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Sleep Paralysis!!!

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posted on Jun, 20 2007 @ 11:50 PM
Does anyone else find it odd that so many people have had similar experiences? I had my own when I was 19, except I got up and walked around. It was night. It started out with intense dread/fear. Then I saw the figure. This being a new experience to me I saw what I percieved to be a caveman. Tall, with eyes like holes, skinny (its ribs were noticable), long-greasy hair, wearing what seemed to be nothing but a loincloth...and it spoke perfect english. I seriously thought I was awake and there was an intruder in my room. I got out of bed and confronted the thing. I could not tell if it was man or woman. I asked "Who the # are you?" And i # you not- as soon as I started speaking it began to finish all of my sentences. Then it asked me who I was. Just as I started cursing and screaming at it, it jumped on me and started beating me. I couldn't defend myself, so I started to laugh at it--anything to spite or take away it's power over me. When I woke up it was day and I swear to god it was NOT a dream. I want to emphasize that I have never had an experience like this in my life before or after the event. I've been researching the night-hag subject since it happened and i cant explain this experience. I guess it was a hag, but why? why me? How? I cant make sense of it.

posted on Jun, 21 2007 @ 01:05 AM
Sleep paralysis to me is a very common occurance. I have had it more then once in one night, and also at work while sleeping (yes, but anyway). I used to be terrified of the feeling of absolute dread that overcomes you when you realise you cannot move. But then things changed..

I have been into lucid dreaming and astral projection for the better part of my life, twenty three years of age at the moment. What I have noticed is that the paralysis effect usually co-exists with the very beginning phases of astral projection. It happens so frequently now that I recognize the situation and use it to my advantage. I have never been able to astrally project on my own, but, with the help of sleep paralysis, I usually can "roll" out of my body. Last week in fact, I successfully did this three times in the course of a night, each time starting out in a "paralysis", but being able to roll out of it. It seems once your able to leave your body, it is much easier to move around. If anyone has ever practiced any sort of lucid dreaming technique, im sure the feeling is very natural to you. Sometimes it is accompanied by a very loud sound, think a freight train moving through the same room as you.

Anyway, the point of my post is. Embrace it. Learn from it, and recognise the signs. If you can overcome the intense fear, you will be left with a magnificent and literally out of this world experience. When you feel yourself wake up in such a state, as hard is it is to move, try to "roll" out of yourself, I find this much easier then moving individual limbs until I am completely free from the "force" if you will. Hope all the best to you, and remember, there is nothing to fear but what you make of it. Take care and best of luck!

One last thing, i'm not sure if anyone has experience with this or not but, I have noticed that sleep after taking an opiate based drug usually results in very vivid dreams. I remember them like it was a normal day of life, and much easier to become lucid during. While personally I have had the most profound (three successive lucid dreams in one night) and meaningful dreams under the influence, this is not something I suggest nor encourage, just food for thought.

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posted on Jun, 21 2007 @ 10:53 AM

Originally posted by Saturn
The sound you're hearing is the tinnitus of your ears. It is always there, but usually you can't actually hear it. Though, since you were having SP, you were more susceptible to it.

NO it got nothing to do with tinnitus at all! It's a buzzing sound in your ears which you actually can control if you concentrate about it, and when you get the tone high enough up then you'll alter your "brain-state" and really weird stuff starts happening, you'll hear "electrical sounds" and this is the state where I think you connects to the astral world and you may force yourself out of the body (at least from my own experiences). And it's often when I manage to do this that my body also will get into a sleep paralysis.

Originally posted by Saturn
SP is actually a continuation of your dreams. Basically, your mind has woken up, but your body has not, thereby leaving you feeling paralyzed.

How can it be a continuation of my dreams when I haven't even started dreaming yet? I can induce sleep paralysis when just being very relaxed and awake. But yes, I often get sleep paralysis by waking up from a dream too.

Actually I think there may be two phenomenas we're talking about here, which we often misunderstand and just call it all sleep paralysis.

I think one phenomena is sleep paralysis; normal paralysis where you can't move.

But the other phenomena is when you have altered your "brain state" to connect to the astral world; when you hear the weird sounds, see stuff, feels that you're floating etc. And it's when you do this you'll most often get into a sleep paralysis too. But this stuff may have nothing to do with the paralysis itself...

Just some of my thoughts but I'm still experimenting with this and learning more and more after each experience....

I have also had some scary # happening too, but I'm not sure if I can trust everything being more than my own imagination yet. But I have laid out two random cards that I can check if I ever OBE again. If I'm right about those then the stuff I experience can't just be my imagination.

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posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 01:07 AM
Its called 'Incubus Attack', or 'The Witch Riding your back'

I believe that it it as an extraterrestrial experiment occuring.....

You are NOT asleep when this occurs and the things that you hear or see are not dreams.

Millions of people world-wide are NOT having the exact same 'dreams'.

I have had these 'encounters' my entire life and they quite frightful.

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