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WAR: Global Arms - Trafficking Network Designated by US (Update: Viktor Bout Extradited)

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posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 03:48 PM
Here are some of Douglas Farah's comments on the Taylor escape. Click the link to read the full version. I wonder what Bush is going to say to Obasanjo tomorrow when they meet.

Douglas Farah: In Choreographed Move, Taylor Escapes

Mar 28 2006

Like a bad novel, Taylor’s escape a foregone conclusion when Obasanjo suddenly announced that Liberia could come and get Taylor. Obasanjo, who now, in classic Big Man African fashion, is ordering an “investigation” into how Taylor escaped, withdrew all of the guards from Taylor’s compound. It was a clear that was Taylor’s signal to slip away. The U.S. did nothing but express alarm. The UN was paralyzed. The British ran for cover.

It matters little now what Bush says to Obasanjo after the two meet tomorrow. Obsanjo’s “investigation,” when he had been warned months ago, with specific names, of the senior people in his security structure that Taylor was paying off, is a rather poor joke. The horse is so far gone, the barn door so far open, that there is really nothing to say. Obasanjo should be embarassed to show his face, but he is not. Bush should shun him, but he will not.

It has to be one of the sorriest chapters in U.N., British and Nigerian supposed efforts to bring justice to the millions who have suffered at the hands of butchers like Taylor. And it sad day for West Africa, having to face the prospect of more murder and mayhem from the man who has done it all before.

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posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 10:56 AM
I just heard that Charles Taylor has been arrested in Nigeria. He is now being sent to Liberia.

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 08:48 PM
Taylor was arrested when he tried to cross the border into Cameroon in a landrover. In the trunk were bags full of dollars and he was wearing a white suit. Just like a scene from some movie. Sierra Leone are nervous about having Charles Taylor around and wants to send him to The Hague instead. His son Charles Taylor Jr. was arrested at the Miami International Airport today.

New York Times: A Master Plan Drawn in Blood

Published: April 2, 2006

Issouf Sanogo/Agence France-Presse -- Getty Images

According to local legend, recounted by the Africa scholar Stephen Ellis in his book "The Mask of Anarchy," a baby born in Monrovia, Liberia's capital, miraculously spoke English straight from the womb. It told its mother that a rain of death would fall Christmas Day, and that it did not want to live in such a vicious world, and promptly drew its last breath.

On Dec. 25, in a driving rain, the news that Charles Taylor had attacked Liberia reached Monrovia. As the child predicted, a rain of death soon drenched West Africa. It would last 14 years.

Christophe Simon/Agence France-Presse -- Getty Images

CHILD SOLDIER Eight-year-olds with automatic rifles were fighting for Charles Taylor in Liberia in 1996

Click the link to read the full New York Times article...

THISDAY ONLINE: Taylor’s Son Arrested in US

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 09:15 PM
Btw, this thread is not restricted. Feel free to post in it. At some point I´ll grow tired of being the only poster here and abandon it myself. This is an old thread but it´s not yesterdays news. This is all happening now.

The topic is Charles Taylor, Viktor Bout and Weapons trafficking.

posted on Apr, 9 2006 @ 11:55 AM
Charles Taylor might end up in Sweden or Austria. Sweden, Austria considering request to imprison Charles Taylor after trial

Sweden and Austria have received requests to imprison former Liberian President Charles Taylor if he is convicted of war crimes by a U.N.-backed court, government officials said Wednesday. A positive answer by the Scandinavian country would remove a key obstacle to transfer Taylor's trial from the U.N.-backed Special Court in Sierra Leone to The Hague, Netherlands. Several diplomats at the United Nations told the AP on Tuesday that no country wants to have Taylor for 20 or 30 years -- either in jail or in exile.

I found this part about his son interesting as I know Soj usually call him "Chuckie". I wonder if this is his real nickname or something Soj invented...

Charles McArthur Emmanuel, 29, also known as Charles "Chuckie" Taylor Jr., was arrested last week at Miami International Airport.

But before he (himself, not the son) eventually goes to prison in Sweden or Austria (?), it looks like he will go to The Hague. Maybe they will give him Slobby´s old cell?

The Columbus Dispatch: Holland may get warlord’s trial

April 09, 2006

U.N. Security Council members agree that the war-crimes trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor should be moved from Sierra Leone to the Netherlands, and they could adopt a resolution this week to allow the transfer, the council president said.

China’s U.N. Ambassador Wang Guangya said the Security Council was still debating several issues, including who should pay the costs. He scheduled closed-door consultations Monday on the draft resolution and said he expected it to be adopted early this week.

