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Sleep Paralysis!!!

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posted on May, 29 2005 @ 07:51 PM

Originally posted by Opus
Also about a year ago I felt a small being try to cling to or attach its self to my back . Once again I prevailed and through it off of me. Man holey freeking Matrix .

It's funny you say that. Recently I had a dream where I was laying on my stomach and was trying to think about something, but I kept being interrupted by this thing poking me in my back. The first time I thought it was just an itch, second time I realized what it was and grabbed the mothaf**** and threw his a** outside.

For some reason the door was open and it scurried down the balcony. After that me and my boys went on a hunt for it, never found it, then woke up.

It looked like those little aliens from alien vs. predator.

posted on May, 29 2005 @ 09:17 PM
ive had similar experiences sans the 'hooded' or otherwise creepy figure. no, for me it was only paralysis. the interesting thing is that i forced my way out of it. i had this happen a few times and each time before i would merely pray and wait for either sleep or for me to be able to move again. one time in particular i prayed as per usual, but then i struggled to make a sound. finally i eeked out a moan and i started to wriggle myself to be able to move. i broke free, and sat up. no scary faces tho.

posted on May, 30 2005 @ 02:17 AM
Can somebody explain to me what the loud static noise is in your ears when you experience SP? I would like to know where does it come from, and why is it so freakin loud?

posted on May, 30 2005 @ 03:06 AM
Don't know about static but I get "Rings" in the ear some loud some low d/n what causes it tho mabey i got abducted lol and don't knowit

posted on Jun, 1 2005 @ 12:24 AM
It's been a while since I have had this sleep paralysis.

The first account was when I was laying down on my back, this was during the time of last summer. My face was facing the wall so I couldn't get a positive ID on the freaky bastard. I just felt cold and scared out of my mind. At first I didn't think anything of it, but when I tried to get up I panicked. When it was over, I just fell asleep.

The second was actually during the morning when my little nephew and my grandmother were in the lving room. Of course I was still asleep. Upon waking up I felt like I was being choked to death. After several minutes of mental struggling with some sort of power I bolted into the living room screaming.

The third was possibly the most horrifying. It was when me and my family were in California, visiting San Francisco and other little towns during the week. About 1:30 in the morning I suddenly awoke, some sick sense of dread and that undescribable feeling that I was being watched. When I looked around from my bed on the couch I had this bad feeling, like something was nearby and waiting for me to shut my eyes again so they can do their sick will. I ended up turning on a couple of the lamps and watching TV for the remainder fo the night. And every moment I found myself repeating a prayer.

posted on Jun, 1 2005 @ 11:15 AM
It only seems to happen to me when I'm dreaming and I think I'm awake. I believe that in such a setting you will eventually encounter something that will freak you out (It does me, anyway). One instance, I was laying on a couch just thinking about what I was going to do that day. I saw something, a shadow-like creature, crawling up the wall just opposite of the couch. It jumped from the wall to the corner of the room and then it jumped strait into my chest. I naturally did not enjoy seeing this! Anyway, the body supposedly shuts off certain motor function during sleep. This was so intense to me that I was trying to stand up in real life and my dream. I kept opening my eyes, breathing heavy, like I was going to die. It was pretty intense, like I was being possessed or something. I continued to fight the damn thing and finally rolled to the floor (in real life). It was then that I awoke. I was in my bed the whole time! My what a freakish imagination I have! I've had this sort of thing happen to me several times. Not pleasant!

posted on Jun, 4 2005 @ 10:11 AM
WHAT a night! I woke up in the middle if a sleep paralysis, which duration was about 15 seconds, then i fell asleep only to wake up again in a sleep paralysis. This went on for about 5 or 6 times!! Then after a few minutes of being awake, i queitly fell asleep with no further problems, except that i felt alOt of energy being drained

However this does state that sleep paralysis happens in lets say periods, or even better, in states. I must have been in some state, where i was paralysed each time i fell asleep, untill that state was over. Whatever state i was in i dont know, but it wasn't pleasan't for sure.

This was my first paralysis in years btw.

posted on Jun, 4 2005 @ 04:03 PM
This often happens too me: I'm lying in my bed, falling asleep, or I'm already asleep, I don't know, suddenley I feel as if I'm falling en then I'm suddenley lying in my bed, wide awake.
I just read somewhere that this is also a form of sleep paralysis, apperentley, sleep paralysis can be a lot of different things (that don't always have to be scary).

posted on Jun, 4 2005 @ 07:59 PM
I started to experience sleep paralysis at an early age. Around 10 or 11, I can remember lying in bed feeling like the bed was swinging back and forth, then I would hear a sound like turbines or jet engines. I would try and scream, but couldn't. It evolved as I got older, turning into more of a feeling of electricity going through my body and I felt that if I didn't wake up I would die. Sometimes I felt like I was rising out of bed. Always trying to scream out to wake myself up. I finally found that I could wake up by moving a finger or my feet. The sleep paralysis would occur every day for a couple weeks, then stop for a few months and then start up again. This continued until about my mid 20's and I haven't experienced it since. I have read that sleep paralysis can occur in people who are under a lot of stress.

