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Bush Sent to a Bunker After a UFO sighted over the White House

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posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 01:57 AM

Originally posted by AndrewTB
ROFL! First thing that popped to my mind is the Aliens don't approve of Bush and want to take care of him !LOL!. I never would have thought Aliens were democrats.

Considering that many ET encounter reports have ETs giving messages of environmental conservation or anti-war remarks, it appears that many ETs are space travelling hippie liberals.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 02:04 AM
Did some research on birds and radar.

Here is an example of "micro bursts"

this is what you might see if a flock of migrating birds would be captured on radar.

Does that look like ANY sort of aircraft ? Not at all.

More on micro bursts

Im sure a MASSIVE FLOCK OF MIGRATING BIRDS would be seen in the air.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 04:33 AM
Don't worry, the Missile launcher's on top of the buildings surrounding the White house can take down any UFO that comes into range.

Then if that doesn't work the F-16's will help, then the attack helicopters. The White house is so heavily guarded now that whatever enters the air space has to be Alien in nature.

Sucks because I used to be able to walk past the White House, I don't know if that will ever be like that again...

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 07:50 AM

It was moving through restricted airspace at about the speed of a helicopter, said agency spokesman Gary Bracken.

Have you already seen clouds or birds going at the speed of an helicopter (about 200km/h) ?

Sorry i don't buy it.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 08:40 AM
Well, to be honest, both cases could have very well been just a radar blip. From the information posted, I honestly don't see anything really impressive. Radar blips for no reason do happen.

What would be far more impressive, and, to any well researched UFO investigator, far more useful and telling, would be a radra visual.

Radar blips by themselves are meaningless, as they can very well be the result of false readings, birds, or equipment malfunction.

However, a radar visual sighting, as it is known in UFO investigation, is totally different ballgame. This type of sighting is considered amongst the best types. This is where not only does something show up on radar, but pilots as well as people on the ground can see something physically in the same spot where the radar return is showing something to be. This type of case was what the 1952 UFO "Invasion" of D.C. Involved. Not only did radar stations pick up some very solid, stead blips going at high speeds, but both civilian and military pilots, plus witnesses on the ground, all saw objects in the sky right where the radar was showing them to be. This kind of evidence is near impossible to successfully debunk, as its hard to claim radar malfunction when multiple independant witnesses on the ground and in the air all are reporting seeing the same objects that radar is picking up.

However, these two recent cases dont really strike me as anything telling or solid. Ive been doing some google searches on this incident, and so far, I have not found any information regarding visual confirmation of the sightings, which would be needed to verify that it was indeed a solid object being picked up by radar. No reports of civilians on the ground seeing anything, nor any reports of any planes in the vicinity or the dispatched helicopters or fighter jets observing anything.

So until reports of visual confirmation of an object confirming the radar returns, these two cases of anomolous radar returns appear to be little more than phantom blips or equipment bugs.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 08:53 AM
Come on now, why would aliens land on the front lawn of where the dumbest leader on the planet Earth resides. If they can make it to Earth then they must be intelligent, wouldn't they want to talk to someone that could at least put proper sentances together?

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 08:56 AM

from the '2003' incident.
Sources told CNN that upon further investigation it was believed that the anomaly was caused by "a flock of birds."

The North American Air Defense command said it would not say what caused the false alarm, but fighters were scrambled early as a precaution. The fighters remained on the patrol for several hours after the alert was canceled.

Guarding against birds?

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 08:57 AM

Originally posted by Cabanman
Found It.... Have not had the chance to read threw it or make a good investigation. Here you go:

its the millenium falcon ! we're saved !

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 09:01 AM
Maybe we are reaching an 'end game' type situation. Maybe those UFOs were controlled by benevolent aliens who know that our government has sold us all out to the greys. They know that our government has completely lost any semblance of control regarding the supposed deal that was made with the greys.

If they were UFOs, then they very well could have been the good guys showing their displeasure. Just a thought.


[edit on 29-4-2005 by Dr Love]

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 09:35 AM
perhaps this is just another excuse to give haliburton money. a complete fabrication, like 911.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 10:49 AM

Originally posted by dgtempe
Maybe they are about to land. Wont that be something? Lands right in front of the White House lawn and opens the hatch and demands to see the "leader"

How could they cover that one up?

As easily as they cover everything else up...

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 12:44 PM

If the radar personel (at of all places the freakin White House) can't tell the difference between a flock of birds, temperature inversions, and solid unknown air craft, then I feel very sorry for the fate of this country and we need to do some serious beefing up of our radar system technologies. Can I get an AMEN???

