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A skeptic writes....

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posted on May, 4 2005 @ 07:24 PM
Part with some money and buy the DISCLOSURE PROJECT in paperback. Read the testimonies of people deemed credible in today's society, and the reasons the truth hasn't come out. Other than your own personal contact with ET's, this book will at least strengthen your faith in what you already stated you believe: that there is life on other planets.

posted on May, 4 2005 @ 07:33 PM
I can understand what the OP is saying , yes there is a lot of fraud and there are people who can make us think that the impossible can happen. take Darren Brown link he does things i cant explain.
But to say that there is no paranormal activity or extraterrestrials is now an old fashioned way of thinking. Many people have had or seen unexplainable things , i myself was one.
My story
I was driving down a road to my new house in a borrowed car, walking up the pavement was an old school friend , who as i passed him waved to me. I was surprised by this because he didn't know it was me because of the car anyway i waved back. Two weeks later another old friend told me that the guy who waved to me had died the day before. He had hung himself from his attic.
This is a true story i cannot explain, but it has given me an open mind on all things paranormal.

posted on May, 6 2005 @ 02:19 AM
Your brain's capability to integrate new knowledge is limited to the laws of association. You have to be able to associate a new truth to an existing truth. What truths did you have at birth which all other truths have been linked to the source programming in you. Instincts. Instincts are the truths you have to begin with. And Instincts are the truths you take for granted are truth, those encoded strands of information are the basis of your personality and identity. But what if those instincts were not correct information.
I could continue to spell it out for you. But you would not believe me.

So I offer you this advice:
Ask the logical question.
Find the answer.
Ask the next logical question.
Find the answer.
Ask the next logical question.
Find the answer.
Continue this process until you are faced with the last logical question.
Every essence of your personality and identity stem from?
Your last opinion will precede the truth.

posted on May, 6 2005 @ 03:33 AM
People just don't really grasp the scope of space we are dealing with here. The possibilities that an Alien race has visited Earth anytime in the present, near future or the past is really slim, like say 99% probably not.

In this Solar system alone, the distances between the planets is so vast that just getting to and from each one seems like a lifetime even with our advanced technology.

Before you say well what about Alien technology? Well, see an Alien technology capable of covering distances of the interplanetary nature in a short amount of time would leave some kind of signature some tell tale sign of a higher form of technology at work, some kind of distortion or emission, the same way the Sun and the planets are visible and detectable. We would "see" this taking place, because an Alien form of transportation would have to obey Physics as we know it, there is just no way around it, even with Antigravity technology. We just have too many eyes, and technologies scanning space to miss something as obvious as an Alien spacecraft. Even if the craft was able to "hide" itself somehow, it would still leave a friction reaction to our atmosphere.

Too small to be noticed...

We are very undetectable as it stands, the only way anything/one would know we were here at this point would be.

1. Deliberately detected, meaning we made contact by sending our transmissions out into space and someone received them and responded.

2. We create a technology that reveals our prowess as it stands on a technological scale, meaning other than an Atomic explosion we fabricate something even more noticeable, something that states Hey we are here and we now have advanced to the next level of technology. We communicate faster than the speed of light or create an anomaly such as a sub space distortion or we travel through time and create a rift or something.

3. Or we have been visited in the past and are the direct result of the visitations. Genetically developed and planted here as an experiment, an on going experiment. Our creators have since moved on to other parts of the universe but check in periodically to see how we are doing...

You never know Venus could have been at one time just like Earth with life on it, Mars could have been the same way. We could have been more abundant that you think. Imagine not just 1 planet with life on it, but 3! At one time or another, and they slowly failed leaving only Earth left due to it's proximity to the Sun. This could be the longest lasting planet for life.

Basically the facts are that space travel is not an easy nut to crack.
You'd have to imagine that unless a Space faring Alien race was able to find a wormhole and it lead right into this Solar system, the Alien race would still have to identify this planet as something of interest out of all the others. If they didn't utilize a Wormhole "if they exist" this is what they would face.

