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The Final Case of Time Travel - Why we will never know it existed.

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posted on May, 7 2005 @ 07:46 AM

Originally posted by TJ11240
If we were able to use time travel in the future then why didn't anyone stop Hitler from rising to power and leading the extermination of millions of innocent people?

Scenario A:
Someone goes back in time to stop Hitler from his domination.
Someone else goes back in time to prevent the person from stopping Hitler.
Someone goes back in time to aid the person stopping Hitler from his domination
Someone else goes back in time to aid the person preventing the other person from stopping Hitler.

Now we have a scenario of all these people arguing over whether or not Hitler should be stopped or not. It's a temporal mess.

Scenario B:
As I said, the present is the result of any and all time travel that has occured and will occur. Therefore, the end result of any attempts to stop hitler were met with failure.

Scenario C:
The most sinister of the three, assuming that the world was controlled by the NWO, maybe it was in there best interest for Hitler to come to power, thus they aided it.

Scenario D:
However Scenario D cannot be true because if this is the case then why didnt he take over the world and impose the NWO?

Scenario E:
Which leads us to the point that because all time travel that has occured and will occur has already occured, then we have to assume that it was in the best interest of all the time travellers that Hitler didn't come into power.

posted on May, 7 2005 @ 12:44 PM

If time travel were discovered to be possible and achieved in the distant future, however no one ever traveled back to before our time, then time travel could stilll be in our future without having it affect us presently. In this case it may be that you could only travel back a limited amount of time and be able to safely return or something like that. Im not trying to argue that this is likely to be the case, just that its a possibility that doesnt really agree with the point you were trying to make. My opinion is that theres no way to know for sure but it seems unlikely that well travel through time.

posted on May, 7 2005 @ 09:57 PM
Technology would have to be unbelievably advanced for time travel to be successful (note I said sucessful and not possible). So far advanced I think we would have ceased to be human and would probably have ceased to care about our human past. Here's what I'm getting at (I read this somewhere, cant recall where might have been ATS might have been somewhere else.)

The universe is constantly moving. The earth is rotating on its axis and rotating around the sun. The Sun is rotating about the center of the galaxy which is expanding and possibly rotating around god knows what. To simplify its as if we're riding a merry go round blindfolded. Everything is in motion in ways we cant even begin to predict. Say I have a time machine. The moment I initialize my machine I am removed from this whirling madness. I step off of the merry go round if you will. What do you think the odds are of me getting back on my horse (still blindfolded) without getting my nose broken by the other horses on the Merry go round?

Same holds true for time travel the time traveler would have to be a aware of the motion of every object in the universe and his position relative to them in order to successfully arrive where he wants a near godlike omnicience. That is unless he wants to wind up floating in the depths of space or in the middle of a planet or a sun upon reappearance. Not only would time travel be possible be near instantaneous travel through the universe as well.

posted on May, 8 2005 @ 01:10 AM
I dont see why, once you initiate your time machine, gravity would cease to affect you. Theres no reason to assume that your position in space would remain constant, although your position in space is always only a description of your location relevant to something else. Another way to say that your position in space is frozen, with everything whirring past you, is to say that you are hurtling through space with everything else staying still. Both of those statements describe the same thing, but from different perspectives. Theres no reason to believe that gravity wouldnt work moment to moment going backwards as it does when time moves forward moment by moment. There is also no reason to believe you could choose your destination location. The time machine would remian stationary without some external propulsion. The time machine would not inherently give you the ability to change your location just because it keeps up with the earth while it spins. There is just no link there.

The exception here is that if the machine used extreme gravity fields to "warp time" as is popular with sci-fi movies, then who knows what would happen. Its impossible to predict given that we don't even know how to achieve this.

Assuming we could change our relative time to the rest of the current world to go both backward and forward, we could simply send a probe out, wait for about 30 minutes or so to make sure that the area is stable and isnt inside a building or something, and even record data about the destination location (which would just be the same place you were standing, only in the past). If the probe doesnt make the journey, then either will you, its safe to assume. I imagine this would probably be unacceptably expensive to do at first but maybe I'm completely wrong about how it works.

[edit on 8-5-2005 by Telly]

posted on May, 8 2005 @ 06:08 AM
I get back to that Hitler example to illustrate what I think of time, and why it may be possible to travel in time, forward but likely not backward...

Case 1
Let's say that I was born before Hitler came to power.

At some point in my then-future, somebody decides to come back in time and do whatever it takes to, to prevent Hitler from being elected. At that point in time are created two different branches of the time tree: one where time goes on as I presently know it, and another one where things happened differently. On each of those two different branches on time, there is one copy of me (and everything else also...), each copy living in a different time branch, and each one totally unaware of the other.

If then that happened, my present self, the one SpookyVince writing this text now, doesn't know of the other one. I stay in my own reality. The other SpookyVince is unaware of my own presence here and now, may be dead already, may be totally different, in another place or whatever one can think of.

Case 2
Let's say that I am born after Hitler. This is actually the case.

Then, after reading the case 1, it is simply possible that it was done in the same way, and then in that other time branch I simply don't exist because the events have happened in a different manner!

Case 3
I personnally go there and then, and kill Hitler somehow before he comes into power, would I be born before or after is of no importance.

Then, at the instant in this time branch that I go back in time, I create two branches: one in which I don't do it for any reason, and I continue to live in this present way, knowing of the holocaust and WWII and so on.

The second branch that I create is the one that is interesting: I basically start a new branch of time in which I can return after having killed that person, and live with a memory of past history that has instantly changed...

Paradox! Now, and this is the same as case 2: what if I modify my own past? Maybe I simply don't exist anymore... I would even say I very likely don't exist anymore... This is the worldly known paradox about time traveling in the past: if I perform some action that can induce my non existence in its future, then I may not come back in time, thus I didn't do it! Wow...

So that is, traveling back in time, if possible, is unknown to the one doing it!

Traveling in the future, I think is no problem, because according to my view of time as a tree, you can only travel into some descendant branch that has not happened yet, and if you then come back, you didn't modify the past, thus you didn't modify yourself.

Hope it is not too long and too boring!

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