posted on Jun, 7 2005 @ 04:48 AM
I find it kind of weird that I only get paralyzed in my sleep when I take naps. Like if I fall asleep on the couch at noon, then when I wake up, I can feel, I can look, but I cannot move or speak. I've never had fears or anything while I was in this state, but it was VERY uncomfortable. But yet for some reason, when I sleep a full night, I never have this problem.
But I get this EVERY time I take a nap though...

posted on Jun, 7 2005 @ 02:38 PM
This is interesting. It can happen during a nap , and it can result in a creature in the physical after you get up out of the paralysis. The first time it happened to me i woke up on my back, with three figures around me. I booked it to another room and when i opened my parents room, it was filled with these dreatures all standing around them. One turned around and chased me but i slammed the door in its face.

Scientists have theorys for this. Do any of you believe them, whats yalls thaughts on what this could be?

posted on Jun, 7 2005 @ 04:43 PM
Mine happens within a second of falling asleep so there are no dreams. I still haven't seen an explaination for the buzz.

Someone mentioned not being able to hear at times. I've had that, unrelated to a SP experience. I'll wake up, can't hear anything, then it's like a power button goes on and I can hear fully. Sometimes it takes about 10 seconds or so but during that time, I'm completely deaf.

posted on Jun, 14 2005 @ 12:08 PM
I had a very different SP experience last night. Got incredibly tired and told my wife that I would be asleep within 2 minutes. Well the SP came on with a much milder form of buzzing and it felt different - I had no fear. In fact, I was trying very hard not to move, change my breathing, or anything as my wife would have woken me out of it out of habit.

So I decided to see what would happen. I was in some hallway type thing but also very aware that I was under SP and in my bed. I decided to take charge and mentally said "I'm in control of this." Immediately, something rushed me which I didn't see and started choking me. I woke up quick and the SP immediately returned. Back in the hallway again but this time my wife was there and some 8 or 9 year old boy. He was leading my wife away and then kicked her and she disappeared. I went up and tried to hit him and my hand went right through him. I realized that I was on a different plain than him and also knew I was in bed still under SP.

Woke up and returned to SP, back in the hallway and some blonde little girl was leading me down the other way. I didn't see her face but I knew she was some sort of monster and was waiting for her to turn around. Woke up and it didn't return.

Like I said, I had no fear and it was actually kind of cool.
Not sure what it all means.


posted on Jun, 14 2005 @ 02:18 PM

Originally posted by tacho
Mine happens within a second of falling asleep so there are no dreams. I still haven't seen an explaination for the buzz.

Someone mentioned not being able to hear at times. I've had that, unrelated to a SP experience. I'll wake up, can't hear anything, then it's like a power button goes on and I can hear fully. Sometimes it takes about 10 seconds or so but during that time, I'm completely deaf.

Hiya tacho

I did some research a while ago specifically with the ears and sp. I found that the buzzing noise was quite common, or other types of noise. But I couldn’t find anything to do with pain in the ears. Ive had sp most of my life and its only ever happened when I was sleep depraved or napping or ill.

It wasn’t until I tried some astral travel exercises (for about 2 weeks) and going to sleep straight after hours intense study, did I actually ‘get out’. The experience lasted a wee while until I had the thought/fear that I was going to go off and leave my son unprotected in the house.

I shot back into my body and was greeted with intense pain in my ears. I was sat up in bed and had my fingers in my ears (my ears feeling like they were closing up… I felt the pain on my fingers too, as my ears clamped down! *shudders*). After about 20 seconds of this I became fully awake and fully in my body. I checked my ears and fingers for evidence (I checked my fingers for a waxy feel) and I realized the pain and my reaction wasn’t a ‘real’ event.

For about a year I had this. At the beginning I had that first astral event then only a couple after that. Then I would go straight into sp with the intense pain whenever I tried to fall asleep. It got bad at one point, couldn’t sleep alone and feared sleep. It went dramatically and didn’t reappear for a few years. I have since fought my fear of the pain and learned to relax with it, meaning I now have ‘normal’

The deaf thing you say makes sense to me, they say sp is the unfortunate experience of being conscious while your body has shut down for dream time. I bet you are a hard one to wake up verbally!


posted on Jun, 15 2005 @ 03:33 PM
I've never had that type of pain during SP like you described. Sounds bad.

Just found out that my sister-in-law has SP. She was telling my wife about it and she said that I had it. Her sister said that she thought she was the only one that suffered! She even had gone to a doctor and he told her it had to do with menopause.

