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RE:Not New, But After Doing Some Serious Reading About The Other Part Of Our Governement, I'm Reall

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posted on May, 3 2005 @ 02:54 AM
Hi Everyone.

It was just brought to my attention in a U2U that these documents I mentioned in my post referenced in the subject line above, are not offensive, but fairly ordinary. I went back over them, and found that to be true.

As I really hope not to get a reputation for posting things that are not accurate, or something is wrong with many of my posts, I am writing this to explain that, although it was very careless on my part, I had spent a couple of days searching the Internet for some new stuff, focusing on classified documents. I had found several, and they were bad. I think they were more dealing with accounts by detainees of torture, and other such things.

I'm sure that what happened, for whatever reason - it was sloppy and I'm truly sorry, but I posted one set of documents, and wrote my opinion about another.

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