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Interview with AFP Senior Writer Christoper Bollyn

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posted on May, 8 2005 @ 04:22 AM
May 7, 2005
David Duke Interviews AFP Senior Writer Christoper Bollyn
Townhall Radio

A fascinating interview with one of the World's foremost Investigative Reporters.

American Free Press journalist Christopher Bollyn discusses many important but under reported stories on three highly rated broadcasts from former Congressman David Duke's Townhall radio show.

Topics include:

Part I -- The Mossad connections to the JFK assassination and to 9/11; the Bilderberg Group; DHS chief Michael Chertoff; Israel's nuclear program; the Estonian ferry disaster; Jewish-supremacism; Israel's White slave trade; depleted uranium and Gulf War Syndrome --

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Part II -- The machinations of International Zionism; the ramifications of Turkey's entry into the European Union; Globalism; the Zionist Lobby's effect on American politics; more troubling 9/11 questions; the Rafiq Hariri assassination; Michael Chertoff's Mossad connections and much more --

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Part III -- Christopher's travels to Israel; Jewish tribal codes of conduct; Israeli marriage and segregation laws; Jewish double standards; Israeli false flag operations; Odigo's 9/11 instant message warnings and much more --

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Christopher is planning to appear at the highly anticipated European American Unity and Leadership Conference in New Orleans on May 20-22, 2005 (his schedule permitting) -- Conference info.

Christopher is a writer for the American Free Press.

Articles By Christopher Bollyn

An “Invisable Army” Fights the Media Lies About 9/11
The Real Cost of US Support for Israel: $3 Trillion
Huge Questions

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