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Trying to figure out aliens ?

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posted on May, 3 2005 @ 02:40 PM
I would like to raise a question to all of you fine people on this forum because I am trying to figure out something by myself, but so far couldn’t find any satisfying answers.
Let’s just assume for a moment that Billy Meier has not been proven to be a hoax. Hell, from what I’ve read so far is just the most intriguing case in the modern Ufology (?).I’ve actually taken the time to get a little bit more in depth into this case, purchasing the old books published by Wendelle Stevens and Guido Moosbrugger. Wendelle’s books were printed in very limited edition and maybe a lot of people heard about them, or read excerpts on the Web but did not actually read the whole book. I am still reading some of them as we speak….long introduction, but hopefully will help to explain where I’m coming from with my question.
Now, as far as Billy Meier’s claims are concerned, the Pleiadiens are not a race who wants to harm us.( non interference, but not direct harm. Moreover looks like they want to help somehow, even though their approach is kind of confusing).
What I’m tying to figure out is WHY most of the stuff I read all over the place alleges that most of the aliens are at least non benevolent towards us ( or even worse)…meanwhile, there are extremely few things said about this whole subject when it comes to Meier’s “Contact Notes” ?...Am I missing something ?
Is as if the Pleiadiens might know something about it, but they don’t make too much fuss and certainly do not try to warn us against these other alleged races.
I know this whole subject is mind bending to start with, but there is something here I can’t really put my finger on, but it doesn’t make sense. Am I making any?

posted on May, 3 2005 @ 05:41 PM
Yes this is such a mind boggler, i have read articles on Billy Meire and i found it fasinating. Yet still to this day nobody has been able to prove his UFO pictures as fake. His prophises have erily come true up to now and like you say, he has not been taken seroiously enough!

There are a few channelers now that pass on similer messages today. One message was about UFO's making an apperance at a millitery airbase in Mexico. A few weeks later IT HAPPENED!!!
Now i am rather amazed by this personally and i really began to question if there is anything in it. If so i strongly belive it is the beginning of the second coming of Christ. I belive that Mary was impregnated by a superhuman race more advanced than ours by artificial insemination. I also belive the star of Bethlehem was not a star but a UFO. If the three wise men followed a star they'd be walking around in circles all night!

However the star guided them to the son of God. It took them to a specific location. If you or i tried to follow a star we'd end up at a dirty back street or a Kabab house or in the sea something LOL. There is something going on but i don't know what
Guess thats why i'm here

posted on May, 3 2005 @ 07:33 PM

Originally posted by Earth Angel
Yet still to this day nobody has been able to prove his UFO pictures as fake.

Well,on the sole subject of the photographs,i've seen a lot of them myself (i'm sure like anybody else who might bother enough to look for them).They are not hard at all to find on the Net,but i have to say that they are NOT the thing that makes me wonder about his case.Some of them are really,really hard to believe (like some of the so called "Wedding cake ship".I've laughed at them...i couldn't help myself).But,as another member of this forum put it quite good (Aurelius on another thread dedicated to Meier's case),i am looking more into what the guy has to say.

I belive that Mary was impregnated by a superhuman race more advanced than ours by artificial insemination.

I believe this also.I am sorry, i do not know a lot about religion,i just know that it never made sense to me.I've tried a few times to read "religion" but it didn't work i cannot comment on the wise men stuff
Also,i've found something on the Net which i believe is the only credible thing to read that debunks some of Meier's claims (specially his "predictions" but i have to look more into it.)
My point is that i cannot put the finger exactly on how i feel about it,but the fact that most of the "other stuff" i read about aliens and their purposes/intents/agendas...etc. is scary.It's meant to scare and instigate fear ( the whole abduction phenomena, all sorts of scary things happenning to us,to the people comingin contact with them...
In comparison," Meier's aliens" are rather boring i should say (just joking).No threat there,no phisycal probes,no mind control oe any of the other "ussual stuff" that suposedly happens.
To ask what's the truth it's too much...but why is this case so different from most of the ones out there ?
I feel sometimes like they ( the aliens) are meant to be the next thing on somebody's agenda that we should be afraid of.It was religion at one time,then some forms of gouvernment ( communism)...then...they come,as the next thing...
There is always something (or someone) that we should be afraid of and be told that there's nothing we can do about...just live with the idea.
Or am i starting to be too philosophical here ?