Umm no.

posted on Jun, 20 2007 @ 11:06 AM
So why does SP occur I asked this question previously in this thread. Simply my belief is as you get into if you will a "half" sleep state, the time your mind plays "tricks" on you, your consious is in the astral plane/ethrical plane. Since we are only able to use a small percentage of our brain when we are "half" asleep we no longer concentrate on our consious and what is "real" so in this state we start to view the real world. I believe the paralysis is due to our astral bodies not being fully back, the figures I believe are always there but we cant seem them in a fully consious state

Originally posted by MooseT

Um, doesn't sleeping result in us gaining energy? I mean, try to stay up a whole night and I doubt you'll still have much energy

EDIT: one more thing; how many people here experienced SP BEFORE they ever heard of it?

[edit on 29-5-2005 by MooseT]

Firstly yes I experienced SP before I knew what is was. Second, in most cases yes sleeping restores energy but I have noticed in most cases where SP has happened the longer it went on the more energy the person seemed to loose.

To answer the question on what makes the buzzing noises... my theory is that the noise is made by the persons consious being half in the atral plane.

posted on Jun, 20 2007 @ 12:18 PM

Originally posted by croatianguy
Can somebody explain to me what the loud static noise is in your ears when you experience SP? I would like to know where does it come from, and why is it so freakin loud?

The sound you're hearing is the tinnitus of your ears. It is always there, but usually you can't actually hear it. Though, since you were having SP, you were more susceptible to it.

To all of you who struggle w/ SP:

First of all, SP cannot harm you. SP is actually a continuation of your dreams. Basically, your mind has woken up, but your body has not, thereby leaving you feeling paralyzed. Since you are still technically asleep, you will still have dreamlike occurrences happen to you, such as the old hag, where either there is a dark figure on your bed or someone sitting on your chest. Some people have feelings of falling or being levitated off of their beds. Others feel as if their entire body has gone numb or have a feeling of pins and needles in their limbs. Having had SP on many occasions, I know that it cannot harm me and do not fear it. I know of a way to get out of SP as well.

Try moving even one body part. My suggestion is to try moving your tongue in your mouth or to try opening your eyes. Usually even a little movement like that can jerk your body back to reality.

Just try to remain calm and remember that nothing you see or hear, or even feel, can actually hurt you in SP. You are in your bed and completely safe, so there is no reason to panic. All that does is make the situation worse. Good luck everyone.

[edit on 20-6-2007 by Saturn]

posted on Jun, 20 2007 @ 01:40 PM
I really didn't think this was a fairly common thing so I've never thought to look into it, however, I have experienced sleep paralysis on 2 different occasions. Both times it was during the day, actually both were on a saturday too and both times I was in the house on my own. I woke up and could not move, the feeling of dread all over me and I could only move my eyes, nothing else. I cannot say that I saw anyone in the room but the feeling of fear was overwhelming, it was like I wanted to get up and fight someone but I really was helpless. It seemed like an age but as another poster said it really can only be about 10 seconds or so but the experience is a horrible one. I would love to know what causes this. I just put it down to the thinking that perhaps I had woken up and become conscious before my mind had brought my body out of the sleep state and obviously the feeling of fear is due to the fact that you feel paralysed, surely that's our instincts, get our adrenaline going so that we have a fighting chance as nature assumes we are in danger?

Just my pennys worth but it really is horrible

posted on Jun, 20 2007 @ 04:10 PM
I've had it a few times.

First time was when I was younger. My mom was calling me from downstairs in the morning and I tried desperately to call out and answer her but just couldn’t. I couldn’t move or talk so I was very freaked out. I eventually just fell back asleep after giving up trying to move a muscle. Never told my mom so she probably just thought I was sleeping the whole time. I did some research and found out it was sleep paralysis.

2nd time was about a year ago and after I moved out to live on my own in my own apartment. I woke up in the middle of the night on my side facing my wall and sensed an evil presence behind me (couldn’t look at it of course) but I heard growling/breathing noises in my ear and it felt as if a beast was trying to claw at me. I was pretty frightened at the time since it felt like an evil spirit. I fell back asleep and woke up again later in the night realizing it was probably sleep paralysis.

3rd time was about 9 months ago and I woke up in the middle of the night on my side facing my wall. I felt the presence of a succubus behind me that was attempting to strangle me along with sound hallucinations. For some reason, this time I wasn’t frightened since I’ve experienced it before so I just fell back asleep thinking it was my imagination and it was gone.

4th time was about 6 months ago where I woke up in the middle of the night unable to move and this time I actually physically felt something pulling on my sheets as if it were trying to take me from my bed. I was lying on my back and couldn’t move my head to see what it was, but after about a minute of trying to move, I punched the thin air where this ‘entity’ was and all hallucinations just disappeared and I was fully awake and able to move.

Now I’m okay with it and I actually wouldn’t mind it happening again just to see what other hallucinations my brain is capable of conjuring up in the real world. I guess I don't really have any more fear when it does happen now.

[edit on 20-6-2007 by curiousbeliever]

posted on Jun, 20 2007 @ 08:06 PM
For those of you who are looking for an explination (and discussion) in regards to sleep paralysis: Info Here

The above link is a thread I started some time ago which discusses the mechanisms and reality of sleep paralysis.

I hope that helps.

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