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Bin Laden Dead???

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posted on May, 4 2005 @ 07:33 AM
Nice - So assuming what you are sayng is true this would explain the reason the US is not engaging Saudi Arabia as part of the AXIS of Evil.
Saudi Arabia is a major terrorist nation who supports terrorist organizations world wide.
There is no doubt that oil is a major player in world politics and has a substantial price tag to it. I think that the BUSHes are not specifically doing this for money but also for economic stability in favor of US interest. So long as leaders act in the interest of the US - I do not see anything bad in this. If some make money along the way - SO what! Every country experiences this - In Europe too.

The Bin Landen associations you point out:

DELTA HESS is owned by the saudi based group DELTA OIL.. whos owner is KHALIN BIN MAFHOUZ, partner with George Bush since the 70s and brother in law of OSAMA BIN LADEN.

If this is true it is also meaningless. Bin Laden has over 50 brothers and sisters - It does not mean that they are all terrorists. Arnold Shwartzeneggers father was in the SS that doesn't necessarily make him a NAZI.

posted on May, 4 2005 @ 07:48 AM

Originally posted by andy1972
It was well known that one of the electoral promises of the PP here in spain was the withdrawl of troops from Iraq...and after the bombings the cry for withdrawl was inevitable and the election was won on this basis.

The bombings were allowed to take place for a change of government...

- The Spainish people threw out the Aznar gov because it was caught red-handed attempting to 'use' the Madrid bombing for narrow and utterly selfish political gain.

(In the same way as would happen anywhere if it was found happening.)

There is no more mystery to it than that.

Trying to claim that the bombing scared the Spainish people into wanting out of the war is simply not true and to repeat a lie; (the war was never popular in Spain in the first place).

I have read that a large amount of gov documentation was destroyed by Aznar's people as they were departing so no doubt the scope to claim almost anything about this will just grow and grow.

posted on May, 4 2005 @ 09:58 AM
In the second world war, Prescott Bush, grandfather of the now president George was sancioned by the goverment for the sale of gasoline to the luftwaffe..The german airforce and the enemy !!!

In 1976 a company entered with force into the market of petrolium. It was called ARBUSTO ENERGY..
Its owner...George Bush, the now president.

The principal investor into the company was a saudi, SALEM BIN LADEN,(who died in a mysterios plane crash over a texas oil field) brother of OSAMA BIN LADEN.

KHALED BIN MAHFOUZ, one of the 250 richest men alive according to forbes, has a personal fortune of 1000 million dollars.

IT all started in 1987 when he bought 11% of the shares in HARKEN ENERGY, of which the now president was the principal share holder.

Thanks to the help of said Bush Family, he became the owner of Houston airport, aswell as one of the three owners of the BCCI. The BANK OF CREDIT AND COMERCE INTERNATIONAL..laundering money, running arms, misapropriation of funds all led to its scandalous closure.

The CARLYLE GROUP, who care for the money of some of the richest men in the world is one of the societys that has gained most financialy since attacks of 9/11.
Its international representative is the father of the president, George Bush Senior. In europe its representative is John Major, the former prime minister of England.
In Asia, its Ferdinand Marcos..ex dictator of the philipines.
The CARLYLE GROUP since the start has guarded and invested millions of dollars for the BIN LADEN family in the form of property..Strange that the property of the enemy is cared for by the father of the president..??

CARLYE GROUP is also a major share holder in UNITED DEFENSE..which since the 9/11 attacks has received more than 12,000 million dollars to design and prepare CRUSADER..a missile launching canon.
UNITED DEFENSE is one the highest paid contractors since the attacks in Washington and New York..

BIN MAFHOUZ is a great friend of the CARLYLE GROUP..through his bank THE COMERCIAL BANK OF PAKISTAN..and also hes the owner of the NATIONAL BANK OF COMERCE OF THE SUDAN..precisely when his brother in law OSAMA lived there..not much later hes accused of financing AL QAEDA

Two of the companys who have taken large shares of the cake after the war in afghanistan are the HALIBURTON COPORATION, whos president is DICK CHANEY, the actual vice president of the USA.
The other CHEVRON TEXACO, lists one of its major assessors as CONDOLEZZA RICE, of the national security council...

[edit on 4-5-2005 by andy1972]

posted on May, 4 2005 @ 10:28 AM
A prisoner in Guantanamo, Ranzi Binalshibh, arrested in Pakistan as co-ordinator of the 9/11 attacks, gave names and precise details of the people and places to be attacked in Spain on 11/3..months before it happened..the content of the interregations where kept secret by the government of the USA.

The secret services of no less than 6 countries informe Spain to prepare for a terrorist attack, including Isreal.
Months before the attacks the services in Norway intercepted a 42 page document in arabic describing 2 or 3 attacks in Spain shortly before the elections of 14th March, that would effect the politics of the country.

Various members of AL QAEDA in germany were released after the evidence given by Binalshibh,which would have tied the suspects to the preparations of the 9/11 bombings, couldnt be released "FOR MOTIVES OF NATIONAL SECURITY" ..
What terrible secrets hid the USA, and could they have alerted Spain to what was to come..

"The fracaso of the inteligance services is even greater when we think of how easily the terrorists comitted their acts,and the victory of Bin Laden is due, in part, to the inepitutde of the intelligance services of the USA and Europe in the war against terrorism..The names and the descriptions of the marrocan terrorist ring where in the hands of the inteligance services a long time before the attacks."

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