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Where will humans be in the next 500 years! Next to aliens.

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posted on May, 9 2005 @ 11:16 AM

Originally posted by 321cba
I don't know where the rest of the world will be, but I know that I will be at the beach sippin a pina colada, and liven the life.

you do that, oh and watch the sky, there might be missiles flying everywhere, one might just land in your backyard lol

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posted on May, 9 2005 @ 11:47 AM
I think all humans will end up being used as food by the aliens. I'm thinking they'll find a way to turn our bodies into mush and stick our mushy bodies into some kind of portable container. Basically aliens will end up drinking us like a Capri Sun.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


posted on May, 9 2005 @ 12:46 PM
In the next 100-500 years I think its fair to say that the human community would not only be limited to earth, as said before. I think we would be spread out colonies throughout our Galaxy. Within the next 2000 years I think our community will reach out to the heavens and unknown space from galaxys so far away the light from them cannot reach earths sight even with the most powerful telescopes available to us 100 years from now.

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posted on May, 9 2005 @ 02:22 PM
hey, one can only imagen

posted on May, 9 2005 @ 03:39 PM
The Future Tense of Human Evolution

Humans are most likely to be assimilated over time into cyber hybrids before shedding our carbon based past into a wholly artificial assembly without even realizing or revolting against it...........We are slowly at first replacing parts in our body with artificial parts......metal/plastic joints are now common surgical are pacemakers and soon to be complete artificial hearts.....coming in the near future will be silicon based implants for eye enhancements and chips to enhance or preserve brain function. Later, artificial organs and carrier support systems. Each progression in the assimilation to artificial existence will be met at first with concern of their impact in the overall human experience, but like many scientific developments over the last three centuries; the benefits will outweigh the concerns....The not too distant future will have us contemplating the ever increasing percentage of the human body becoming artificial…..over time as the percentage of artificial parts and function increases we may struggle to define what is still a human or not. Eventually, that question will be solved when we caste off…. in its entirety, our carbon based superstructure of flesh and its biological heritage to become artificially based silicon entities. Unlimited potential for artificial human cognitive function no longer held back by the slow or stagnant process of natural selection will revolutionize our level of technology and advancement as a society or whatever may function as a society then. Will we in fact…..even maintain the same outline of the human form? It is hard to tell as unlimited cognitive functions implementing future changes to our species would be far too sophisticated for us to speculate on their ideal design of the intelligent form.

Lifespan will be an irrelevant term in the future as will mutations and disease...

...So what about the issue of our emotions, parental/family interactions, love, sleep, leisure and pastimes? They will be meaningless questions to ask in a future void of our biological baggage from 4 billion years of evolution............Yes, those aspects are significant to our mammal based inheritance only. They are deeply ingrained with such hard wired interactions in our brain that they are required for a healthy and fulfilling human experience in our current state.

…...but to a machine?.....

....Even an artificial human one?......

...Who knows?

So what about the soul?…….Some will likely ask.

Or perhaps…..the question might be……what soul?......the same individuals who are compassionate about the existence of a soul are similar in philosophy to those that at one time in our history were convinced that the Earth was both flat and located at the center of the Universe...Will those unalterable belief systems attempt to hang on to the last vestiges of scientific facts still congruent to their faith until those too are finally cast off through proven objective realities. Will then all current faith based realities travel into past history in a manner similar to the fate of Greek Gods and mythology?.....It would be nice to contemplate a soul and caring deity as a tonic to the biological insecurities that we have inherited as a species having the brain capacity to contemplate such fears and desires……. but faith based “subjective only” experience and the lack of replicating objective evidence coupled with the ongoing march of scientific development continues to tear at the fabric of what some of us feel compelled to believe by faith.

Just because we have the capability to ask metaphysical life purpose questions of “why”?.....doesn't mean that there has to be an answer. The universe nor this planet Earth “owe” us any such purposeful reason for being here.

The universe may certainly reveal within its systems how we came into existence through the introspective search of the scientific method but these same systems have never demonstrated a “why” we came into existence……

There may be an intelligent design and/or creator to the universe, but no objective evidence demonstrates this. Especially when mounting evidence shows reality as an increasing “layer of nothingness” at the subatomic quantum level. Current theories have strong repercussions inferring that our universe is not really even a “creation” of matter or substance but a quantum fluctuation of higher dimensional nothingness. Our universe is one, which as resulted from a randomly created four-dimensional space/time continuum that has manifests itself as matter/force particles and space/time geometry to our perceptions.

Regardless, even if current theories are incorrect or need significant revisions to validate reality; any creation evidence that seems to correlate with an intelligent design could very well just be the result of the anthropic effect……meaning the only reason why there seems to be evidence is because we are required to have it in order to be in existence to contemplate it to begin with…….. and if the “evidence” wasn’t here, we wouldn’t be here to contemplate it anyway. As a result there is nothing designed, just that the random quantum fluctuation behind the “creation” of our universe happens to have physical matter and force laws that are conducive to morphing into our existence. Then our desire to contemplate it as evidence becomes compelling based on our cognitive potential of wanting an answer for “why”. There could be many other universes created by random quantum fluctuations that do not hold such laws for life forms to evolve and as a result are void of such contemplations of design.

