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My views on bible contradictions...

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posted on May, 4 2005 @ 08:49 AM

Originally posted by Jehosephat
Sean.. you might want to read our posts and explainations for the examples you gave. it is obvious you are not bothering to read them or comment on them

Yo J,
Thats why I have stayed away from this one. They always say, 'That is your interpretation".

So what does that mean...? lol

It means that the 'error' is HIS OWN interpretation.....That means he can see anything he wants and more importantly...ignore any TRUTH he wants in order to continue this.
Its a waste. There are some who have honost questions. Great. I love to answer. But there are some like this who make problems where only a blind man couldnt see the truth.

Good luck
I dont have the patience.

posted on May, 4 2005 @ 07:23 PM
Agree with your assessment Jeshophat and Jake. It is textbook and standard issue. It is also of this world and the god of this world.


posted on May, 8 2005 @ 03:07 AM
to sean..

okay bear with me. I am still new here and still figuring things out.

First of all, I didn't say God wrote the bible. I said man did, inspired through God. I wasn't sure if you were saying that to me or not,

okay Deuteronomy 6:4: First of all the meaning of lord, when it comes to the bible lord with A capital L is referring to the supreme being. Which is infact our God. God almighty, the beginning the end...on so on. The God that created everything, even other gods.(noticed, refferred to in lowercase g).

Second, He reffers to Himself as the Lord thy God, meaning the one that created you and sense this is in the story of moses, He is also saying the one that saved you.

And He also says He is the only Lord. The word Lord is capitalized meaning in the bible that He is the Supreme Being and there is only on Supreme being to human life and everything around them. Some call Him Jehovah..

But still you have not proved a contradiction, God still did not say he was the only god.

posted on May, 8 2005 @ 03:32 AM
to sean

also I forgot to mention..When reading scritpures, I find it best to read the whole chapter or maybe in some cases, the whole book. In deut. It is the story of Moses and when his people where saved, and Moses was getting the ten comandments the people built and god out of gold and began to worship it. Now in pagean beliefs they worship many different gods. When the Lord our God said He is one Lord, he also meant that is One God and not many different gods. So therefore, He warned moses people that they are worshipping other gods and Not Him.

In Gensis 1:26 and 3:22...I agree the key word is where here does He say he is the only god.

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posted on May, 23 2005 @ 10:42 PM
Karie, you answered your own question. The bible says many times that God is the only god.

The Noble Quran, 112:1-4
Deuteronomy 6:4

Once again I ask why would a god and creator of all things be so jealous of someone idolizing a gold statue? That just sounds so rediculous! God created man with free will, then when he makes a choice that god dislikes, God sends him to hell? Pointless if you ask me. Then why create man with free will in the first place? The bible is literally full of crazed stuff like this. If it was created by men with spirital guidance then they must of drank to much wine lol. I do believe that there is a higher power, but I don't believe every bit of the nonsense in the bible. Why? Like I said before the bible has been interpreted over and over and over, it's been changed, altered, lost, manipulated so much.

Heres a joke for ya..

Jesus and Saint Peter is in heaven and Jesus hands him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Peter looks down in hell and see's everyone is having a big feast and have a good time with a huge variety of foods and everything. Peter asks Jesus why and Jesus said, If you expect me to make all that food for just the two of us your crazy!

posted on May, 24 2005 @ 07:58 AM

Originally posted by sean
I don't disbelieve in god, but I question the integrity of the bible.

Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong. If you question the integrity of the Bible, but believe in God then you:

A) Believe that God could not control the contents of the Bible and so it has become corrupt.
B) Believe that man made it up.
C) Believe in "A" god, not necessarilly the Bible version.

A) Any god who could not control the contents of his message over time is not omnipotent (all powerful) enough for me to believe in.
B) Why should I believe in a manmade god?
C) The old AA "God of my understanding" is too finite for me. Anything you or I could come up with on our own is too finite for me. I prefer my God to be infinite.

Where does you god come from?

posted on Nov, 4 2005 @ 08:29 PM
Deuteronomy 6:4
"Hear, O Isreal, The Lord our God is one Lord:

Where does it say that He is the only god?

He is saying to His people that He is our God and He is One. Still doesn't contradict.

and as far as you contradictions on circumcision. In the old testament that was a covenant made in that time. Galatians is in the new testament.

also like I said before, it helps if you read the chapter. You referred me to Galatians 5:2 and now read galatians 5:1 "Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with yoke of bondage."

so see there is no contradiction there either.

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posted on Nov, 4 2005 @ 09:24 PM

Originally posted by darkelf
A) Believe that God could not control the contents of the Bible and so it has become corrupt.


A) Any god who could not control the contents of his message over time is not omnipotent (all powerful) enough for me to believe in.

Who said the Bible is God's message?

Assuming that your postulate of an omnipotent God controlling his message is true, we can logically assume that the Bible is not God's message.

B) Believe that man made it up.


B) Why should I believe in a manmade god?

It seems from sean's posts that he does not believe in the God portrayed by the bible.

On another note all gods are manmade. Any concept of gods has been created by man. Who else?

