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Development in Kent Hovind's Tax Fraud

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posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 12:35 PM
The lawyer for Kent Hovind, under investigation for tax evasion, has been sued by the Justice Department " to bar an alleged tax fraud scheme that uses sham trusts to help customers try to evade federal income taxes"

IOW, he scams scamers, a double-scam.

For background on Kent Hovind's case, look here. The pensacola news wrote the original article, but its apparently no longer available.

This is the second time that Hovind has been arrested for tax evasion, and he also fradulently claims to have a doctorate (he was awarded one from a 'university' that is not regionally accredited.)

I think its really damning that his lawyer in his tax fraud case is allegedly involved in creating tax fraud schemes.

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posted on Dec, 2 2012 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by Nygdan

Dr. Hovind is not guilty of tax evasion, he just had a moron for a lawyer.

I know this is long after his arrest, but i forgot i had an account...

"IRS-CID Agent Scott Schneider. Agent Schneider admitted under oath during questioning that there were pages missing from defendant’s Individual Master File (IMF). These particular pages state clearly that defendant is NOT a tax protestor and owes no tax."

From --> Case 3:06-cr-00083-MCR-EMT Document 365 Filed 12/13/10 Page 17/26


". He also did not demand a certified correct copy of the transcript and a certified correct copy of the sound recording to see if a violation of 28 USC §753(b) had occurred nor did he strenuously object when it was discovered that the transcript was NOT accurate but had been altered even though there were (and still are) at least 25 witnesses willing to testify that what they heard and saw in court does not match the transcript. Many swore out affidavits to this effect."

From --> Case 3:06-cr-00083-MCR-EMT Document 365 Filed 12/13/10 Page 20/26

I am sorry to say, but, someone is REALLY wants him in prison. There is no proof that he is guilty, and all the evidence that proves that, has been removed from the media. Even if you don't like him, or his teachings, at-least realize that the man is indeed innocent.


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