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Apparently, Usama has nothing to gloat about...

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posted on May, 2 2005 @ 01:49 PM
Reported from

The aurthor points out the Usama has nothing to report as a sucess:

"I don't think he's got anything to say at the moment," says Paul Eedle, a freelance journalist who began monitoring al Qaeda and Islamist Web sites before the September 11 attacks. "At least nothing that bin Laden can point to as a success."

If you read the article in full, it makes a few assumptions.

One of course is that he has less and less room to speak for fear of getting caught/killed. And secondly that he is in the planning stage and needs to lay especially low.

But the main opinion of the author is simply there is nothing for Usama going on to be proud of. The Iraqi insurgancy (although the news hardly shows it) is dwindling and Usamas golden boy Zarqawi has done squat.

Or, as another thread on these boards report: Is Usama dead?"

Only time will tell. Lets all hope this monster militant Islamic racist is dead...

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