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Invader_Chris' UFO Log

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posted on May, 7 2005 @ 07:21 PM
I have had what I believe at least two abduction experiences, and many other strange occurrences once in a while (unexplained nosebleeds, strange dreams, unknown lights, ect) and have decided to make a thread to log anything weird.

Starting at the begining, my first abduction:

I was nine, and it was spring on a Sunday. I had woken up at 6:00 AM, and I was sure of this because I had an alarm clock on a shelf above my bed. I began to climb down the ladder out of my bunk bed. There was a window that faced west right next to the ladder, and I looked out it. Outside hovering above the pine trees in the yard of my neighbor behind me was a bright glowing orb. It stayed the way it was for a few short seconds, and then flashed extremely brightly, obscuring my vision. After that, all I could remember was laying in my bed backwards with my head where my feet should be. I sat up and looked at the clock, which read about 9:00 AM. I strongly believe this was an abduction.

A recent abduction...

Originally posted by invader_chris
First off, early Monday morning I had what I believe was an alien abduction, making this the second one I am aware of. I will for reasons not go into detail of what I remember, but I don't remember anything during the supposed abduction, only before and after. If anyone actually wants the details, I will post it.

Now for the dream I had Wednesday morning.
I was on a boat that, according to a crew member, was carrying cargo from China to Seattle. The crew and captain were all midgets, but the passengers, myself included, were regular people. A few of the midgets were talking to a small group of people in dark suits, and one of the people was given a small device by the midget. One of the midgets guided me below deck to what appeared to be a hospital. In this hospital, midgets were removing the arms and legs of the passengers, operating on them, then reattaching the severed limbs just to see their reaction.
Then I woke up because my alarm went off.

Then a few days ago I woke up with an unexplained nosebleed.

posted on May, 8 2005 @ 07:33 AM
Hi chris

It does sound like it! I am woundering if people really are experiencing Alien abductions or is it a sick government experiment!

The reason why i say this is because they have mind control technology which means they are capable of making you belive it was an alien abduction to hide their sick behaviour. The government have been implanting people with mind reading devices etc. This is not beyond our human capabilities.

To make you think it was aliens like i say is to cover up their games.
I am not saying that aliens don't exist because i have personally had experience with at least one species in spirit form.

I hope you don't have anymore experiences like this

Earth Angel

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