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Please read before posting.

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posted on Jul, 29 2003 @ 03:26 AM
Its difficult to keep in mind specific requirements we must all adhere to, to keep the site within requirements. Therefore in light of past, recent and future posting contraventions by users I would ask you all to bare in mind the following from the Terms and Conditions of the site.

"You will not post any copyrighted material, material belonging to another person, nor link to any copyrighted material (with the exception of publicly available sites and pages that the legal owners of the copyrights have created to make that material freely available to the general public), unless that copyright is owned by you or by this website."

Please consider carefully before you post and if you are in any doubt please contact myself or one of the other mods or Super Mods as to what is appropriate.

We would all be extremely grateful that if when posting you adhere this.


[Edited on 29-7-2003 by cassini]

[edit on 8-6-2005 by Gazrok]

posted on Aug, 1 2003 @ 08:12 AM
We have had this problem for sometime. Isn't it alright to post with the link to the site and note that it was from someone else? I have always done it that way. If I shouldn't be doing that please tell me. Plus I think others might want to know for sure.

posted on Aug, 2 2003 @ 04:45 AM
Posting a link to a site should not pose any problems. Copy and pasting material that is copyrighted on any site is. You all just need to take some time to find out what the site/material in question has done to protect or not protect their material, posting is not a competition and the more time you take in posting the better chance it has of being quality.

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