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Declaration of Independance, 2005

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posted on Jul, 5 2005 @ 01:43 PM
I think we are being over taxed. I think there should be a limit. I also think that the decision about how the money should be spent should be voted on by ALL people always.

I believe if you do a crime you should pay. I do not think someones time should be less because of information they may have.

I want a tighter hold on our borders. If you are not a citizen or trying to become one you should leave. This is a great country, if you want to live here great! I dont blame you, but become a citizen and do your share. Do not take our jobs away. There should be a harsh punishment on those who hire illegals.

I firmly believe that before we go to war with anyone, the majority of the people should agree on it.

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posted on Jul, 5 2005 @ 01:49 PM
Wars of aggression should be voted on or the Government should be held to account.

Taxation? I have no real problem with it and I nearly pay half of my monthly wages towards tax. I'm fine with those who earn more paying more, but it needs to be fixed. So those on lower-income can afford to live. Which they can't right now.

I am fully against mandatory sentences, they are the worst thing to ever hit the Legal system. They do not take into account the other types of reform that are better and result in a lower-reoffender rate. The Prison system no longer stops people from reoffending as has been shown.

mrsdudara, just a question for you.

If person A gets arrested for dealing drugs, is going to get 10 years but then says he can tell you who is bringing in millions of dollars worth of heroin if he gets two years off, is it not better to get the "big fish"? That way you can arrest those who are bringing it in and not on the street dealing it. Targetting the "source" of the problem. Without plea bargaining that guy who makes millions could be free, where as I guy that makes thousands doesn't. The plea bargaining way they both serve time which better serves society. Does it not?

posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 07:23 AM
Odium, I just dont know. There is one side of me that says, if someone tried to take the life of another, they shouldn't get off easy because they know someone. On the other hand, in the situation you described, it would work well, because it would help save the lives of several others and come a step closer to getting drugs off the street. The problem is they dont just plee bargin for those situations. They come up with all kinds of silly plee bargins to give less time to people if it is their first or second offence. For instance, if you plee guilty they will give you less time than if they had to prove you guilty. That just down right sucks IMO. It might just be their first or second offence but I guarentee it is not the first time they did their crime, it is just the first time they got caught.

On the tax issue, I do not mind paying taxes, I know it is necessary. I do believe there should be more limitations on the govt. though. I also think that when a person becomes old enough that they are retired and living off of social security, they should not have to pay taxes anymore. Especially those retired vets who put their lives on the line for our country. A lot of them can not work anymore, having a fixed income puts them at risk in several ways.

I also think that the govt. should find a way to create income other than just taxes. There are a few things they could do that would bring us out of debt in a couple of years. IMO if they found another way to make money the amount of tax we would have to pay would be minimal. More people would be able to afford to continue their education. Knowledge is freedom. A smarter society would take our country a lot further than money ever could.

posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 07:29 AM
Oh I agree, it's a shame that people get off on "simple" plee bargins, however I can see why they do it. If someone uses the "Guilty Plee" option, it makes the court cases so much quicker and in fact saves a lot of money that the court system needs. Especially in Britain where the Court system is awful - really awful.

I myself have always thought the Government should own the means of Production, so that the large Industry has to rent Land and Machines off of the Government instead of being able to own them. To be honest I'm a Neo-Socialist and would be happy if the Governments would run themselves like a business and control a majority of the Industry of a Nation.

posted on Jul, 10 2005 @ 06:29 PM
I am in agreement that you should be commended for this post.

I wish the American people had the guts that our forefathers did to right to wrongs
that we have ignored for so long in our own self serving irresponsible apathy.

Entrapped by our own debt, we allow our fear of job security, the IRS and our almighty credit score
to divert us from acting on our displeasure.

Those who have all they want, could care less as long as they can keep their stuff.

We can barely get anyone to show up for a local or state election yet we complain that
we are not being properly represented.
This allows those who benefit from our lack of concern to take full advantage of the electoral process.

The original signers of the Declaration of Independence must be turning in their graves
after all they risked to make what we have possible.

The majority ended up losing everything.

It's ironic that I just watched 'National Treasure" over the 4th of July weekend.

For all the crap and misunderstanding the FreeMasons have endured, I find myself wishing
now that their ancestors and those who find themselves in positions of leadership
would once again take a stand to right the wrongs we suffer.

We have the laws and we have the means, but the American people need "worthy"
leadership to end the corruption and put us back on course.

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