"I think there is agreement that he is going to be moved to The Hague," Wang said Friday. "Now, it’s only the technical side, how the resolution will look."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 07:57 AM
Going to jail in Sweden? Just what we need. Another warcriminal in a scandinavian prison...

I cannot find any reason why scandinavians choose to incarcerate these evil entities in our very liberal prison-systems. Is this what I pay my taxes for? Housing war-criminals/powermongers/über-pricks?

I should make a thread about scandinavian prisons, vs. their 'guests'. Aka. an inventory list.

Why can't them be stored in an Myanmarian prison? I wouldn't mind investing some of my hard-earned, obviously wasted, money on promoting the Burmesian Junta's fashionable inn's, -and their guards' being properly educated in the use of their rattan-sticks. Why wrap this guy in cotton, when we can beat him warm.

[edit on 10-4-2006 by Ulvetann]

posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 07:48 AM
I heard the UN asked Denmark to put him in one of their prisons if he is convicted. And I think they said yes to it as well. Just what I need, my tax money to be used for feeding and entertaining one of the world's worst warcriminals...

posted on May, 18 2006 @ 02:01 AM
Gambia's President Jammeh is linked to Viktor Bout and Charles Taylor. Plus a little surprise, Pat Robertson was/is business partner with Charles Taylor and President Jammeh! I wonder if the trial of Charles Taylor is going to reveal anything interesting? There are some more stuff about Viktor Bout in that article as well. Click to read the whole thing. President Jammeh's Links to International Crime (Part 1 of 3)

May 15, 2006

As the Gambia Journal continues with its series of investigative reports on the suspected corrupt deals by the Jammeh regime, we, in this article, expose some of President Jammeh's most hair-raising connections with a motley crowd of hustlers, mobsters, ultra-conservative Republican Party politicians, and notorious criminal arms and diamond dealers.

Mr. Lissouba looked at the aircraft and was aghast to see that the aircraft indeed carried the flag and seal of the Central African Republic. He flew in to a rage when he got to know that the plane in fact flew in with the Gambian delegates headed by Vice President Aja Isatou Njie-Saidy. Mr. Lissouba wanted to seize hold of the plane there and then. It was only the diplomatic intervention of President Bongo that saved the plane from being impounded.

The aircraft had had a nebulous history. Before being registered in The Gambia as the IL-62 (C5-GNM) [Gambia], it had been CCCP-86511 [USSR], RA-86511 [Russia], 3D-RTI [Swaziland], and finally, TL-ACL [Central African Republic]). In the Central Africa Republic it had been used to supply weapons to Savimbi's rebel army, then active in Angola, and combatants fighting in the nonsense civil wars that then raged in Liberia and Sierra Leone, returning with precious but illegal gems of diamonds for the lucrative international market. The aircraft and its owner, Mr. Victor Bout, have become the ultimate icons of what has become known as the internationally deplored "Blood Diamonds" affairs.

As the trial of Charles Taylor on war crimes starts unfolding, Gambian observers are holding their breath in anticipation of what Mr. Taylor may divulge on his dealings with President Jammeh. Their lines have crossed too many times for observers not to believe so. It was not only Bout's connections that the two West African "leaders" shared. Taylor was known to be a business partner with Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The article promises more details on the Pat Robertson link in part 2.

posted on May, 18 2006 @ 02:08 AM
All this hell raising about gun dealings on the heels of the US loosing some 200,000 Kalashnikov Machine Guns shipping from Bosnia to Iraq.

200,000 Kalashnikov Machine Guns "Gone Missing"?
What a world.

posted on May, 18 2006 @ 09:07 AM

Originally posted by twitchy
All this hell raising about gun dealings on the heels of the US loosing some 200,000 Kalashnikov Machine Guns shipping from Bosnia to Iraq.

200,000 Kalashnikov Machine Guns "Gone Missing"?
What a world.

What a world. -I agree.

On the flipside, 200.000 AK-47's for the cost of 500$ each, I would surely figure out how to 'loose' them too.

posted on May, 18 2006 @ 11:13 AM
Pat Robertson

...sold his soul to the devil.

Defending the Indefensible President of Liberia

Robertson has criticized President Bush's call for Taylor to step down, has praised Taylor as a "fellow Baptist," and has accused the State Department of being the real cause of Liberia's problems. To quote Robertson's own words:

So we're undermining a Christian, Baptist president to bring in Muslim rebels to take over the country. And how dare the president of the United States say to the duly elected president of another country, 'You've got to step down.'

So why is Pat Robertson such a big fan of Liberia's President Charles Taylor? What you won't hear much about on Robertson's shows is the fact that he has a huge financial interest in Liberia. Under Taylor's regime in 1999, Robertson negotiated an $8 million investment in a gold mining venture.

