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Experience from a Rookie

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posted on May, 2 2005 @ 05:27 AM
About 4 years ago (I was 16 at the time) I talked to several people with different abilities in a 10-12 month period. It was crazy, like they were looking for me. They all had different things to say. One told me things about my family which I didn't even know, let alone anybody else. I told my mother and it made her cry. I think I was bored one day and went to a psychic with a friend, I think we passed it on the street. He really didn't have anything special to say. I met another dude on the street, etc. Though they had different things to say, they all had one thing in common. They told me they felt drawn to me and that I have an ability that hasn't matured yet. One even told me that she sees me having an ability similar to hers in the next 10 years. Yea OK

Then I found this site somehow. I remember spending all day just reading about conspiracies, about government, soaking everything in. What interested me the most was the paranormal discussions. Some of it I believed, some I didn't, interesting nonetheless. Now back to the topic(my bad for dragging it out just couldn't stop typing.)
Skip to today, last night matter of fact. I was doing some research on astral projection and lucid dreaming. I downloaded a mp3 of a dude talking about being outside, building your own center with a phone you could talk to anybody at any time, blah blah. Basically self hypnosis I got from it. So I did that before I went to sleep. I pictured I was talking to my boy that passed. I don't know if his responses were his or mine that I made up as I went along. Anyway it was crazy, there'd be times I felt my body slipping and couldn't feel anything and was like "just let it go", but it would always come back. Guess I fell asleep after awhile and had a dream like I never had before. I actually knew what was going on and could control what I was doing. I was in a room and something pulled me to the ceiling, like a magnet. After a while I controlled it and could float around. And evertime I used the power it was similar to that tingling feeling I had when I felt I was slipping away. The whole time I was going back and forth with myself first saying this isn't a dream, then saying it has to be a dream.
Then I remembered everything I looked up on the computer before I went to sleep and was like let me try this, let me try that. I even floated out of the room to see what my boy was doing in his room, but disappeared halfway there. Then there was a female in the room, she looked good and I did my thing.
Then I woke up. I don't know if I was successful in trying to develop my ability or just a crazy dream because I read what I did before I went to sleep. I'd appreciate any info I could get on this subject. Thank you

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 06:56 AM
[quote, source=Diablo2] "Ahh, fresh meat" [/quote]

Welcome to the ATS forums.

Astral projection and other mental abilities can be trained, but first you must find a frame of reference for them. There was a self-hypnosis method called 'The Silva Method' which involves ALOT of imagination, and slowing down of brainwave patterns/frequencies, to a point where you can induce suggestions into your own psyche. It uses alot of forms and identifiable objects, such as a platform that you jump off of, to fall endlessly into the recesses of your own mind, and the elevator that you use to move from an imaginary point in space, down into the mid-level points of your mind.
Take a look at David Icke's website (, and go into the archives there, take a look at the 'Project Superman' articles. They are a rather interesting read, and not entirely impossible, either.
With guidance, training, and practice, your mind can accomplish anything (or at least decieve itself into believing that it is... "you mean that I can dodge bullets?".. "when you're ready, you won't have to")

Good luck in your search, peace, NrKy.

posted on May, 3 2005 @ 10:47 PM
I've been doing alot of reasearch on astral projection and came across an audio tape helping you relax and reach the astral plane. I've been reading that before you get there your body vibrates, I could tell I was almost there, got a weird feeling throughout my body, and in my head the whole time I said "let it go", then I started shaking and my heart started pounding. I'm thinking to msyelf there's nothing to be afraid of, i'm not scared, why is my heart pumping like this? Felt my chest was raising, then I opened my eyes. I was still shaking for about 5 minutes after I got out of my bed.

This happen to anyone before?

posted on May, 4 2005 @ 12:14 AM
You are merely at the beginning of your spiritual quest, don't get cocky. What you need to do is learn how to recognize symbols in nature, they are everywhere by the way. Don't force anything just let it come to you, if you are interested in getting into the study or practice of clarivouyance I would suggest a book by Dr. Samuel Sagan entitled "awakening the third eye" it is like 12 bux from amazon. It is a very unserstandable, easy to read book, with exercises to begin building a good foundation for the rest of your journey.

The shaking may mean you opened a chakra that you were unable to process and understand. A worrysome feeling and racing heart seem to suggest this. Learn to meditate, but open the novice chakras first. You must build a strong foundation, and learn to seal your aura.

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posted on May, 4 2005 @ 12:47 AM

Originally posted by Eyeofhorus
You are merely at the beginning of your spiritual quest, don't get cocky. What you need to do is learn how to recognize symbols in nature, they are everywhere by the way.
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Cocky is the last thing you would call me. My thing is I got to find the road before I can jump on it and start the journey, if you know what I mean.
Also, what symbols are you talking about? Are you talking about something like what may seem like coincidence, but take it for something different?

Originally posted by Eyeofhorus
learn to seal your aura.
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What you mean by that?

posted on May, 4 2005 @ 02:52 AM
Didn't mean it that way, simply saying, don't let what your fiends tell you about your abilities, make you see yourself in any different light. Cocky was the wrong word to use,I appologize.

Lets start from the beginning, kind of...

