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I think my cat is an alien!

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posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 03:20 AM
Actually, I have something strange to share.
My cat whom I named twiggy had 6 kittens, all black. Pure black.

One of them was named Kla-la.

Before it was named that by my mother/sister, I had come across this Article written by the same name.



March 12, 1958
Solar Cross Tape # 7-A
By: Kla-La

Greetings in the “Light” of Our Infinite One. I am Kla-La. In speaking at this time, we deal with the subject of your Great Pyramid.
In the beginning, approximately 45,600 years before your Christ, the Galactic Survey ships of the Confederation were to establish an out-post and beacon upon your planet earth.

The crews from the third planet of Aldebaran approached your planet and started construction on what is known in your day as your Great Pyramid. Huge blocks of the substance granite were quarried form the heart of a continent and brought by their craft to their present location. Huge disrays cut and sliced and shaped these blocks to infinite dimensions. The tribes at this time were frightened, thinking that the craft in their heavens were remnants of some fabled gods descending to the earth, and we felt it would not be necessary to discourage this.

In that edifice known as your Great Pyramid were laid generators, totaling millions of watts energy, sending out beams and guide ways for our craft for navigational purposes. Noticing the tremendous impact that this structure had upon the native populace, it was felt that subsidiary functions could be included. Also, at that time, it was felt desirable to place observation teams of our people upon your planet check the rates of progress of various races and to help in establishing more even distribution. This was where your scientific circles find evidence of many types of flora and fauna scattered through out all portions of your globe.

Our people, setting forth in their mighty star ships, regularly visited your planet. Seeing the needs of cultures yet to be born, certain influences were thought to be in order. These were placed, again, in the pyramid. A shaft directly below the subterranean chamber, at a level of 243 feet, was sunk and there the mightiest generators of a race over a million of your years old, were installed and which, my brother, function even to this day. These performed twofold purposes.
One, they helped eliminate an alarming degree of axial excursion present
at your north and south poles. Secondly, they provided more temperate
climates throughout many portions of your world which were still recover-
ing from a rather staggering glacial age.

Much later (circa 3,000 BC), one know to your scientists as Cheops or Khufu, puzzling at this spectacle which our Pyramid presented, decided that such a monument should at least be established more in an appearance sense that it was. Thousands of the native population were set to work and slabs and blocks of pure lime (stone) were built up around our premary efforts, providing a more textured surface. Not knowing what the peculiar metal (copper), at that time, was adorning the top, they decided to let it shine forth, for it could be seen by travelers many miles away.
This is where your ancient Grecian writer thought it to be a fact that Khufu was the one to have erected the Pyramid.

Unknown to many people, regular crews of our people manned the equipment, for the original intent of that area known as the Queen’s Chamber was primarily an interstellar communications room. The area known as the King’s Chamber was later installed by our people for healing various physical ailments common to your peoples. Our people, under the guise of their local priests of the time, administered treatments which were thought by many to be miracles. In this we found an expedient way of lending some aid where possible. And at all times the mightily throb of hidden generators below the base of this monument, were continually throwing radiant beams of energy out into the heavens of our universe to guide our many craft. Later, eight more pyramids (built by Egyptian Pharaohs, not the Space Friends) were constructed, bringing the total to nine, stretching a distance of 63 miles along the western bank of the Nile.

It has always puzzled your people as to the exact dimensions of our Pyramid. I shall now give you the exact dimensions as initially constructed. If these do not agree today, it is because of alterations of earlier races and Pharaohs to the main structure.

The base of our Pyramid was 765 feet square. The total height was 486 feet. The entrance way was located exactly 54 feet above the base on the north side and constructed in such a manner that the light of your pole star would forever shine down the entire length of its 324 foot corridor to the subterranean chambers. A feat, my brothers, none of your more infant races could possibly have engineered. This is also the direction of your true magnetic north pole. The reason, this was constructed so, was to keep t pole star centered, and thus alleviate any further axial excursions of your planet.

Two hundred forty-three feet below the base rests machines your scientists would forever marvel upon. The area of our entrance way was nine square feet, ending in a subterranean chamber, from which another passageway, extending 63 feet, ended in a blank wall. Blank for a purpose, for nine feet further would disclose the sub-etheric generators.
Seventy-two feet above the base in the Queen’s Chamber, consisting of 1,134 square feet of area, and nine feet, again, above the Queen’s Chamber, rests the present communications facilities. Nine feet below the King’s Chamber lie those machines once installed on a higher level.
There are also three more areas unknown to your present science within
this structure.

You will notice, my brothers, that of all figures I have mentioned, they are all multiples of the numeral “nine.” The reason for this being that nine is the key to the mathematical science dealing with magnetic.
Your may bear this in mind.

It has been my privilege to speak. I am Kla-La.


Conclusion: My cat is a being of light incarnated as an animal

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 04:14 AM
Ancient Egyptians treated cats as deities.... Cats have never, ever forgotten this.

My cats (we live in the country) do that, and they also stay up at nights hunting. It's nothing to find half of snakes, and/or assorted rodent halves on the porch in the morning, where the kitties have shared gifts with us.

It must be a love thing?