Maybe the best thing is to keep handy a book with a few pictures of alien faces and in case that you have an encounter just look at it briefly and decide if you should run or stay

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posted on May, 12 2005 @ 03:30 PM
There is just too much that points to a Jesus/Mary ET connection. The Pledians Billy talks of sound scincere don't they unlike the Greys etc you read about!

Just hide behind one of them you'll be fine! LOL

posted on May, 12 2005 @ 03:41 PM
The Meier case is indeed a great case hoax or not, it has been discussed in great detail including some great pix of ufos and some other not so popular shots of the dinosaurs and other worlds Billy claims to have been taken too..

In any case check it out here

posted on May, 12 2005 @ 04:45 PM
Who say Meirs experiences were hoaxed ? Suggest you and others re-read it all..


posted on May, 12 2005 @ 07:28 PM
Of course there are lots of faked things from Billy Meier, don't get me wrong.
BUT, does it undeniably means that something real could not have happened to him at the very beginning ? I really don't think so.

Have a look here :

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posted on May, 12 2005 @ 07:39 PM
The man did most everything possible to show the world what he alone was allowed to learn. His books suggesting events that were written from him years and years earlier is something you might look into.

I can be a skeptic on things that don't fit into the puzzle of EBEs and UFOs but after that there must be room for the things, sightings, abductions and transfered technology that we may well consider as not from the world we presently understand.

Ufortunately, now I must after more research, add NWO.


posted on May, 14 2005 @ 10:30 PM

Originally posted by Musclor

Have a look here :

Musclor,i think that comentary might be close to the "truth" i see so far in regards with this case.I am still reading about it,but that guy i think is right..Meier created a lot of BS and with this destroyed everything...btw,from what i read he's not rich and the money made on this story belong to other "investigators"

posted on Jul, 26 2005 @ 08:59 PM
That ZetaTalk article is so inaccurate, I don't know where to even begin.

One has to wonder where all the talk is about how much our own secret service agencies and the highest levels of the military truly know about Billy Meier (ask Sgt. Major Robert Dean who openly shared this at a university lecture).... one, that he's a genuine contactee to advanced races beyond the control of any power structure on this planet, and two, that after watching Meier for 30 years, they're still unable to glean anything even remotely advantageous in a political or economic vein, rather, only conversations, meetings and writings of a spiritual, philosphical, and life-fostering nature...something that's not of any particular interest to furthering their fear-ridden goals.

Anything (or anybody) that's capable of exposing the true nature of things like the Meier material is bound to be attacked, slandered and stepped on viciously and given zero acknowledgement as being true. Meier's evidences barely had a chance of surviving unscathed since day one, but they are still the most abundant and best ever produced from a single UFO case, bar none. As Jim Dilletoso once put it, everything behind and about the entire UFO phenomenon lives in the Meier case. It's the only case I've seen that presents logical and consistent explanations as to the who, what, why and where about UFOs.


posted on Jul, 26 2005 @ 09:30 PM
I have the unique vantage point of being a spiritual medium as well as a Ufologist. As such, I can debate the scientific aspects as well as the mystical aspects of this phenomenon, and would like to offer some insight into this convoluted topic.

It is important to understand that Nancy Lieder, the webmaster of ZetaTalk, is a MEDIUM. She communicates with (i.e., channels) discarnate Zetan spirits, which she has often referred to as “Zetas.” If she actually communicated with physical aliens then she would have photographs of them all over her website as proof of that. So don’t be fooled by the scientific bent of ZetaTalk. Nancy Lieder is an intellectually-based mystic who channels intellectually-based Zetan spirits; probably a Group Entity of them.

Whenever anyone claims telepathic contact with aliens, it is a red flag that mediumship is afoot! Remember this.