……Regardless, the existence of an intelligent design being ascribed as a deity by humans hardly fits the role of what humans would hope for in this observation. Conflicting religions and inter-conflicts within a given religion and/or continued conflicts within the sects/denominations of a specific religion are evidence enough that no existing human interpretation of a deity has any validity to what role that entity would act as if it even exists in the first place.

In summary, evidence shows no existence of a creator, but if there is….that creator is most certainly impersonal to the human experience despite our greatest desires to make it a personal one………Once again, even if there is a higher order to the aspect of our being, we are not the center of that deity’s attention anymore than the Earth is the center of the universe.

…..but I digress……..

Therfore, let’s move on……..

The natural selection process through random environmental variations that have resulted in intra/inter species development over the past 4 billion or so years on Earth have been permanently altered for humans through technological development starting centuries ago. This technology is the result of applying the scientific method in understanding our environment rather than being totally subjected to the natural processes of evolution as all other species continue to be. Since the development of the scientific method we have been able to alter the environment that we live in..... Natural selection requires random environment conditions and the resultant manipulated species adaptation to that environment over millions of years to have an impact on macroscopic life forms on this planet. Where as artificial evolutionary design through the intelligent efforts of humans can impact that process at will through the artificial selection of genetic engineering and non-carbon based body parts and functions. The latter will be the impetus of our further evolution……..not natural selection.

....Even without human intervention into the evolutionary process, most biologists will agree that the key to our progress……..A highly developed brain………in its overall size and percentage of weight relative to the human body has reached a stalemate in further development due to the limitations of the size of the female birth canal. Further biological evolution of the brain in this circumstance would require fetal development and birth to occur outside the womb. Certainly a prospect that human technology will be capable of in the near future but nevertheless limited in evolutionary gains over an non-biological based directive.

However, all this is predicated on if we as a species are able to survive at a "civilized developed society" level long enough for these developments to occur..........a number of environmental catastrophes independent of human existence are capable of collapsing civilized developed societies and thus would significantly delay or end such technological development. However, the biggest threat to our setback and/or very survival in the short term appears to be our own human species and how we manipulate the resources of this planet.

As Carl Sagan aptly put it..........."We don't treat each other and our planet very well as we strive to get through our adolescent stage of a technological society without destroying ourselves in the process"

In our current biological state we have been too successful of a species to continue to reproduce and manipulate the finite resources of this planet at our current rate.....As the dominant species of this planet we are having an increasingly cancer like impact to the Earth's sustainability of life……This will be dramatically illustrated as the populations of undeveloped countries begin to experience and thus desire a greater quality of life. The entry of an ever increasing planet population into the quality of life experience by developed societies will force all of us to deal with the exploitation of our limited resources and their impact on the Earth’s biosphere. This can lead to global conflict, even involving weapons of mass destruction on a theater wide scale which would hasten the negative effect on the biosphere by exponential proportions.

As a result of these underlying conditions, I personally do not have a lot of confidence in the human race avoiding such consequences. We carry too many insecurities, political/power/material desires and in some cases passionate unalterable faith base systems that would render unobtainable a global concurrence necessary for our very survival. These underlying human conditions could easily lead us to a major catastrophe in human aggression of epic proportions on this planet, whether it be malicious or mistaken in its intent. So as a result, we may end our existence before we can ever look back as artificial life forms in the not too distant future to contemplate our biology past from whence we came......

.....but if we do make it....

...we will be children of the stars in silicon based intelligent beyond our wildest imagination......we would cast off our biological bodies and inherited past......

....and maybe if we can survive the life cycle of our own sun and surrounding galaxy to become energy independent of their existence…. we may even in the dim far distant future have the ability to begin to cast off all forms of our physical based construct and take residence as beings existing within a quantum energy field in a virtual form of pure thought.….becoming entities that can manipulate our own environment amongst us without being dependent or needing to interact with it………

Far out stuff?………….Certainly to the minds that reside within our craniums at this time……..but remember, that designed artificial evolution of the human mind will be a self driving mechanism of ever increasing cognitive functionings…where the casting off of the human flesh allows the design to increase exponentially over decreasing intervals between milestones in the evolutionary process. Imagine one human ….or make that one cyber human with the intelligence and creativity of 10 Einsteins…

……1,000 Einsteins……

….1 Trillion Einsteins…….

…..perhaps the random fluctuations of evolution eventually results in the development of life forms that morph into an entity surprisingly similar to what some of us feel compelled to worship….

...imagine each of us……. an all powerful vortex of pure thought capable of creating and/or manipulating our own reality (universe) as we please..

The question then an evolving species within a solar system containing a second generation sun………..would we be the first generation of the current universe we occupy to have this potential?....

....or are we the offspring of entities that have already reached this strange scenario before us?

