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George Bush says the DUMBEST Things!

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posted on Jul, 29 2003 @ 08:02 PM
This in response to Freebie's Bill CLinton Obsession. Uh, William? Didn't you warn us about something like this? As long as Freemason provokes this kind of BS, I'm only gonna strike back!Harder!

Take your pick folks!

posted on Jul, 29 2003 @ 08:16 PM

I live in Alaska and good DR.'s are hard to find up here. Now you may ask yourself what is going on here?
Excellent Droctors that got 4.o's in med sccool get good jobs in America.
Dr.s that slid thru with a 2.o averages come to Alaska to work.
George Shrub slid thru Yale with a 2.o avg.
He should be a republican councilman in Anchorage. Their is no way he should be President of these United States

tut tut

posted on Jul, 29 2003 @ 08:34 PM

Not in a pro-Clinton way, but in a sensible "Impeach the incumbent corrupt idiot 'president' way", thanks for the links.

I had not picked anything up at dubyaspeak before.

I have commented about how one of Bush's initial strategies was simply to divide the world in two - "You're either with us, or against us".

My position on the Bush administration has been a little anti.

Then I found this gem at dubyaspeak:

"It's a war in which we will hunt down those who hate America, one person at a time."
-- Broadening the definition of who America is fighting against in a way which suggests that it will be an incredibly long war, Washington, D.C., Mar. 4, 2003

Now, I don't hate America, far from it, but I have been asked to go for or against, so I guess I have to say in this fine statesman's own words,

"Bring 'em on".

Bush is an incompetent idiot.

[Edited on 30-7-2003 by MaskedAvatar]

posted on Jul, 29 2003 @ 08:40 PM

I don't know why everyone says Bush's grades sucked...Gore's were worse.

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