problems with the Catholic community.
Now Farrakhan is having problems with the black community.
I don't know if this fellow is just jealous because Farrakhan
is better known than him or if this fellow is dead on with his
comments. Either way .... here is the press release.


Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny
May 6, 2005

Rev. Peterson: “Millions More Movement Seeks To Fleece Blacks” Los
Angeles- Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, founder and president of BOND , the
Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny, released a statement
criticizing Louis Farrakhan and other blacks leaders who gathered in D.C.
early this week to announce the Million More Movement (October 14-16) in
commemoration of the 10 th Anniversary of the Million Man March. “The
Millions More Movement is Louis Farrakhan's next great scam,” said Rev.

Rev. Peterson added: “Farrakhan is still a racist and anti-Semite. This is a
separatist movement designed to turn blacks against whites and their own
country. Farrakhan will once again take millions from mostly low income
blacks who cannot see him for what he is—an American Hitler. “

More of the press release at the site -

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