..and that's both fascinating and disturbing stuff to contemplate for the 6 trillion or so carbon based atoms tied together in the form we currently recognize as a human being today......

posted on May, 9 2005 @ 03:52 PM
what will doubtly happen is that we become half robot half human (cyborg) .
but dont worry waking up one morning and you have eternal health no illness because machines dont get ill for deep space travelling simple. we programme a ship to fly to a definate new home and it wouldnt matter how long it took as we could just switch on and off .

well i hope cause if u turn off and cant get back on you are screwed

posted on May, 9 2005 @ 05:21 PM
Nice posts. Havent had the time to read them all. Been busy here on ats!

Just glanced at them, but I will read them. So keep posting.

Stay strong people

posted on May, 9 2005 @ 05:51 PM
Seems to me our level of understanding seem not to touch this base of odd inquisions yet. Also seems to me we may well be headed in the right direction though..


posted on May, 11 2005 @ 01:59 PM
I can see why you think humans are going to go the way of the machine Futuretense, but I do not see it myself.

Mostly because of what you so rapidly dismiss completely, the unexplored depths of the human spirit. We know as simple scientific fact that only a small portion of the human brain is used so even the capabilities of this physical form are not yet understood. Within what we are now are also unexplored possibilities.

If you went to a medical doctor twenty years ago and said 'so many things in my life are wrong and stressful' as the explaination for your obvious physical condition the response would not have been positive. Today it is accepted that 'stress' can not only cause every condition under the sun, it is also the cause of most 'accidents'.

We do learn, just slowly.

I believe that along with our exploration of space will come the need for the full range of human potential. I can only see up to the point of the opening of the box, because beyond that the possibilities are so vast. I do see this as happening well inside of even 100 years though.


posted on May, 11 2005 @ 02:09 PM
You must remember that every generation looks at the future grimly, but somehow we always make it through to another generation.

By the numbers, humans aren't headed toward extinction.

The paranoia is generated mostly by the media.

posted on May, 11 2005 @ 03:53 PM
I guess it depends on what you believe Science or Religion. But I believe that IF there are intelligent beings out there and assuming that they are near our planet, We would meet them somehow.
But then again it depends on what you believe.....

posted on May, 21 2005 @ 07:29 PM
Great replies hope for more thanks.!

See ya, keep doing what u do

posted on May, 21 2005 @ 10:08 PM
I think its fair to say that we will become one with the stars.We will know many facets of our realities.We will be capable of going to new dimensions in the blink of an eye.We will be capable of speeding events up or down. We can create reality instantly with our thoughts.Wherever our mind goes we go that simple.Beginning to know our other selves in other dimensions.

posted on May, 22 2005 @ 10:15 AM
As long as we don't blow our selfs up hence nuclear war. I think we will be fine.

posted on May, 22 2005 @ 10:58 AM
No offense to people and their religions but we won't be any further along 50 years from now than we are now. I say this because religion is drastically holding us back from furthering ourselves as a species because to them everything is against their gods wishes. ie:stem cell research. We need to continue with science and religion should not interfere. Your beliefs should stay at home or in church. You are hurting us and slowing our species down. Let us use our intellect and continue forward. Stop saying we can't do this because of a god. Many of us don't share your beliefs and you should not make the decisions for everyone like you seem to do now.

started new thread with this.

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posted on Jun, 4 2005 @ 09:50 PM
Nice posts, hope for more.

I will be

posted on Jun, 5 2005 @ 02:39 AM
Within a few hundred years Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Neuroscience, Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence will merge in to a new "super science" and provide humans the ability do some really incredible things. Combined with advances in Astronomy and Exobiology I imagine a scenario like this:

Thanks to programs like SETI alien intelligence has been detected in a remote part of our galaxy. Astronomers discover wormholes but they are extremely small. Only molecule sized objects can traverse these tiny conduits across the universe. The complete memories/identies of human explorers are scanned into highly advanced molecule sized nano chips. Hundreds of these Nanochips are sent through the tiny wormhole that leads to a region of the galaxy near the system where the alien signal originates.

Once through the wormhole the nanochips begin to replicate their selves, molecule by molecule, each one forming small space craft. These craft travel to the planet at near light speed. Once there the craft send out probes created by nano's to collect info on the aliens and their world.

After the info is collected the craft land in remote parts of the planet undetected. The nano's that make up the craft begin to alter there form so that it is identical to the native intellignet aliens themselves...except this "alien" has a human mind with all of their memories in tact. Information on the alien "language" and culture have been downloaded in to a special chip inside the brain of the newly created human "alien" body that allows instant knowledge of how to communicate and act as one of the aliens. The humans begin to live amongst the aliens for decades to observe and fully understand the aliens before making their presence known to the them.

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posted on Jun, 5 2005 @ 02:59 AM
Where will we be?, well it depends on what you mean, if you mean where will we physicly in the universe, I'd say nearly 200 star systems inhabited by us (and other races). you mean technologicaly, alot more advanced than we are now, my predictions for the technology of than are:

FTL capable ships.
Teletransportation technology
Energy weapons (i.e. particle beam weapons, high wield lasers, EM pulse cannons, Ion weaopns)

If you mean socialy, well I really could'nt tell you, it could go many ways, Im hoping for a Star Trek like society.

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