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BS Bus Stop, PC Hypocrits!

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posted on May, 5 2005 @ 04:29 PM
Watching the Gri Gri episode, and they mention a PC hypocricy. This isn't part of the BS Bus Tour, just a bus stop so the driver can get something to eat and refuel the bus. How the Atlanta Braves are evil for using an Indian, but the enviromentalists are good for using one? One that can't even act very well....

Ok, Atlanta Braves evil for using an Indian, mainly the Hatchet Chop at games. Cleveland Indians also evil for using an Indian. Don't even start on the Washington Redskins.......

But the Enviromentalists are allowed to use a crying Indian? A crying Indian to recycle while people through garbage on the street. What?!? So, PC only applies to sports? What's next, the Wall Street Journal using a crying Jew* telling people to save money while in the backround it shows the Nasdaq falling, the republicans getting into power, and homeless people on the street?

*Modified version of the joke from Penn & Teller BS soas not to plagerize the joke from them.

Fine, I'll make a commercial of a crying black while showing PETA in the backround firebombing a KFC to make the point that people should stop supporting PETA. How racist is that? VERY!
Yet it is ok for enviromentalists to use a Indian like he was Smokey the Bear or something.

It's not funny, hypocricy is one of thee most evil things on this planet! "Don't kill." Next day the guy kills 50 people. "Don't water your yard on a Ozone Action Day." Next OAD out watering his lawn. That is wrong! It makes whatever they are doing wrong, even if it already was! "Marijuana bad for it is a mind altering drug and causes cancer/addiction." Then goes to a bar drinking alcohol, thee most mind altering drug, while smoking, something that is addictive and causes cancer.

Maybe should be in Rant...... but !!!!!!! it! How can the Atlanta Braves be hitler when they go out and exploit an Indian in one of thee most stereotypical racist mean!


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