At the Speed of light you still face the fact that if you left your galaxy at the Speed of light from even the closet galaxy Andromeda Galaxy, is 21 quintillion km, 21,000,000,000,000,000,000 km away from US you would never be able to return home, to your family or anyone that knew you when you left. You would be sacrificing a lot as a space traveler. You would not age much, but everyone back home would age radically.

Then theoretically if you could travel faster than the speed of light you would in theory start to go backward in time, this I'm sure would be a huge problem, because you would push yourself out of your technological range if this was possible. How would you refuel? Repair? Would you create a paradox and unbirth/unmake/unravel yourself? heh This would not be a strong scientific method, and would probably happen only to try to reverse a catastrophic event, so this is unlikely to be used if it is even possible.

So this basically rules out friendly or scientific visitations and leaves only the reasoning that if UFO's and Aliens are here then there is a drastic reason and would not be to get to know us. Exploration could reasonably ruled out if you look at these facts. No one would be traversing and overcoming these distances and problems just to say hi, this would not be a logical course of action. So I doubt it's happening. Exploration within your local galaxy and solar system makes sense but trying to make physical contact light-years away does not.

That leaves verbal communications which as far as I know has not happened, and this would in my opinion be the most logical way to reach out and touch someone. Safely and effectively without leaving your home and without sacrificing yourself. So this is what would probably happen before a UFO lands on Earth, communication through Radio waves, Transmissions and laser communications and any other form of telecommunication we can come up with.

[edit on 5/6/2005 by Brainiac]

posted on May, 6 2005 @ 03:54 AM
I would just like to add that first we would probably have some form of telecommunication like a video feed/transmission or a verbal communication, then there would be a reason to "try" to venture to Earth. Even then the logical process would be to just send messages back and forth exchanging knowlege about each other this way, not a personal visit.

posted on May, 29 2005 @ 08:09 PM

Originally posted by Brainiac
People just don't really grasp the scope of space we are dealing with here. The possibilities that an Alien race has visited Earth anytime in the present, near future or the past is really slim, like say 99% probably not.

[edit on 5/6/2005 by Brainiac]

yes i do grasp the scope of space we are dealing with here!

if i were to shrink you down to the size of an atom and request that you grab hold of a neutron or an electron or a proton ........ you could not do it because it is not matter! it is condensed energy, condensed light.

what is the only thing you and i know of that has the capability of sucking in light and forcing it into a bith of infomation that gives the appearance of matter?

a black hole.

so when you talk about these distances that are so great, they are actually closer to you than your clothes. you just don't percieve it that way due to the fact you are still limited to the information you choose to take in based on the cellular code of "self preservation" , aka self before you serve anything or anyone. that is why you are only aware of your body, your environment, and time. none of which really exist in the context you've limited your mind to.

fact: most people are only aware consciously of 2,000 bits of information per second. however your subconscious is simultaniously calculating 400,000,000,000 bits of information per second.

to put that in a context you may better understand ......

let's say you have a personal airplane capable of travelling at a speed of 400,000,000 miles per hour. now know that you are only willing to travel at 2 miles an hour with it. good luck getting off the ground.

you make our lives amusing, we enjoy watching you struggle through life, but we do all we can to help you help yourself, it just seems you are not listening at a rate of more than 2 miles an hour, while we are communicating at 400,000,000 miles an hour. sorry for your confusion. but, it is not our choice, it is yours. you'll get it one day.

covenant? coven ant
persistant? persist ant
ignorant? ignore ant
servant? serve ant
savant? save ant
circumferance? sir come for ants
anti-matter? ant i matter

perhaps the anasazi and hopi native americans were 100% correct when they called them the ant people.

perhaps the doggon tribe of africa were 100% correct when they called them the ant people.

maybe the tribes near the dropa stone region of china were 100% correct when they called them the bug people.

or perhaps your infinate wisdom and intellect and opinion of your combined 1 is far greater than the millions of combined souls scattered around every region of the world thousands of years ago.

you must be greater than them, for you have discounted their eye witness reports and your own languages passed on to you by them. you are truly a god among insects. we should worship you.

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