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Heavens witness Deleted

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posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 04:30 AM
First of all, Ive been doing a little research for my own sanity on Books of the Bible. For one, God been doing a little talking to me and Ive been helped by a number of great folks in this forum. What they have helped me with is something I am sharing with you. Its curled my hair a bit in terms of the Big picture, but perhaps it will help us get closer to the truth.....
Here is a link about the books that were deleted:

Then the Book of Enoch, that was an account of Heaven deleted:

After reading this, there is allot of attachments to the book of Geneisis as well as the Book of Revelation. The tree of Life, and the tree of Knowledge.
The whole issue about the war in Heaven and why it took place.

The deletion of the Books of the Bible strike me in a number of ways. Did the Lord God intervene and deleted these texts through inspiration so that mankind would not be confused by the witness to heaven? Or was it perhaps a return in time to correct an otherwise catastophy in the big pictuire of things. Prophecy, and the ability to see the future means that the Lord God himself can see. Is the deletion of these some 42 texts a result? A divine coverup or a divine correction in keeping things non confusing.

The concept of freewill in heave, the arrogance of freewill, and the intoxification of power appears to even have validity in Heaven. So would it make sense that here on earth, that we have to be proven that we will be Heaven abiding souls? The Book of Enoch remerged some 200 years ago in Ethiopia as a rewrite after having been burned by the church in 400 ad.
Im feeling as though the church hasnt shared everything with us. God gave us a larger picture of destiny and the church in the name of currency and power has created a facad. Thank God for the internet. Maybe we can make some heads and tales of this without the Godheads of religious coucil doing the filtering in terms of inspired scripts.

Any script, should be allowed if it seems to be divinely inspired. Personally, Im having a hell of a time between reading a Guidioins Bible and then reading a New International version which I find considerable more refreshing.

Enjoy the readings.


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