Fortunately, Pat Robertson is very much alone in this position - not even other conservative Christian leaders in America who might otherwise be inclined to sympathize with an African Christian politician are joining the defense of Charles Taylor. Richard Land, head of the Southern Baptist Convention's public policy arm, has stated that "I would say that Pat Robertson is way out on his own, in a leaking life raft, on this one."

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Pat Robertson
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Related links:
CBS News: Pat Robertson Slams Bush On Liberia
Washington Post: Pat Robertson's Gold
Washington Post: Pat Robertson and His Business Buddies
Pat Robertson Engages in Illegal Mining Operation in Liberia

posted on May, 23 2006 @ 05:12 AM
The Director of the West African Network for Peace Building (Wanep), Pamela Cole says there are at least 630 million illegal weapons in circulation in the world. At least 8 million of these weapons are in West Africa. At least 630 million illegal weapons!
And that's just the illegal weapons. Arms Campaign Targets 10,000 Gambian Faces

May 22, 2006

She then disclosed that at least 630 million illegal weapons were in circulation, saying that at least eight million were in West Africa.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Much of the weapons used in the civil wars of Sierra Leone and Liberia are now in the Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast). The UN are now in process of disarming people there ahead of an upcoming election in October (good luck). Related ATS thread about the situation in Cote d'Ivoire: Ivory Coast Civil War May Erupt - Annan Wants Thousands Of Reinforcements.

posted on Jun, 6 2006 @ 07:58 PM
Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and Charles Taylor

Gaddafi is not happy about Nigeria handing over Charles Taylor to face justice. He said: "This also means that every (African) head of state could meet a similar fate—this sets a serious precedent". Gaddafi has good reasons to be worried. He trained Taylor (and others) and provided weapons and ammuniton for the wars. Gaddafi's training camps in the desert have been described as "the Harvard and Yale of a whole generation of African revolutionaries".

Douglas Farah: Why Gaddafi is so Afraid of Charles Taylor

Jun 1, 2006

Gadaffi, more than any other leader except perhaps Blaise Campoare in Burkina Faso, has good reason to fear Taylor’s testimony. It was Gaddafi who trained not only Taylor and his thugs for Liberia, but also Foday Sankoh and other leaders of the Revolutionary United Front in Sierra Leone, Laurent Kabila in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Campaore’s troops who assassinated president Thomas Sankara in Burkina Faso, and on and on.

But it was not just the training Gaddafi provided. He provided the tons of weapons and ammuniton that stoked the wars that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and destroyed most of an entire sub-region that is still reeling from his ego-driven destruction.

He established the World Revolutionary Headquarters in the desert where he trained would-be revolutionaries from Latin America, Africa and Asia. The facilities were, in the words of Prof. Stephen Ellis, “the Harvard and Yale of a whole generation of African revolutionaries.”

posted on Jun, 7 2006 @ 06:41 PM
A group in the U.S. Congress has sent a letter to the UAE pressing them for accountability on several important issues. The letter also asked UAE for assurances that Viktor Bout would not be allowed to reappear i.e. by using different companies. They are worried that advanced US weaponry might go to "the enemy"...

Douglas Farah: A Hardy Ban in Congress Press for UAE Accountability

Jun 6, 2006

A small but determined bipartisian group in Congress continues to press the United Arab Emirates for accountability on several important fronts. In a recent letter to UAE ambassador Al Asri Al Dhahri, the group asked for further information on UAE’s efforts crack down on the use of diamonds and gold by terrorist and criminal groups, the operations of Viktor Bout, monitoring hawalas and other informal value transfer systems and money laundering.


“We believe that weaknesses in the UAE’s financial defenses tie directly to the ability of nuclear proliferators and terrorist operatives to successfully operate in the UAE,” the letter said.


On Viktor Bout, the letter noted that the UAE has reportedly taken some action to keep Bout’s aircraft from operating there, but asked for further assurances that he would not be allowed to reappear using different companies. “The US exports its most advanced weaponry to the UAE on the assumption it will not go to its enemies. This assumption is undermined by the tolerance of arms traffickers such as Bout,” the letter said.

Click the link to read the full article...

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 03:29 PM
Dutch business magnate Gus van Kouwenhoven was yesterday sentenced to 8 years in prison for selling weapons to Charles Taylor. The prosecutors demanded a 20-year prison sentence and a fine of 450,000 euros. He got much less... Gus Gets 8 Years

June 8, 2006

The first of several individuals to be convicted of crimes related to Liberia's brutal civil war is the Dutch business magnate Gus van Kouwenhoven. A Dutch court yesterday found the 63-year old timber merchant guilty of breaking a UN arms embargo on Liberia. He was sentenced to eight years in prison but was acquitted of war crimes charges. The court said it could not gather sufficient evidence to prove that the Dutchman, who ran a chain of businesses, including the Hotel Africa in Liberia, had any links to any of the many atrocities committed during Liberia's 14-year civil war. He was persistently reported to have sold weapons to ex-President Charles Taylor.

