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my 'new' reallity TV show!

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posted on May, 3 2005 @ 12:45 PM
all these so called reallity tv shows are getting boring.....Jack Ass and its UK equivalent have been done to death.......

i have an idea for a new show that i think will capture the publics intrests a bit follows:-

the shows going to be called..."NOW THATS F**KING STUPID!!"

basically i thought it could be a 30 min slot once a week on prime time tv.....

i have a few ideas for content but would appreciate some input?

i was thinking our cameras could hook up with a him hunting down his target....(a random member of the public)....and then wait for him to do the 'HIT'.....cue attractive girl in bikini walks in front of the camera and delivers the shows punch line..."NOW THATS F**KING STUPID!"

YEAH....dont go nicking my excellent idea and try to do it yourself!

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