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Newt Whoppers

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posted on May, 4 2005 @ 03:56 PM
No, not whoppers made from Newts, but stories that were told as true but weren't from Newt Gingrich. This guy has a PHD, so what happened to his brain IDK, maybe he got hit in the head really hard or something.

Bizarro Newt: “Most people don’t know that it’s illegal to pray. When they learn that a
ten-year-old boy in St. Louis was put in detention for saying grace privately over his
lunch, they think that’s bizarre. . . .”
Planet Earth: According to the school’s superintendent, the boy in St. Louis was not disciplined
for praying. Prayer is not illegal in school. Organized prayer is prohibited.
Bizarro Newt: Gingrich complained in December 1994 that a heart pump that was “invented
in Denmark increases by 54 percent the number of people given CPR who get to
the hospital with a chance to recover. The Food and Drug Administration makes illegal [a
product] that minimizes brain damage, increases the speed of recovery, and saves
Planet Earth: The pump was invented in the United States. The Danish company which
licensed the pump had yet to apply to the FDA for approval. Initial field tests conducted
by the University of California, San Francisco, have “unfortunately showed the pump to
be of absolutely no value.”
Bizarro Newt: Gingrich claimed, also in December 1994, that 800 babies a year were being
left in Dumpsters in Washington, D.C.
Planet Earth: In this case Bizarro Newt was off by 796 babies. The four babies found in Dumpsters in 1994 were rescued and cared for by government bureaucrats.
Bizarro Newt: In February 1995, Bizarro Newt told members of the National Restaurant Association that a federal shelter in Denver had 120 beds and cost $8.8 million a year to operate, while a similar-sized but private shelter in the same area costs only $320,000 a year and saves more lives in the process. Members of the audience gasped, “Oh my God!” and “Wow!”

Planet Earth: The “federal” shelter doesn’t exist. What Bizarro Newt was apparently referring to is a rehab clinic run by Arapahoe House, Colorado’s largest drug and alcohol treatment program, which operates its multiple clinics and 16 school-based counseling programs at a total cost of $11 million, of which $4.3 million is federal money. The “private shelter” is a homeless shelter which offers some drug counseling but no formal treatment or detoxification program.

Bizarro Newt told the restaurateurs that he wanted to discuss Denver’s shelter to show
“how totally different our vision of the world is from the welfare state. . . . Twenty-five times as much money to ruin lives. This is why we don’t believe the big-spending theory of what liberal compassion is.”
In fact, all reliable studies on Planet Earth show that for every dollar spent, good drug rehabs like Arapahoe House save society approximately seven dollars in medical expenses, crime, and lost productivity. They don’t “ruin” lives, they save them

All info come from Newt Gingrich and his lieing and from Al Franken Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot.

[edit on 4-5-2005 by James the Lesser]

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