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The Coming Conspiracy

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posted on Jun, 14 2005 @ 06:58 PM
I really think a persons concept of "conspiracy in religion" is based on how long you've lived, how much you have lived and, how much you've had to think about it. If you're born after let's say 1977, you've had alot more exposure to people's ideas than the older generations and it's hard not to voice an opinion or come to a conclusion about your surrounding philosophies. Plus you're almost forced to!! I think the younger generations have it much harder than I did in formulating their own values. You get so much more thrown at you nowadays!!

Christians forming prayer groups before school and such..would have put me off and I'm Christian...that's a small example. Sometimes I think people do things for reasons other that what their true beliefs are. IMHO

posted on Jun, 14 2005 @ 08:39 PM

I'm sorry you're lost as I once was. As you grow up, you learn. And as you learn with an open mind, you start to question things like, 'were my parents really how the said they were?,' 'am I really cacpable of going anywhere inlife?,' etc. But most of all, as you read and learn through history, you learn the of the evil of power, and the nuturing roll of religion that helps get one there.

I realize that what I said, might have hurt some of those people, you included, but with all honesty, you chose to hear it, I didn't force. What I said was for those he posted above me.

As I stated above, in these coming days, the 'Christian Right' will come down hard, kicking and screaming. It will be a bloody battle, akin to that of Rome Vs. Europe 313 C.E. - circa 1200 C.E. Only on a much grander scale. I'm of course talking about the forceful, unpeaceful, disgusting, horrific way Christianity befell upon my anscestors. If you choose to follow Jesus, then my friend, you practice Gnostic Judiasm. But if you choose to follow Paul, and the rest of the Pagan Roman Empire, then by all means, follow the Catholic Church and every branch of it afterward. Gnostic Christianty is very peaceful, harmless, and actually quite intriguing, somewhat akin to Buddhism (in certain ways).

Thesanealien, I say to you with all my heart, this 'ignorant mass' I belong to, represents less than 1% of the Earth's population. If that scares and makes you feel cornered in your religion so that you lash out, perhaps it is not me you are angry at, but 1700 years of lies, deciet, trechery, and ungodly mass genocide brought to you by your own beleif system. They have failed you, I have not.

I leave you alone now to ponder on your behalf, and perhaps choose a more peaceful way to live a life, without worrying what's in your future.

- Fallen One

posted on Jun, 15 2005 @ 12:52 AM
Fallen One,

I have long abandened organized religon. Found science
, then thought it didn't reallly touch real problems. Religon, such as organized Christianity, and it's off shoots, I found to be too dogmatic, and even a cursery examination of the known universe would show how everything is always in motion, nothing ever static. So it follows that anything that is dogmatic, would never be the truth, and the more dogma, the longer in circulation, the less it has to do with the truth of life. Not that I don't think there is value in religon for some, and if they do I think it is great - but it isn't for me is all I am saying.

Gnosis though - that and Buddhism is very similar. The gnostic's, essene's and such were all killed off by the ROman "church", which from what I have read, only used religon to mask their materialistic tendencies which go against the original teachings.

I went to one site once from an author Samuel Ayn Weir or something like that. Very interesting, but just as spacey as this site in some things.

posted on Jun, 15 2005 @ 01:36 AM
Back towards the topic... somewhat

Am I the only person who thinks it is sad that Christianity is now (blatantly) being used to make money? They are turning a faith into a media whore. I am in no way christian, or religious for that matter, and I have been in plenty of arguments over the aforementioned and religion in schools. Still though, I find this turn in the media quite sad.

I was watching the 700 club for a few moments the other night when this topic was being discussed, and all they intereviewed talked about how great it was. Great that your religion is being abused?

If I am missing something, would someone please fill me in...

posted on Jun, 15 2005 @ 01:40 AM

went to one site once from an author Samuel Ayn Weir or something like that. Very interesting, but just as spacey as this site in some things.

yeah, that is a pretty neato site. i too struggle with organized religion. but i have come to recognize that gods word was always destined to become corrupted and convoluted in the hands of men. i believe Christ WILL return.