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 04:34 AM
it's amazing the "gifts" that cats leave us.

it is also amazing how cat's and dogs can know we are injured or sick. i had a bad car accident and my cat broght me mice for days. i wouldn't have minded so much if he had killed them first
, unfortunately the were live and would run when he dropped them on my bed.:shk:

a good freind of mine who is a nurse, diabetic, and a diabeteise educater. has a cat. her mother who is also diabetic lives there as well. one day the mother was woken up by the cat, she was just starting to have an attack. aparently if the cat haddn't woken her she could had never woken up.

also my friend has a patiant who's cat knows beforhand that there will be a epilectic sezure. one dead mouse in a shoe for extreemly mild, 5 for extreemly severe. when mice are found in the shoe they rush to the hospital. when they get there the doctors are now asking "how many mice?" only once did this warning systom "fail". there were 3 mice so it should have been a moderate attack. it was a severe attack. when they got home they took a second look. two mice were on the floor. aparently the cat haddn't finished hunting yet before they saw the mice. how the heck can a cat know far enough in advance that an attack is impending with enough time to hunt spacific numberes of mice as a warning? not only that but apparently also knowing the severity of the impending attack?

also animals seem to sence things like earthquakes before they happen.

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 04:57 AM
Cats are the most amazing creatures. I have always believed they were 'old souls' of some sort..

I once had a cat that used to sit whilst I held the phone to his ear and listened whilst my mother spoke with him. When the phone rang and the cat ran to the phone I always knew it was my mother. On her death, the cat never went near the phone again.

I will share with you a story, which happened to me a few years back. I live in a very leafy suburb of Sydney. I am fortunate to be surrounded by lots of birds and small animals. A couple of year’s back one of my cats became ill. He was old – over 18-years. I walked outside one evening because I could hear strange noises. I witnessed my cat Winton sitting under a tree talking with two possums that were sitting in the tree branches. Winston was looking up, cat chattering and the possums chattering back. I often sighted the possums of an evening, but they would usually run away when I went anywhere near them. This night they didn’t.

About 3-days later it was discovered that my darling cat had cancer and we were forced to make the decision to put him to rest. This almost broke my heart but I stayed with him whilst he went to sleep and we brought him home and buried him in the back garden – under the same tree mentioned early.

That evening, I went out to put flowers on his grave and to light candles and incense. The wind started to spring up so I went outside to check the flame and felt something walking beside me. It was grey and for a minute I thought it was the ghost of Winston. Gave me a start. It is one of the possums. This little animal walked beside me down to the grave and sat beside me for about 5-minutes. ‘He’ let me pat him on the head. I went back into the house to get some fruit and went back outside. The possum let me fed him. I stayed with this little animal for about another 10-minutes. I felt peacefulness and whilst still heartbroken over Winton I felt that he sent the possum to me to let me know he was OK that he had ‘gone home’. To this day I believe the cat chatter that started this off was Winston asking the possum to look after me and to let me know that he was OK.

The next night I went outside and the possum was there again but it ran away and to this day I haven’t been able to get anywhere near them again.

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 07:17 AM

Originally posted by Lady of the Lake
..this is sensitive etc....but PLEASE.... don’t make light of what is an extremely cruel and abominable treatment of animals. I love Asia and travel there almost monthly, but their treatment in some Asian countries of animals – in particular dogs and cats is absolutely despicable.

Food is food.

Monkeys, cats, dogs and etc. I understand where your 'heart' is on this- but being real means they are food in some places.

I remember eating cat one time- never again, the flavor (taste) stayed with me for days. It was an accident (drunk at the time) and a few of us ate what we thought was something special- boy was it ever.

Anyway, I admit the pic of the 'cat' is out there but hey, thinking a cat is an alien

If I offended you or anyone else I appologize.

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 09:42 PM

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Only someone so cool could make a thread like this
(I actually just wanna use up them...

posted on May, 1 2005 @ 04:22 PM

Originally posted by Patriot36
i think the strangest species of cat you could own is one called manx.. they have no tail.....
this one i had sure did act like it was an alien, it would arch its back and walk sideways toward you with its eyes almost bugging out of its head, and then if you made a claw shape with your hand, it would take off like lightning through the house and come back and walk sideways at you again.
Many nights my wife and i would just roll on the ground laughing at this cat

dude! a crabwalking cat, thats awesome! Is it called "manx" or minx? I seriously want one! I am allergic to cats and all, but i love strange creatures

posted on May, 1 2005 @ 06:04 PM
Annunaki, it is spelled as manx

they can be born with no tail (rumpy) or a small tail (stubby)

this is the nuttiest cat i have ever owned lol

just google on them, you will find out alot about their behaviors

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 12:21 AM
you know alergies can be weird. i have a friend who is very alergic to other cats. her cats are ok, but if she goes to someone elses house who has a cat her alergies get prety bad. but her cats don't cause her any problems.

posted on May, 3 2005 @ 08:06 PM

Originally posted by drogo
you know alergies can be weird. i have a friend who is very alergic to other cats. her cats are ok, but if she goes to someone elses house who has a cat her alergies get prety bad. but her cats don't cause her any problems.

im the same. I used to have a cat that never went outside and i was fine. but my mom got a cat and it was outside all the time. once I came into contact with one of its hairs, and ended up in the hospital from an asthma attack. one hair! I'm also allergic to jack-russel terriers. I hope im not allergic to a manx, coz i wanna get one!

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