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The Proof That You Exist

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posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 09:31 AM
As far as I know, you think that you are a flow of consciousness. I will show you, that you are a special matter which is possessing the consciousness. The consciousness isn't just flowing awareness. I don't talk about your body, you by yourself are a special matter, the consciousness is your awareness.

Matter is anything what is capable to influence or to be influenced by a matter. If anything is acting like this - it is a matter.

No-matter may be either a hidden, not interacting with anything matter or the emptiness.

The proof.

When you try to move, the brain must read from somewhere the desire to move to be able to interpret the desire into the right nerve impulses that are sent to the muscles. Matter may only be influenced by a state of a matter form. So, it should be a matter, which state is the reflection of the desire to move, which state is read by the brain. That matter is you - a very special matter, possessing the consciousness.

Let's go sentence by sentence. Please answer yes or no.

1. Matter may only influence or be influenced by a matter.

2. Brain is a matter.

3. Brain must read from somewhere your desire to move your body as you want.

4. Brain may only read it from a matter.

Will you agree that you by yourself are a special matter which is possessing the consciousness, knows things? If you think that you have a soul and your soul is not material, please tell, how the material brain intercepts your desire to move your body as you want?

You are a matter, which at once sees its consciousness and the image of itself as the viewer. That's how the matter thinks it is "who" and is not "what".

Of course, you may think, you are a no-matter, some kind of emptiness. What kind of emptiness are you, this or that? Real empty emptiness or simply empty space? Which kind of emptiness may actually influence the brain?

The perception of the matter as of something touchable and material shall be reviewed and modified. Physical matter is in fact something very close to us, to some very special matter which is possessing the consciousness.

To give you more ideas, space is not just something empty, even space, perhaps, is a matter. It is because of space, that everything doesn't interact with everything and the powers of fields are lost somewhere as they spread.


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