[edit on 15-6-2005 by lost]

posted on Jun, 15 2005 @ 01:46 AM
Passer By,

I agree full heartedly.

Science has many flaws as well, but by far, it has proven to be the most consistent way to view, examine, and predict what we basically call reality. I am not however, a Scientologist. I'm not sure what that is exactly, but it gets thrown around here from time to time. I've actually been to umrous sites, but none of them explain fully what Scientology is. Although, if my memory serves me correctly, I remember reading that they do acknowledge some higher power, be it a diety or force of nature, I don't know. I am interested in learning in new things as always though.

I'm not saying that you said you were a Scientologist, I just wasn't sure what to make of your post with, "I found Science."

In any case, I hope these nice people posting on here, in hopes of someone saving them from a religion that's dying, are treated with respect and helped alog the way. I know it's tough, I've been there as well.

I'm a rather new poster to ATS. I've read alot over the past year and I thought that I should get involved in helping those who ask for it, even if they do it subconsciously.

- Fallen One

posted on Jun, 15 2005 @ 02:00 AM
Fallen One, Not a scientologist at all, although I have had a run in with them, just strike me as a little culty for my liking, but I understand they have done good for people, so who am I to tell others they are being mislead? Who knows what is really real right? I would say if I had to classify myself I would say mostly Gnostic/essenic although I don't really subscribe to a personal concept of God, merely think of it as the totality of all the forces. Maybe a kin to T.O.E in physics?

Back to the topic though..... I do worry about it. I have just recently went through this really wierd shift in personality where things like that really bug me. Not that I care what someone teachings, but it seems to me that anything that stands between you and your concept of God, is an intrusion. It also doesn't help when religons dogedly claim that theirs is the only way to know a presumably all loving God.

I thouhgt this thread was on the movie The Beast that was floating around, about the shocking revaltion that Jesus didn't exist

I think it has been cshown to be a hoax, but it is due out the July 6th of next year I beleive.

posted on Jun, 15 2005 @ 02:30 AM
Passer by,

You're not a Scientologist. Well, then, I'll hide my mistake by saying I was just being cautious.
They are quite odd from what I hear. No offense if anyone here is, just telling you what I heard. I have not had the privalidge of meeting one.

Anyway, same here about the Gnostic/Physics way of Energy. I tend to follow a lot of the Tao myself, also very similar to the Qabbala and modern understanding of Quantum Physics (to my undestanding).

"Back to the topic though....."...indeed.

This constant cry for help by those in power (that try to do things behind the scenes to fix their follies) will always be regarded to conspiracies, because that is what a conspiracy is. You can't just explain it as, money this, money that, all this is because of the love of money when we're talking abou the Media putting 'Christian' programming on everything.

What it comes down to is that every fundamentalist I've encountered will lay down their life for what they believe, be it true or false (no one truly knows). It seems as though the Bush Co. is actually doing this (as well as making money). The Bush family has been trying to implement the Christian faith everywhere it goes. Even since GW's Grandfather helped the Nazi's with an immense donation to try and spread Christianity/Pain their way along with the Roman Catholic Church.

We have every right to deem this a conspiracy. But this conspiracy is a result of The Christian faith dying out after being lied to and cheated on for 1700 years. Frankly, people are sick of it, and those in Power, like the Ancient Romans, need their herd to be unified for easier control. It is especially horrific these days for those who actually follow the real lessons taught by the Gnostics. What was once their wonderful, enlightening religion, is now deemed heretic to the false Roman one. I'm glad to that the Age of Aquarius is bringing 2000 years of treachery (Roman Christianity and its off shoots) to its knees.

- Fallen One

Edited for spelling, even though I'm sure there's still something I missed.

[edit on 15/6/2005 by FallenOne]

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