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Bush Sr. in on Reagan assass attempt?

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posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 05:26 PM
I work as a writer and have friends who are personal "friends" of the Bushes. My first publishing contract was with a man whose family is close friends of the Bushes (major corporation owners). Over time, other friends (past and present) have done business with, or shared contacts with the Bush's--including Cabinet level appointments. (I'm basically antithetical, of a different political outlook and far removed, at this point, from any Bush proximity). In short, there is cross pollination, and, for other, more important reasons, both ends of this spectrum know about each other. Here, for the first time in print, is a story about Bush Sr. and suspicious doings surrounding the shooting of Reagan. *Note: as an "experiencer" since 1995, I post in the aliens and ufo's section often.

This is the exact truth, as I experienced it. Given the grave nature of the subject, I would never report inaccurate details. My credibility as an investigative reporter and a writer would be nil, if I did. I could say the following under oath and not worry.

I've been an "experiencer" of explicit alien contacts since 1995 (I've written about this on the aliens/ufo's thread both here and on's mindframe board--see the thread about "hyperversals," for instance). I sometimes use a psuedonym, i.e. the gl2 thing (contains my initials) when writing about. I know such contact may sound new to some, in this section, but, please, bear with me. There are many on this planet who also do so, and the topics discussed/communicated during such interactions have evolved and refined, over time. Beginning in Dec. of '05, a previously reliable, informative alien (who'd given info. about science, exo-politics and a critique of the abducting federation) stated clearly, explicitly that George Bush Sr. was a "direct operative" of the gray "federation," the gray (and other) alien related aggregation that Pulitzer Prize-winning LA Times journalist Philip Krapf refers to as the IFSP. It wasn't simply stated in passing. The remark was repeated, expanded upon, tested and traced into a human network of interactions, plus a larger kind of quantum memory in time, so to speak, to show exactly how Bush is direct federation.

I know this sounds weird, but the IFSP intervention here is aggressive, and they have contacts and material interactions here, on this planet. They also have a breeding program and they implant, coerce and try to manipulate--for a reason. Humans subsequently tested Bush, over and over again. I can't say much about this, in order to not betray who we are and what our methods are (not intrusive, not "direct," of course). Bush is old now and easy to beat in such regard. He tries to hide the tell-tale indicators of his interactions, but can't.

This came as but a mild surprise (to an experiencer and to those accustomed to the new paradigm), given that Bush's lifelong superiors and cohorts have been members of the Du Pont family, both during Watergate, and in narco-intel. doings, and the black budget. Bush is part of the Du Pont-Dulles-Bush faction in CIA corruption, the worst of the worst. Bushes also share old family involvements with fascism, and, in Gerard Colby Zilg's first edition of Behind the Nylon Curtain (now called Du Pont Dynasty, in later editions), Zilg has a chart showing Du Ponts married to a "Bush" family, presumably Bush-kin.

Du Ponts and Rothschilds are the main names mentioned by sympathetic, non-federation aliens when giving humans a heads-up about what may be the most important crisis in human history: the so-called federation's direct intervention here. The Biderman part of the Du Pont family and the French part of the Rothschilds have been directly pointed out as "direct operatives" of the federation.

Suffice it to say, this caused quite a stir and appears to have put some of the IFSP plan into crisis mode. Military, intelligence, governmental figures, other nations' personnae, and many civilians, reportedly thousands in number, have been apprised, in various ways, through a larger community of interactions. I've put this news out in various places, but have yet to do full justice to the subject.

I don't keep info like that secret. My life would be in danger if I didn't get it out--it could die with me... I report at length and write on such subjects, where I can. Venue is limited, but there are creative ways of conveying the basic drift. It is most important.

Again, about Bush: From 1979-1984, I lived and did university study in Denver. I also worked full-time in a hospital and did investigative research, some campaign work (against Reagan's war in C. America). I was even asked by a Senate candidate's press secretary to investigate a Republican rival for legality of personal affairs.

With a friend, I dug up info about organized crime, political corruptions and more--some of which touched upon national crime cases of note. Right after Reagan got elected, on Capitol hill and around Denver arts and coffee, theater and book outlets where I tended to associate, a billboard announcing the "Assassination Ball" was posted. I was aghast. Reagan was just elected, and someone was sponsoring an Assassination Ball. It seemed fishy. I wanted to go and see what it was about, but knew that the Secret Service would be all over the thing. I didn't want to look stupid--I had deep contacts all over town.

