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NEWS: Truck Spills Highly Toxic Chemical Over Three Australian States.

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posted on May, 5 2005 @ 04:38 AM
A truck driving across Australia from Queensland on the east coast to Western Australia has spilled over 40 litres (first estimate) of the highly toxic chemical Paraquat 250. After he noticed the drums containing the chemical were leaking the truck driver stopped and repaired the drums and kept going on his journey but later found the load to be still leaking. The driver then pulled over and notified police about the leakage. The truck had travelled a major route through many towns and populated areas over a 4000 to 5000 kilometre journey through three states. So far no environmental damage has been reported. The chemical Paraquat 250 is a herbicide that is banned in many countries today, but is still used in Australia by such people as road side workers clearing undergrowth.
The driver stopped and repaired the plastic drums and continued on but noticed the chemical was leaking when he reached the Goldfields town of Norseman.

Police were called to the scene to clean up the spill and the truck was allowed to continue on to Southern Cross, where it leaked again.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

This chemical can contaminate any water supply it is introduced to and has been linked to cancer in humans along with Parkinsons disease and other illnesses.

This story leaves a lot of thought about the containment vessels of such toxic chemicals and the transportation of them. The truck driver may have had a special suit on hand when he repaired the drums but that it is not highly likely that he was properly versed on the dangers of his load. If he had been it is doubtful he would have attempted to repair them without informing the proper authorities earlier.

By his actions of not informing the authorities straight away and travelling on to more towns and leaking more chemical he has likely contaminated many water supplies and residents surrounding the towns. The highways of Australias centre are few and far between, there is only one main route from East to West and 95 percent of traffic moving in either direction use that same highway. The same goes for residents, because of the sparseness of the centre of Australia most people live along the highway with the towns visited by this truck being the only source of supplies for the residents of "the centre".

Some interesting reading below and in the links about the herbicide, which there seems little announcement or mainstream media so far about the leak.

In Mary Holland's case, her rapid deterioration in health was medically proven by a liver biopsy to be 'necrosis of the liver caused by exposure to the pesticide Paraquat, an extremely dangerous chemical.' Although banned in most other countries, Paraquat is still used in Australia. Mary Holland was exposed to the pesticide while playing golf. At her request, her local golf club sent her a list of the chemicals they used on their lawns. The list contained 22 chemicals, including Atrazine, one of the most dangerous chemicals around and one which the World Health Organisation has declared a possible carcinogen. Her club also admitted spraying the ground some 23 times between October and April each year. Off the top of her head, Mary Holland can cite some 27 people from her golf club who either have cancer or have died from cancer in the last ten years, most of them young men and women in their 40s and 50s.

and this

For example, the pesticide paraquat is highly toxic. Just a few drops can kill an adult human. There is no antidote for paraquat poisoning. Used properly and stored in a tight container, paraquat has high toxicity and a low hazard. If the contents of the container spill, however, the toxicity remains the same but the hazard increases enormously.

For instance, Parkinson’s Disease has long been linked to rural areas, and more recently to exposure to two pesticides used here in Delaware County - maneb and paraquat. (Dr. Cory-Sletcha, December 15, 2000, Journal of Neuroscience)

The answer is Tumeric to reduce the herbicides toxicity.

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posted on May, 5 2005 @ 04:58 AM
Below is a Map of the world at night. I love this map, I use it as a desktop pic quite often. You can zoom in to the pic and see the sparseness talked about above.

Above is my mud map of the approximate route and distance he travelled.

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posted on May, 5 2005 @ 05:15 AM
One the Dept of Transport gets involved heavy fines will be handed out both to the driver & if if is from a company they will be fined too


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