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Communist Party

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posted on May, 7 2005 @ 07:38 AM
Was reading up about them on the internet, dont worry, im not going to become a commie lol i thought i would share some information to you about them and get your thoughts

Membership of the Communist Party is open to all people aged 16 and above, who accept the aims, rules and policy of the Party, pay their dues regularly and work in a Party organisation.

The basic organisation of the Party is the branch. All members are allocated to the most appropriate branch for them.

They are encouraged to participate fully in the branch's work, in order to pool experience, to deepen their own understanding of political affairs and of Marxist theory, and to develop to their full potential as communists. Branch meetings are generally open to interested non-members.

Through collective discussion and activity in branches, the Party intervenes in the political life of the workplace and community, projecting its Alternative Economic and Political Strategy, giving support in day-to-day struggles, and working to build a broad democratic anti-monopoly alliance in order to secure fundamental political and economic change.

Each branch holds an annual general meeting at which a branch committee is elected, to give leadership to activities for the forthcoming year.

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