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Scary but Weird encounter.

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posted on May, 2 2005 @ 06:42 PM
Hey, I've been a member for almost a month now. I know it sounds stupid but I want to share my experience with you. This happened to me about 2 years ago. It was the middle of the night and I was sleeping on my stomach, I rolled over to find a shadow at the foot of my bed. It was darker than the whole room. It had a head,body,and arms. I couldn't see legs. But as soon as it appeared I couldn't move my body, I tried so hard to move myself but it was useless, I just wanted to jump out of bed, but I couldn't. I know this is strange but the shadow began to transform into my MOM!!! It had all the features of my Mom,it was wearing a red t-shirt and blue sweatpants. She looked very real to me except for those cold eyes that were staring at me. I knew it wasn't my Mom because she would never come to my room like that. Then the entity seemed to float up and then fall straight down like a tree being cut down. I thought it was going to fall on me but it disappeared before it hit me. It looked very real to me. I mean the shadow formed into my Mom. After I was able to move again I turned all my lights on and stayed up the rest of the night watching television. It didnt feel like a dream because I was fully awake. To this day I still think about what the hell happened that night. What do you think of this?

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 07:04 PM
First off: Is your mother deceased?

Second: What was your relationship prior to this event?

Lastly: Was there any significants that you had done or participated in that would warrant her to react like this?

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 07:07 PM
It sounds like sleep paralysis and the part where the shadow turns into your Mom sounds like the hallucinations that can come with sleep paralysis.


posted on May, 2 2005 @ 07:16 PM
1st question:No

2nd:My relationship to my Mom has always been good. We get along very well and we've never had a problem with one another.

3rd:No not that I know of.

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 07:30 PM
Sounds like a classic case of sleep paralysis. In fact, here's a recent thread where other members are discussing experiences very similar to yours.

Did you discuss this with your mother and confirm that she did not come into your room that night?

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 07:35 PM
Yes, she never came to my room that night.

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 07:41 PM
Yeah Ill have to agree with CloudlessKnight and Jemison if your answers dont conclude with those

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 08:02 PM
I'm going with sleep paralysis as well. It's far more common then you might expect. I've even experianced it myself.

I'd check out the thread thats going now on the subject and you may just find the answers you're looking for.

Love and light,


posted on May, 2 2005 @ 08:06 PM
Do you take drugs. I think it could be those shadow people they talk of. Once do you take drugs. You know magic mushrooms

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 10:33 PM
I'd say it is a demon, which is the direct opposite to the beings light that are seen by some people.

But what tells you that you were'nt asleep and jsut dreaming??? I've had many "spectral" dreams where I was seeing the room around me in a perfect, vivid way -but only with a blue "tint" to everything- just as if I was awake. The fact that you were not able to move only makes me believe even more that you were dreaming. This sensation of not being able to move is common to the period of "lucid dreaming"... like when you dream that you're trying to run but can't advance at all.

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