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(ACSS) The Ancients

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posted on Apr, 27 2005 @ 11:51 PM
As the nighttime animals of the desert start to stir underneath the fading twilight with darkness hovering just above, the peaceful quiet is broken by two flashes of light accompanied by a loud explosion.
The animals cower and run as a group of fighter jets roar overhead.
A radio broadcast is heard coming from the cockpit of one of the fighter jets.
The voice belongs to Major Will Connelly, a ten year USMC career officer.
“Yankee Foxtrot Leader, this is Yankee Foxtrot four”
“Direct hit on that bunker, I lit em up real good”
“ I read you loud and clear number 4, return to base” his flight leader responds.

Major Connelly pulls back on his flight control stick and
gently rotates it to turn the jet around, and levels out for the
return flight home.
Letting out a sigh that he can barely hear himself above the radio chatter, he starts to relax when suddenly his jet is surrounded by an intense green glow almost as bright as the sun.
He shouts excitedly into his radio as all the electronic gear in the jet starts to fail and the plane descends rapidly to the desert.
“Mayday” “Mayday” “Yankee Foxtrot four, Im going down”
He looks out to the left of his cockpit and sees the desert dunes coming up quickly as he pulls the ejection handle on his seat.
The last thing he sees before blacking out is the cockpit separating.

Slowly he wakes up, his eyes unable to focus, feeling like he had
Just woke up from a powerful anesthetic.
Seeing nothing but blurred shapes he decides to stay still for a while allowing his eyes get into focus, but he feels uneasy like something is wrong.
A few minutes later the blurring clears up and he realizes this is not home. “Where the hell am I” he says to himself as he looks around the room.
Still feeling groggy he slowly sits up and looks back at a metallic table that
he was laying on, symbols of some kind engraved around the edge.
He takes a slower look around the room which is nothing like he has ever seen before….except it strangely reminds him of a video game his son would play all the time.
Something about a warrior from Earth battling against an alien army.

He looks over in the corner and sees his flight uniform laying on the ground next to his battered ejection seat and realizing he is naked, gets off the table and walks over to start dressing himself.
Hearing a hissing sound behind him, he pulls his pants up and turns around to see 3 small creatures there.
Stumbling and falling over his ejection seat, he quickly pulls his pistol only to have it pulled from his hand and watches it float over and rest on the table.
“Rest easy you are not here for us to harm” a voice in his head says to him.
“We have brought you here as a student”.
Two of the creatures remain at the door while the third walks over to the table.
Sliding the gun aside, the creature puts a strange colored pyramid shaped object on the table and touches it at different points.

The pyramid starts to glow the same greenish color Major Connelly saw outside his jet, and before he can speak the top of the pyramid forms a hologram, like he used to see on television when he was younger.
“Watch and learn” he hears the alien voice say.
The hologram starts to display different images he recognizes as historical landmarks around the earth.
He sees the Easter Island Giants, Stonehenge, Egyptian and Indian pyramids, and also a ancient city by the sea with people working hard on their daily routine.
Then the hologram displays a blinding flash and he can feel intense heat coming from it.
Shielding his eyes from the flash, Major Connelly looks again to see the hologram has changed from a green to a red glow.
The images he saw that relaxed him before, and that used to fascinate him when he was a child are gone now.
Now what he sees in the hologram are scenes of only violence and suffering, scenes of a world gone crazy that he remembers seeing many times before on news broadcasts.
Scenes of bombs exploding and people getting shot and beaten.
Scenes of war vehicles driving by burned out buildings.
Major Connelly suddenly feels sorrowed by what he has been shown, and while tears flow from his eyes, he wonders why these images never bothered him before.

Wiping his eyes, he turns his head to the creature at the table.
“I don’t understand, why are you showing me this ?” he asks.
“To help our race” the voice says.
Major Connelly is confused by this.
“What do you mean our race ?”.
“You are not from Earth”.
“We are from Earth” the voice says.
“We are the same race”.
“Long ago we had a society also based on technology, just like you do now” the voice says.
“We had machinery like you do, and we also acted on war with each other like you do”.
“It was not as large scale as you see in your time however”
“The race we left behind is so quick to fight and go to war,
much more brutal then we were”.
“All of the things I have shown you here are for you to learn from”
“The destruction of civilizations, the loss of progress saddens us”
“What we did learn from our mistakes is that technology cannot
and should not replace spirituality” the voice says.
“We had to leave and colonize other worlds or our race would never have lived on”
“Our mistake was made thousands of Earth years ago, and we have been coming back to check up on our ancestors throughout time”.
All the history books and what you see about ancient Earth are not entirely true”.
“We recolonized the Earth after we had what you would call Armageddon”
“Your current world is the result of our efforts to keep the race alive”.

“I am still confused” Major Connelly says.
“If we are the same race, why do we look so different?”
“We had to leave Earth to avoid extinction" the voice says.
"We took the secrets of our technology with us,
and left clues in hope that our ancestors on Earth would
not follow the same fate we did”.
“We look different because over thousands of years we
have evolved on a different type of planet, a different atmosphere”.
“We mainly live underground”.

Major Connelly lowers his head for a moment and thinks.
“What can I do about this, I am only one man ?” he asks the creature.
He hears the voice reply “You must help our race, You know
what you must do”
“Help the leaders of your world understand”
Raising his head back up he wipes the last tear from his eye.
“I hope they will listen, and I will try” he says.

As the creatures turn to go, he notices a sight that he did not see before.
A large window showing Earth in its view.
Major Connelly stands staring out at Earth from high above for a while, then turns to slip his shirt on.
Noticing flashes of light on the floor he looks out at Earth again and sees hundreds of flashes where before he saw only the color of land and ocean.
He ponders this for a few seconds, and turns to walk to the table,
picks up his pistol, and turning back to the window, falls to the floor.

[edit on 27-4-2005 by Patriot36]

posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 07:26 PM
Welcome to the contest Patriot. The field is starting to get a little more crowded then I expected but so far the writing has been good, Including yours my friend.

I am honored that you joined us.

Love and light,


posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 09:16 PM
Greetings from Ohio mrwupy.... and thanks for the welcome.

longtime lurker but new member as of about a month ago

anyone care to adopt me ???

posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 09:18 PM
What part of Ohio are you from? Anywhere near Toledo? Good story BTW

posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 09:20 PM
south Ohio... right next to the river

i could throw a rock and hit west virginians lol

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 01:31 AM
Been down in the south before. Near Chilicothi(sp?) for a OutDoor play on Tecumsa(sp?) and the caves around there. Nice weather in the summer that year.

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