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Aquarius anyone? ?

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posted on May, 5 2006 @ 06:49 AM
Sagittarius here but I love Aquarian people, many of the people I truely respect are Aquarius.

My favorite sign is Scorpio though, very powerful, very mysterious and very kind people.

Aquarius is generally kind, out for the truth, very helpful and just a tad excentric.

I am more of a Scorpio than a Sagittarius, my rising sign is Scorpio and i'm born Nov 29th so still 7 days pretty close to Scorpio, I do have my Sagittarian traits though.

Aquarius is a very interesting sign since it's one of the few humans in the zodiac and is very close to humanity, the Waterbearer is also the sign for Enki, the Sumerian deity of water and such, also the Age of Aquarius is often mentioned in new age and hippie movements, it is supposed to be now but some say it's not until the year 2600 or so...

posted on May, 5 2006 @ 07:23 AM
Guilty: 08/02, same as Jimmy Dean, Jules Verne, Jack Lemmon and Nick Nolte.

Left handed too.

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posted on May, 5 2006 @ 12:33 PM
Any of you Aquariuns/Geminis wanna chat/discuss possible(Universal domination...deep talks)..
...about are all welcome

posted on May, 11 2006 @ 08:30 PM
I am an Aquarius 1/22! and my rising sign is a Taurus, that fits me better,,,,, and I'm new here and don't know what the heck I'm doing yet, lol

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posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 10:56 PM
I'm an Aquarius. Born January 28th.

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 06:59 AM
*Holds up hand*

i am one

posted on Oct, 24 2006 @ 11:27 PM
world domination?:shk::shk:

That sounds way ~OFF~ to me....being that Aquarians are the true humanitarians of all the signs.....
I find it very odd that a REAL aquarian would even think up such a thing....:shk:

We ARE truly a large group on ATS...........

(not the world domination part, the part about being so vast in numbers here)

posted on Nov, 1 2006 @ 09:18 PM
I probably already posted this, but anyway, I am way water-bearer. I have the sun, mars, mercury, and saturn in aquarius, and it is my ascendent. On top of that, two of those planets and the sun are within one degree of each other, basically stacked.
I would welcome any attempts to read my chart.

posted on Nov, 1 2006 @ 09:30 PM
I am on of the lucky ones ya. Birthday on the 20th of January.

Being one rocks.

posted on Nov, 1 2006 @ 11:04 PM
Wow! There sure are a lot of us.

Yep, me too. I share a b-day with Honest Abe, Feb. 12.

I write and eat with my left hand, but I throw a ball and use scissors with my right.

As for effecting the electricity,...oh yeah. How I effect it depends on what mood I'm in. I can either be a great antenna or I can completly take it out. I tend to be pretty hard on watches too.

I guess I can say that I attract electricity as I was struck by lightening back in the 80's and have burn scars from it.

posted on Nov, 2 2006 @ 02:42 AM
Aaah, I once did everything correctly, followed all the safety measures, took every precaution, and despite all of that, I felt a tingle when I touched the electrical box. So.... out came my meter, and 'flash', blinded for a while, the wire lead on my meter was gone right down to my index finger and thumb, hand black, black splotch on the wall, and the whole offices power was out. It was later explained to me how it had happened, after I asked at least half a dozen electricians.... But the upshot, I blew a 200 amp fuse installing a 1 amp transformer on a receptacle that had both the breakers for it turned off.
Nobody else has ever said they had that happen.

posted on Jul, 2 2007 @ 03:03 PM

Originally posted by ProudCanadian
I have my sun in Aquarius, my moon in Gemini, and my Ascendant in Libra. I have triple air signs and I hate it
. I wish I had more fire in my chart.

I have the EXACT same makeup. Sun in Aquarius, moon in Gemeni, and Libra rising. CoOOL.

Hey there astro-twin...

posted on Jul, 2 2007 @ 04:05 PM
Well i cant raise my hand for being an Aquarius but i can raise my hand for being a Gemini and my symbol is air!! lol

My lucky things,

Lucky Number - 5

Lucky Color - Yellow

Lucky Flower - The Lily

Lucky Gemstone - Jade, Aquamarine and Topaz

Lucky Day - Wednesday

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 02:21 PM
Right here! I'm on the cusp of Pieces though, but have always felt more Aquarian. This sign fits me best, it's destiny...

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 04:10 PM
reply to post by theRiverGoddess

Aquarian, reporting for duty.
Feb 16

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posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 08:30 PM
I come over here and check it out every now and then..........THIS THREAD I mean. It is fun to see how many more of the aquarians admit it......

BLACKGAURD what were ya doing turning your finger black??? Are you an actual electrician? If so you may need to read up on your trade dear....

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posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 01:11 PM
Aquarius,thats me.

I was born Feb.2,yes Groundhog's day.
Out of all the holidays to be born on......

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 04:37 PM
some folks on ATS are talking about HOROSCOPES so I thought I would bump this thread and see if there are new Aquarians on the site this thread has been 'sleepin' for a couple of years

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 05:27 PM

And thank you to theRiverGoddess for kicking this off again...

*holds hand up*...I'm an Aquarian too...January 30th...and I've read this whole thread and no-one seems to have the same birthday as me...*lonely*

I also have Cancer rising and Moon in Taurus, which makes me much more earthy than most water bearers, and although I have no fire in my chart AT ALL!!, I'm a Fire Horse in the Chinese Zodiac, and have Sun, Venus and Mercury within a few degrees of each other...the Snow Queen configuration, I think it's other words....a whole pile of trouble!! *grin!*

I would love to find an astro twin and compare notes, and have even registered on sites that help you find them, but with no luck so far.


posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 08:39 AM
I'm a Taurus on the cusp of Gemini I'm a mixed bag, but have more Taurus traits than Gemini
however, I have lots of friends that are Aquarius. Now some star signs are very predictable and true to their nature, I being one of those, but Aquarius...not one of my aquarian friends is simular to the other...they are all very different and not predictable in they're so called traits. They're all good people though, except for one....for lack of a better word, she's a bitch! Actually, that's a perfect word...discribes her well.

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