The basis of most religions comes from an ancient religion/belief known as animism. If you listen to any Tool you have heard about animism. Animism is the belief that every living thing has a soul wihtin it. From animims began hinduism and buddhism. To borrow a quote from Albert Pike:

"In the Ancient Orient, all religion was more or less a mystery and there was no divorce from it of philosophy."

In this time the earth was the scripture, and they believed that there is a phenmoena that can only be explained as a universal vibration. It represents a single consciousness. What they are trying to say that all living creatures have god (soul, spirit, diety) in them. You are the trees the animals, the clouds the rain, etc. All matter orignated at the center of a star, and when it explodes outward, spreading matter across the solar system all of this matter is related, it came from the same place. This brings me to the next point.

These cultures as well as the freemaons believe in a universal balnce. A true harmony, these are some of the symbols you look for in nature. Look at water, it flows because it wants to reach the lowest point, so it can be balanced and the sum of the forces on the molecule are zero, it has no potential energy. Look at the solar system, orbits are circular, a cycle. Everything is balanced, everything in nature is a cycle when it really comes down to it. This is the unversal harmony, the balance. Another interesting thing is that there is a physics equation based on gravity and mass that determines the radii of the orbits of the planets, it predicts them perfectly. It even accounts for the asteroid belts. The ancients used their OBSERVATION of nature to actively listen to their souls. They eventually trained themselves to see the part of themselves that exists within, in things that exist ouside of the body. These are the symbols. Th earth represents the female, the ability to concieve, the sun represents the male, sowing the seeds that came from the tree, which is a representation of the union of male and female. The combined energy of the sun and the nutirents of the earth, the full gorwn see-bearing tree is a symbol of perfection.

I'm drawing a blank, what movie this came from (maybe Hero-tarentino) but i remember it quite vividly. A master, in asian philosophy he looked at the lotus blossoms on a tree, looking, searching for the "prefect blossom" long sotry short he never found it, never satified with the flaws he found. At the time of his death, He said with his dying breath (looking at the same tree) "They are all perfect!" A great example of their philosophy, that if you look for flaws you will find them, but once you can put the pieces together, everything is divine and perfect.

In the movie "what the &*#% do we know," they prove that what you see and what you imagine (with eyes closed), trigger the same exact brainwaves. So technically there is no way to prove if what you are seeing exists outside of your body, or if it originates within you! Pretty trippy right? These philosophers would contend that that object exists because you made it so, you used your will to put it there.

Thoureau's "transparent eyball" idea, is very closely related (Iwould suggest reading this). And there is a special connection with the ability to see these things, and a prolonged exposure to nature. This is the one unversal thing that holds true with many natural philosopers, it is also a part of the road to enlightenment for buddhists. The road starts at the doorstep, leads away from the computer, the TV, and straight out into the unknown.

Jim Morrison once said "I believe in a prolonged derangement of the senses."
This is what the shaman did, they wandered the desert until the vision came to them. The shaman were known for their ability to read nature. In the past, hieroglyphics were the only text. Another pike quote, coming your way:

Thus the knowledge now imparted by books and letters, was of old conveyed by symbols; and the preists invented or perpetuated a display of rites and exhibitions, which were not only more attractive to the eye than words, bit often more suggestive and more pregnant with meaning to the mind"

See that which is balanced, perfect, blissful, and sublime and you have found godliness.

Think of yin and yang this way: When light projects from a star, it is impossible, to physically see the light eminated from the star in space, becuse there is no medium for its energy to be transfered. When it hits earth the energy is manifest in the form of heat and illumination. between the earth and the sun is a cone of "perfect light" behind, a cone of darkness, a shadow of perfect darkness. In the middle half of the sphere (earth) is illuminated, the other half is not. There is a perfect balance of the two however. This is the combination of perfect light and perfect dark.

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posted on May, 7 2005 @ 08:36 PM
No apology necessary, guess we both didn't mean to come off how we did. I just pointed out in my own humbleness (if that's a word) that the last thing I'd be was cocky.

I appreciate the well-thought reply, and I think I understand it. I read what you wrote a couple of times, and took it for what it was, knowledge. However, when walking outside, I take in things different now, without even trying. For example I'll look at a tree swaying and realize that it's full of energy. I'll hear something and I can picture the energy flowing into my ear creating this noise. Mabe it's legit, mabe not. Interesting regardless.

I've been trying to astral project to see whats out there, to find myself. Most of the time I feel lost and at the same time feel i'm meant to do something big, but don't know what it is. Also I'd like to see if I could contact a close friend that I lost not too long ago. Part of me thinks about gaining powers, blah blah. That's the greedy kid inside I guess. Mabe thats's why it won't happen. I can relax myself to the point where I go numb, and I get a feeling that makes my heart pump. Then it'll slow down, then race again. That's about as "far" as I got.

It's funny when I think about how I started becoming interested in the subject of spirituality. I used to be on here all the time but never posted, just soaked in the knowledge. I was 16 at that time, 20 now. Didn't come on for awhile, joined the military, got my own place, got a laptop, and i'm back. Decided to start posting. And mabe it's me but when I made that decision everyone started posting about chakras, AP, I started finding websites with alot of good information, basically everything I suddenly became interested in. I say everything happens for a reason. I learned that through experience. Mabe i'm meant to do something in this area, mabe not. But until I find out, i'm going to keep searching. Thank you for your posts and time.

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