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 01:14 PM
Terrorist Clouds

Incoming cloud forces Bush into safe bunker

President George Bush was bundled into an underground bunker, Dick Cheney was evacuated to an "undisclosed location" and heavily armed secret servicemen took up defensive positions when a fast-moving cloud scudded towards the White House, it was reported yesterday.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 01:21 PM
What's funny to me about this type of thing, is how people assume that the White House would be the aliens' chosen location to do anything whatsoever. If you believe in aliens, you should at least believe in mind control by your own government. Read Cathy O'Brien's "Trance: Formation of America" and ask yourself why the authors have not been sued for libel. I'm not sure what goes on inside the White House, but if it's anything like what I saw in that movie "The Skulls" or like what I read about Bohemian Grove/Hunter Thompson/Franklin Coverup, ALL ASSUMPTIONS ARE OUT THE WINDOW. The White House may be a den of sin and vile, for all I know. Average Americans like me are out of the loop. In any case, I do not believe anything good will ever happen in the White House or on it's lawn.

If I were an alien who wanted to approach a nation on Earth, I'd go to the Dutch or maybe to the Australian native people before I'd ever go to America. Hell, I'd probably pick some obscure eskimo tribe and make them the new Inca of planet Earth because they'd be the ones most likely to preserve the oceans, which are Earth's lungs, so to speak. I would tell them I am there to make their people the new rulers/protectors of Earth. I'd heal them and extend their lives with my alien tech. Then, I would send one of them as a messenger to Canada. My eskimo friend would then say, "We are the [insert name here] people and we have an alien living among us. Please send a camera crew." Of course a camera crew would be sent and I would use that communication path to speak to Earth.

Let's say you didn't want to land among a smaller group/nation like I described. You could still choose to appear at some public international event like the Olympics. If a single alien 'beams' down onto the court of the Wimbledon tennis event at a peak moment, wouldn't the citizens of the world quickly shuffle their premises? When serious alien contact happens, I doubt the White House will be involved.

If the question is "why was Dubya shuffled into his bunker?" then I have no answer. I suppose my response question would be, if a UFO can fly over the WH and cause panic, why doesn't it happen more often? We humans seem to be projecting very human-like decision making skills and thinking-styles on these alien visitors. We expect them to ring the front doorbell or flutter by the white house. How cute.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 01:27 PM
I think you have it all wrong. Birds don't appear on radar and simply vanish 10 minutes later. And wouldn't you think they could tell the difference at the White House? That's what makes me wonder.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 01:31 PM
If Aliens really are advanced and extremely intelligent, then they're definitely NOT liberal or democrats! After all, liberalism is a mental dissorder!! I'm sure the aliens are huge Bush fans and were just flying by for an autograph or picture with the President. They probably agree that if all leaders had the wisdom and courage that President Bush has, this universe would be a much better place!

By the way, I hope the Secret Service pays a visit to those of you publicly wishing for Bush to be abducted and probed anally!

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 01:45 PM
I hope the aliens rid of him! Environment = worse jobs = worse security = worse, now we have millions of angry people wanting to kill us which is even more than before 9/11 Bush = #ty president

Go aliens!

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 01:46 PM

Originally posted by Rasputin13
If Aliens really are advanced and extremely intelligent, then they're definitely NOT liberal or democrats! After all, liberalism is a mental dissorder!! I'm sure the aliens are huge Bush fans and were just flying by for an autograph or picture with the President. They probably agree that if all leaders had the wisdom and courage that President Bush has, this universe would be a much better place!

I don't get it, surely if they want to be mates with Bush, they are the ones with the disorder......

Well if they promise to take him on holiday to Alpha Centauri for a couple of decades, they get my vote....

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 03:29 AM
Well, more than likely an extraterrestrial visitation would probably go as hidden as possible, I don't think Humans would be the prime interest. Probably something about this planet would be the main reason for exploration.

An Alien being with intelligence equivalent or beyond ours would also more than likely understand fear, curiousity, etc... So knowing that we have those traits I'm sure they would try to avoid contact, unless their primary goal invloved intelligent interactions. Or destruction, distraction.

[edit on 4/30/2005 by Brainiac]

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 04:47 AM
maybe there trying to hint at their existence, get into the popular culture slowly as not to cause mass panic. I have got a feeling that earth maybe on the verge of contact by ETs. I dont know if i really believe the coverup, secret agreements with aliens and such. However something that appears in the air, and right over the capital no less seems to indicate maybe they thought about it and changed their minds. or they are scoping it out. I think to likly scenarios are 1. they contact a large body like the UN. 2. they contact everyone simultaneously. or 3. they contact U.S. first because it is a major world power. (avoid conflict by assuring the most powerful not to do something stupid.)

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