The artwork on the bills was ghoulish--clearly, it was intended to look like it was in the assassination of Reagan vein, it seemed. Reagan hadn't done anything yet. John Hinckley, the Reagan shooter, apparently grew up in Denver and his family lived there—when the Assassination Ball posters went up. Hinckley surely spent much of his time in Denver. He probably knew it like the back of his hand. The Hinckleys were corporate types and were direct friends of the Bush family. John Hinckley’s own family member(s) was scheduled to be at a social gathering with Neil Bush (current president George W. Bush's brother) on the day that Reagan was shot by Hinckley.

Bush Sr. was CIA, a Du Pont loyalist (anti-Du Pont elements in the CIA apparently helped take Nixon down in Watergate, in part to set back Du Ponts, who Nixon favored unquestioningly). After being shot by Hinckley, Reagan almost died, which would have put Bush in the presidency. Again, a reported "direct operative" of the federation. It would have been a most dangerous first.

Studying history, and in my other research, I'd investigated direct involvements in the Kennedy assassination, which I can't talk about here. So, when anomalous remarks and seemingly non-human capacities arose in bizarre staging surrounding the Reagan shooting, I was curious. I shared the info I had, but, at the time, was unequipped to remotely probe certain remarks by an ambiguous source about killing Ronald Reagan. Years later, believe it or not, non-federation aliens pointed directly to the federation for having manipulated those very remarks. It was weird--I didn't know how to approach the subject. But, over time, I opened it up for further scrutiny. You wouldn't believe the pains that I've taken to be fair in such regard. I stand on my record, even though I was an active opponent of Reagan's brutal policies.

So, taken together, we saw an unusual event, the Assassination Ball, that lent a cult-like stature to the idea of assassinating Reagan, with billboards posted publicly! It was entirely suspicious. Imagine John Hinckley seeing those same billboards when, surely, almost without a doubt, he went to music, theater, coffee houses and arts events, etc. in downtown Denver. The bills were up for weeks. If he were a mind control type, or even if he was just unstable, he might have thought he could be a big star, the connecting eminence of the Assassination Ball glory. It would have led him, and possibly others, on to consider the deed.

What was going on? Many have suspected that Bush Sr. wanted Reagan out, to have the office for himself. Ever read about Bush Sr. and the Kennedy assassination? He wasn't the main actor, BUT---he appears to be guilty of deep involvements with various suspects. The Nation even did a cover story about Bush Sr.'s apparent message to J. Edgar Hoover, speaking for the CIA and denying assassination involvements just a few days after JFK was shot. His life-long financial and operational superiors, Du Ponts, are all over the assassination, perhaps the prime organizing suspects (see Fletcher Prouty's story about Gen. Ed Lansdale and United Fruit, plus the many Du Pont sponsorships of JFK assassination figures---all over the map). And, as CIA, Bush covered for the CIA's worst crimes, the very worst---dope, murders and MUCH WORSE, as has his son, Junior. See Daniel Hopsicker's book Welcome to Terror Land---it shows just the tip of a monstrous iceberg.

The murder of Reagan by Hinckley would have put a direct operative of the federation into the White House, reportedly, a catastrophic mistake, an epic oversight on our part. Remember how, after re-election in 1972, Nixon canned everyone but Bush Sr. He said Bush "will do anything for us." Bush wanted to be president just a little too much. And why? Was he tasked to do so?

Was Hinckley a mind control case? Or was he just unstable and susceptible to a mind influence "intervention." The methods necessary for just such an intervention were EXACTLY what I witnessed in the months after Reagan was hit. It was such bad timing, on the part of the culprits. So, if you put it all together--The Assassination Ball, Bush as "direct operative" of the federation (plus Junior continuing to cover for the cabal and their narcotics, also the Monarch program), Hinckleys DIRECT ties to the Bush family (making them obvious to Bush Sr's goons), the bizarrely obvious tipping of assassination remarks into investigators' awareness--it all suggests that Bush Sr. may have conspired to kill Reagan. Worse yet, he may have done so for largely unsuspected "direct operative" reasons.