Now lets move on to Billy Meier. He is also a MEDIUM who channels alien spirits. In this case, those alien spirits call themselves Pleiadians. Like Nancy Lieder and other alien spirit mediums, Billy Meier has only channeled illustrations of the aliens, not actual photographs of them. This serves to confirm the idea that he communicates with alien spirits and is not in contact with actual physical aliens.

Most of the alien craft that Billy Meier has photographed appear to be genuine. Yeah… authentic pictures of ZETAN spacecraft, not Pleiadian spacecraft! That’s the key difference.

In truth, the Pleiadian spirits have nothing to do with the operation of the Zetan spacecraft and are not the aliens on-board. What the Pleiadians have done is guide Billy Meier to be at the right place at the right time in order to have the opportunity to take good pictures of Zetan craft in his area.

So there are deceptions going on here on a number of levels, not the least of which is the Pleiadian spirits deceiving people into believing that they are physical beings operating the interstellar spacecraft when in fact they have no physicality at all.

The information on ZetaTalk is largely inaccurate, in part because Nancy Lieder is promoting the political agenda of the Zetan spirits that she communicates with telepathically.

The Zetan-aliens, typically the Greys, are Service-To-Self oriented and covertly kidnap people here for medical experiments, a long-term breeding program, slavery, and for dissection. These are the aliens in the craft that we see in our skies, not discarnate Pleiadians and not the discarnate Zetas of ZetaTalk.

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posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 11:17 AM
In my humble opinion, some of Meier's photographs are so fake, they are laughable.

posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 02:45 PM
The idea of actually knowing which part of the universe the aliens come from because they tell the witness or that these travellers from afar belong to a Star Council and that this planet is in dire straits and that we have to mend our ways, seems ridiculous.

Forgive me for the callousness of the above statment, but for many years I have followed stories, reports and tales about flying saucers coming to our planet, the thread of all the information seems to either indicate that we're stuck in the middle of a galactic freeway or that many, many humans have access to information about aliens, but will only divulge certain parts, leaving them enigmatic and more self-aware.

It has been said many times on this site, we can't begin to understand the wonders out there. The fact that here on Earth, we only seem to succeed at tasks when we're organised and friendly to each other, doesn't mean that that's the norm among the stars!
Do you notice how 'the greys' are now considered friendly or benevolent and these days the new bad guy are reptoids! Which is very handy if we pull the bible or ancient writings into the puzzle. Suddenly we have Angels and Demons!

Supposed abductees (I mean no disrespect to them individually) indicate a stealth agenda to quietly breed a hybrid in subterranean caverns, goverments that change after a certain term, go to war against each other, they never use the ray guns that protect Dulce-like bases or the jet-disabling forces at Montauk to crush the other side!

Aliens meet Generals and Majors, they relate the secret of how build craft similair to their own, they only ask to rape, abuse and possibly eat people (boiled in vats!), if people are scarce in the western states of America, they'll make do with cattle.
Yet, for some reason, they also meet people in deserted roads and apartments in major cities! only to leave the reseachers of this topic confused when people won't come forward or names are refused.

These strange vehicles can be invisible , to people and radar, but no... they have bright flashing lights around the rim of the craft, the make strange manouvers in the sky, calling attention to themselves! They even whisper to a guy that they will do a display over Vegas!

I have never spoken my view on this or placed it on a site, but for what it's worth here it is:

If a life from another place other than here, crashed, landed or was shot down, I can assure you we would NEVER see any proof either on the internet or in the media.
Think, what would you do, what lengths would you go to to make sure that all you held dear was kept safe?
Also (phew!) would we 'come in peace'? or would we trash, kill and bleed another world dry if we got the chance?
It's in our nature.

posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 10:05 AM
I'd really recommend searching on Meier for past ATS threads here...before completely believing him... We've REALLY slugged this one out, and in the end, even the majority of his supporters eventually concluded the same thing...that he's a con man.

Here's the thread...

Endorsing Meier is probably one of the biggest mistakes the Disclosure Project ever made....

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posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 12:49 PM
I think that Billy Meier and Michael Horn are misled but presently ride the fence as to their overall sincerity.

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