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posted on Feb, 15 2006 @ 05:30 AM
Sean, first of all, I really like that joke. But still, I have not yet found a verse that says God says He is the only god. Please tell me where you find this. God always refers to Himself as the One True God, or the God of Abraham, God of Moses and so forth. He is the Creator, the Destroyer, He is alpha and omega, the giver and the taker. HE is the ONE true GOD. He is the one that created the other gods. He is jealous because makind doesn't pay resect to HIM. In the ten commandments(by the way Jesus sums up into TWO laws), He says, Thou shalt not worship any other god before HIM. Key word, before. Through out what we get for History information, mankind doesn't respect Him for what He has created. So, yes, do you blame Him. If you put all this effort in to creating this perfect existance, and what you created thought it was better than you, this creation worshiped this other so called god before you. Would not you be a little or maybe even a lot jealous. Well I know that I would.(mother of three). Also, I noticed that you are referring to an old testiment book and the Quran. I am not to familiar on the Quran, but willing, I believe that there are a lot of truths in it and better yet, another piece to the puzzle. Which , by-the-way, has many missing tangible facts! ALSO, like the Bilble itself. Like for instance, when a man doesn't do what God likes, he sent them to hell, did you get this from ot or the nt. Because, according to Jesus we are all forgiving. And yes, the Bible has been translated over and over again, but no matter what has been taking or added or even used another word of different meaning, if you ask the question it will be answered. Even in the Bible itself. My daddy taught me to never believe in everything you read, even the Bible itself. The King James Version, the new translation, even these new christian bibles for the dummies, or even better yet, no book at all, if you seek your creator you will find HIM. I too, believe that the Bible is full of misleading, manipulation, but I believe in Him, so no matter what, or how I read any religious book, HE will not mislead. Simply because He promised me. In my heart, my thought,my very exsistance and even word for word in the bible itself HE PROMISED. STRAIGHT UP,even in the BIBLE itself, He said, if you believe in HIM, you are saved.

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posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 10:48 AM
Karie and others,

Sorry for late reply. As for the question about God being the only God. The part, "I am the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end". This sums it up that he was and always will be the only God does it or does it not mean that? I believe that there is some higher existance and that this world and universe is the lowest of that infinite. This is the beginning where we are born, live, experiment, learn, die and move on. Reading crazy nonsense in the bibles they are stories of what people perceive at that time what was happening. If I had a time machine and took a BIC lighter back and lit it they would all believe I was a God. People are gifted in many ways and can do healings and the laying of hands. Monks can do facinating things too. Anyone has these abilities & psychic energy and the like. We are all built from the same material particals protons electrons etc.

I believe that we have always been spirtual beings and use the physical world as means to tap into energy and store it and use it for higher planes and dimensions. We are like the engine and little workers keeping the engine going. Is there a all powerful God? Maybe there is God, but he sure is def and blind to what's happening in our lives. Is there a hell? I don't believe there is. Sure people can do bad and evil things, but I don't believe that there is this special little place for bad crazed people. If there is then why? Why not take that part out of the equation? Isn't God powerful enough to fix those qwerks? I would think so, but maybe what happens is suppose to happen. One thing that is true some good does spawn from bad. Just like Ying & Yang a little black in a lot of white and little white in a lot of black, It balances out. For instance, Something bad happens to you, something you wanted to go right for you, but it hasn't and failed. Is everything at that point lost? No! You learned from your mistakes! Is that not good to learn from mistakes? So some good can go from bad.

Ask yourself this question... if Noah built a ship and God was going to destroy the world and wash away the evil. Then why is there so much evil in the world today? If that was the case, then Noah and God has failed miserably! Look at the world today. People are still at it killing each other. More death and chaotic wars have been spawned in the name of God and religions then anything else! How can that be good? Then you get brainwashed by young penguins (jehova witnesses) standing at your door cramming what they believe in your brain because someone else told them what they believe and so on, when actually no one is correct in anything. Of course you need law and order that is a no brainer. Have a heart and care about one another is a no brainer. Why are all these people and fanatics going crazy I don't know, but we all breath the same air, drink the same water, live under the same sky.

I once had a christian tell me that Dinosaur bones was put there by the devil to deceive and trick man and that they was fake. Tell me if that isn't a misinformed person. What did they do fall asleep in science class? If Eve never ate the fruit where would man be in knowledge and technology? I think it is absurd to believe that Satan tricked Eve into eating a lucious fruit that God overall created in the first place. Again is knowledge all that bad? If it is then that would mean that anything that came after that point is evil and bad, even Jesus himself, which is just nonsense in itself. You cannot create something without having a cause and a effect with good & bad. People have pulled these religions and beliefs so close to them that they can see nothing else. They are blind and poisoned by the very thing they hold dear. Boxed in by lies and deceit boxed in by their own beliefs. Can't see beyond the box because they have nothing but tunnel vision. If you spend your life looking down a narrow path then you live in a dark world. That dark world you created yourself. I believe it is important to love and to live with a open mind.

posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 02:07 PM
Sometimes it is best to just not post in a thread where deny ignorance has succomed to someone's agenda. This post is one of those. Either you believe or you don't. Case closed. I really don't care either way, since the time of preaching draws closed and the time of watching is at hand. Maranatha!

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