In Cathy O'Brien's book about being used as a Monarch mind-control intelligence and sex/blackmail "slave," she describes how Reagan tasked her with taking an NCL cruise liner, then a plane to Nicaragua to meet with then-Sandinista president Daniel Ortega. Being Monarch, she had sex with Ortega and gave him a peace overture from Reagan, a call to allow US business to help develop Nicarauga. Ortega gave a long, very diplomatic and thoughtful, careful reply to Reagan, BUT, Cathy says the when she returned to the White House to give Ortega's response to Reagan, Bush got to her first. (*See Trance-formation of America, by Cathy O'Brien and intelligence insider Mark Phillips, a book that, although strange and frightening is a MUST READ, of its own sort.)

Like a bizarre hack, Bush Sr. manipulated Cathy to leave out most of the message and told her to only say an insulting, minor part of the wording to Reagan, which caused Reagan to go beet red and think Ortega stupid, even more of an enemy. If Cathy is correct (her memory is so vivid, you have to read it), Bush manipulated and schemed behind Reagan's back. A man who has had assassination involvements, deep CIA ties to Monarch and worse, a man who, now, is described as "direct operative" of the IFSP, the gray-related federation. What do they do next?

Weirder still, Cathy O'Brien reports that, when using her for sex/operative purposes (as a Monarch program operative), Bush Sr. and some of his associates occasionally made strange remarks about working for aliens, literally being aliens, in some cases. Given that Monarch victims like Cathy are tortured, jolted with electroshock and brutally conditioned to be Multiple personality disorder (with compartmentalized memory), Bush and associates may have thought that she'd never gain full recollection. Nonetheless, Bush's reported "alien" remarks are bizarrely suspicious. What was that all about? *Monarch is a CIA offshoot of MKULTRA, based, in part, on brutal discoveries by, of all people, Dr. Josef Mengele. Monarch sex-operatives (some call them "slaves" because they are so horribly riven and controlled) are culled from multi-generation incest families, reportedly also from cult abuse backgrounds--conducive to memory obliterating conditioning, easier sexual abuse by their handlers.

Finally, years after the suspicous remarks incident, non-federation aliens and I dragged out the subject of the remarks for ever-watchful federation aliens to respond to. In a series of starts and halts, a tipping of the subject into explicit details, one federation alien reacted with anger at our having exposed their apparent complicity by probing, as though I were betraying my kind (anti-Reagan) by digging, in the first place. Meanwhile, the federation tries to play all parts against each other, for hegemony reasons. Given their reported (and repeatedly probed) Du Pont and Bush affiliations, they aren't at all up to world peace standards, regretfully to say. This has been a most uncomfortable subject for federation aliens, seemingly revealing moments in which they try to play as though they're the revolutionary "green blade" of Neruda's writings, while they're actually steeped in innocents' blood via their direct regime operatives, i.e. the arch-reactionary "conservative" Du Pont(s) in question. They don't like to be pinned re the Reagan case, so they've haggled and postured in such regard, but are extremely suspicious.

Even people of the so-called political right are deeply suspicious of losing basic freedoms under Bush's bizarre rule of self-avowed "cabal" ~crazies. Meanwhile, evidence suggests that, whether they're ready to believe it or not, they're being betrayed to an alien nightmare.

[edit on 29-4-2005 by gl2]

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 07:00 PM
You actually meant to post this thread here.


Categorically Correct Monkeys, not just for the right slot anymore...

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 07:34 PM
gl2, I've posted about Krapf recently and there's just no interest. If you can't get people to read about Krapf or discuss him, there's no way they'll believe a Federation scheme of any kind. You're talking about the Greys, but don't you believe that the Grey's are being used as puppets by the Verdants? Didn't you say that the Greys were possibly colonized by Krapf's Verdants and are now slavelike?

Also, you claim to be a remote viewer, but most people do not believe in it. I am training myself to do it but the mental discipline required is very great. Most people will not develop those skills so how can you expect them to believe what you say?

In short, if remote viewing is real, wouldn't you spend your time as a teacher and proponent of remote viewing so that everyone on ATS could learn to observe the aliens with their own "remote eyeballs"? Talking about George Bush seems so pedantic when compared to opening people's RV eyes. What is your point, exactly?

I like your stuff, but I think the post above is right: People in a political forum are not going to listen to you.

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