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The NY City Water Supply

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posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 09:36 AM
I f you watched 60 Minutes just recently, that had a story on the ongoing construction of new aqueducts under NYC. They've been under construction for almost 20 years now in order to replace the the dilapidated existing system that could cave in on itself anytime now.

The interesting thing is that a mojority of the new system is 24 stories underground capped by tons of concrete including the primary valve control system. Mayor Bloomberg had said it was designed to withstand a nuclear blast.

I guess it's nice to have that level of redundancy, but let's be honest, after a nuclear war, who the heck is that that water supply going to serve, and who will have access to controlling it?

The construction is now running 24-7.

I understand there is some sense of urgency since the old system is so bad, but the the project has taken so long because of high level of technolgy that's gone into building it.

The whole thing seemed very weird to me.


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