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Will Arkin and dumping U.S. secrets

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posted on May, 6 2005 @ 06:58 PM
Military analyst William Arkin put out a book called "Code Names: Deciphering U.S. Military Plans, Programs, and Operations in a 9/11 World", which dumps tons of classified military information out for anyone to read. He names the code names and location of secret bases for interogating prisoners in Jordan and Egypt aswell as tons of other sensitive info. that could put the U.S. and all our allies in real jeopardy both physically and politically.

The good thing about his book is it can answer alot of questions people like many of the users of ATS have. Secret CIA airlines flying VIP detainees in and out of countries that allow torture, alot of conspiracy type stuff can be substantiated now. Plus some of the code names associated with E.T. and U.F.O. stuff that was actually military programs of a much more "terrestrial" origon.

What does this have to do with the war on terrorism? Well, alot of the classified info. can easily be used to stage attacks and disrupt operations by our enemies. Not to mention the political fall out, some nations publicly critical of the U.S. have given us alot of support behind closed doors, now that they know it might get floated out for anyone to see, why would they continue?

While i'm curious and excited about this guy's book (which I'm gonna order off Amazon right away) I'm also a little miffed. Whatever your political leanings, Right/Left, we should all agree there are somethings that shouldn't get put out in public, at least not while ongoing. Imagine if some one had printed all the codenames and plans for D-Day while we were still in the build-up phase in 1944.

Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

Here are some links

Plus the guy has a bunch of other books, some bashing politicians he doesn't like, others giving genuine information. This guy obviously has some really good connections, pretty strong stuff.

posted on May, 6 2005 @ 08:36 PM
I vaguely recall seeing a news story on this book a while back. I think they even interviewed the author. From what I remember, the book was vetted by our government. Although there may be some classified code names in there, I think it would never be released if it seriously endangered the lives of US servicemen and our intelligence agents.

Although things in this book may not be known to the general public, I'm sure most of it could be researched right off the internet. The rest is nothing serious enough to cause us any harm.

I just refuse to believe, especially in today's environment, that our government would allow the release of a book filled with classified information that could be used by our enemies to attack us. To compare the information in this book to the plans for D-Day being released ahead of time is quite frankly absurd. I think you're giving way too much credit to the author and the information in this book.

posted on May, 6 2005 @ 10:21 PM
Your probably right Rasputin, I was seaching around after I made the post and saw that the author also has an agenda. I thought he might me be giving away to much but after reading and searching a little further, I think he just compiled a book that almost any really astute "web-researcher" could have written. The guy has alot of military contacts, and he did break some good stories, but after digging a little deeper, he has an agenda, and it's too much of a right/left thing. The Military and CIA did spend some time trying to plug leaks that his book exposed though, and that deserves some mention I think.


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