According to a UN report submitted to The Hague, van Kouwenhoven, known in Liberia as "Mr Gus," formed part of Charles Taylor's "inner circle." "Militias formed by the Dutchman's timber companies are alleged to have participated in massacres of civilians where even babies were not spared," a prosecution statement said. "The weapons used by the militias to commit these war crimes are alleged to have been supplied by the Dutchman."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

posted on Jun, 15 2006 @ 10:21 AM
UK has agreed to jail Taylor if he is convicted. A trial in The Hague and prison in the UK seems to be his future.

BBC: UK agrees to jail Charles Taylor

15 June 2006

The British government has agreed that former Liberian leader Charles Taylor could serve a prison sentence in the UK, if he is convicted of war crimes. This paves the way for his trial to start in The Hague, after other European countries refused to host him. A UN-backed tribunal in Sierra Leone, where he is in prison, wants the trial to be moved due to security fears.

Sierra Leone's Revolutionary United Front rebels were notorious for mutilating civilians, by hacking off their arms or legs with machetes.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

posted on Jun, 20 2006 @ 04:18 PM
Charles Taylor landed in the Hague a couple of hours ago. Mrs Taylor said that the case against Charles Taylor is politically motivated and that the Sierra Leoneans did the cutting off of arms and legs themselves...

BBC: Taylor flies in for Hague trial

20 June 2006

Liberian ex-President Charles Taylor has arrived in the Netherlands where he is to be tried on war crimes charges.


Mrs Taylor said that the case against her husband was politically motivated. "There is not basis for the charges that have been levied on Mr Taylor," she said. "The cutting off of arms and legs of the Sierra Leoneans was done by Sierra Leoneans themselves.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

posted on Jun, 22 2006 @ 09:54 PM
Taylor is currently held incommunicado at The Hague. He is not allowed to receive or make telephone calls. At the Hague: Taylor Not Allowed Phone Calls

June 23, 2006

Charles Taylor is currently held incommunicado at The Hague, Karim Khan, defense counsel for the accused revealed at a Special Court status conference Wednesday.

Khan, while addressing the conference submitted his client was transferred to The Hague "precipitously." The defense counsel complained that he was not even contacted by the Special Court when his client was taken away to The Hague. "I have not been officially contacted by the court whether my client arrived safely in The Hague. I have been asked by his family members but my response was I don't know," Khan submitted. "I only saw my client arriving in The Hague when I tuned to CNN," he said. Khan revealed that he has not been able to get access to his client since his transfer to The Hague Tuesday. Taylor's defense council revealed he called The ICC in The Hague demanding to speak to his client but was refused. "I was told sorry, Taylor is not allowed to receive or make telephone calls," Khan said.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Good. Taylor still has many friends and supporters. He also has many enemies and he could be dangerous to some people as well. It's important to make sure that he doesn't escape again and that no one assassinate him.

posted on Sep, 29 2006 @ 08:30 PM
On page three I posted this post. regarding the Operation Firedump. Now there is an updated list of Viktor Bout planes.

A quote from the original TYR: Operation Firedump

All bloggers are invited to mirror this and help land them on the fire dump

TYR: Firedump: Update

September 24, 2006

It's time to shake up the embers of Operation Firedump, our effort to monitor compliance with the UNSC asset freeze list on the Viktor Bout companies.

Since December, 2005, the original list of aircraft shows a few changes.

Click the link to see the list...

...and keep your eyes open for these planes!

posted on Oct, 21 2006 @ 04:16 AM
A ban on Liberian diamonds was imposed by the UN in May 2001. Current Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has asked the UN to end the ban, as they need the money. The UN Security Council has now voted "nope" regarding lifting of the ban. They say Liberia need to do more to comply with rules to confirm the origin of gems. The whole point of the ban is to make sure that diamond sales is not being used to fuel wars (Charles Taylor Viktor Bout). Liberia is now trying to comply with the regulations as soon as impossible...

BBC: UN retains Liberian diamonds ban

21 October 2006

The United Nations Security Council has voted to retain a ban on Liberian diamond exports, used in the past to finance the country's civil war. A UN panel said that Liberia needed to do more to comply with international rules on confirming the origin of gems. The measure is intended to ensure diamond sales are not used to finance conflict.

Trade in illegal diamonds has been blamed for fuelling wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone in recent years. The UN imposed the ban in May 2001.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

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