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(ACSS) Nibiru wars part one

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posted on Apr, 27 2005 @ 10:21 PM
Dear Gabriel,

Sitting in this #hole for last it seems like 50 revolutions (revolutions of sirius B around brighter one it is close to 50 Earth years) is pain in the ass and most boring job I could find, but it was that or joining the military. I can't say I am not a patriot, but it is obvious they gonna sweep us if we not join the starfleet VIII and join quickly, because after they get us there will be nothing left interesting for them, it would be better to surrender while they think we can resist, thank god this is going away from the corporate state in which i lived long enough to know to run away from. I don't want to say I could advice anyone to come with me, it is everything but routine this one cycle job. Most of the crew are like me, but some
of them are over 50 revolutions on the ship and they know some thing or two. It is 10 revolution job, then you have vacation and if you want back on the ship, over 30 revolutions is just rare someone to stay sane, it is a long time.Man you have to be over half of your life on the ship, leaving no much space for making some friends or community, but nevermind, maybe it is better this way.

They are silly always this foulish media and lies to the people again and again when everything is lost. I heard bad stories of the battles just parsecs from here, they are just above us technologicaly, even if not like they used to be. Those "Earthlings" blue planet slaves got to be our level already, society level NOT technology - how we bluff them and gave them civilization, but we gave them our civilization, of the worst parasitic kind, divide and rule principles, so they can get ready for take over, that is masterpiece of our society methods, and it always works.

Nibiru was once a beatiful starship, but now when it has served its duty, it is rusty cycler, put into an orbit of this yelowish star, and what an irony to be so near our temporary center Dog Star. But nothing interesting in this system, so drained, strange and low on resources, i heard stories how we got to leave some of ours people behind to make those animals into diggers,and how we improved their genes to gather more and more, more then they can use, and silly them they even don't know what they do. I learned a lot from the crew members, there are few of them from the last cycle still here, very strange when you know how they all avoided to do the cycles before, they are just hiding from the what we became and how we still think we are like Seighters. On the blue planet they call them satans, slaves don't know # again. I think they called the sky on the blue planet after Nibiru. It is so huge when you look at the size of the silly Terra. So it was like covering the most of the sky and they called the sky that name the eve when Nibiru gone.

I am writing you these things and sending it to you in this classic way because they are controling every standard communication from Nibiru again. OK here is how it goes in the first Nibiru war. Yes there were at least two Nibiru wars I heard of, and we just guess of the one back on Dog star. Nibiru is name of this rusty ill maintained ship, and i would have lied if said WE used it in battles. we didn't make it, we are more of the gathering civilization, too. We just gather or scavenge what other dump. They made it - S8 ancestors - and used it alot, so when they didn't want to use it because of the greater better ships for their wars they put it here into an orbit around this yelowish one to use for dumping the trash far away from their door. But we waited until they gone into other direction or galaxies it is not clear to us; it is a legend how they found greater portals which link the galaxies but so well guarded and they attaked it again and again to gain control over them so they lost almost everything they got, I even heard a story there is one near here, so I took this job as a maintenence assistent on Nibiru. But they are still respectable force for us Syrians. Don't believe them when they say we made the Nibiru, we were never capable of that, we just take others history for ours it is what I learnt here.

"Transmission from Nibiru only couple of lengths to the Harvest point, we depend a lot onto this harvest those resources can help us to make deals with S8, they will be happy to see us full of goods, and everything in this moment depends on those brave men gathering resources, as our bravest men fight for the freedom of our race." Liars!

This is how these things work, there is this core which also produce electromagnetic field, but in the middle of this is the sun like entity, and it is kept in captive in the core, these are light entities, or should i call them arc entities, they smell on onion, but these entities produce strong magnetic field, and they are pure energy, those s8 ancestors are a little like those entities, but very much ahead, it is this kind of entity. So i said them it is not wise to fight them in any conventional way. And this creature produce all the energy for the ship to remain warm and nice to travel with it, I know of the fish which can do that some organic iluminology, well developed it produce energy whe nwell fed. It was one problem only with the creature it needed ethereal beings to eat from time to time to survive, and there was a lot in the yelowish system but we were catching them as many as we could and fed our energy system, because what our slaves don't know too is there are levels of technology, it is what you can do with dead matter, and there is iluminology, and that is what you can do with organic production, and light design, these light design iluminated is best what you can make or find in this world. It is mind controled or controlers, whoever can take it will understand, but that is not our problem, we are scavengers, we go to this dump planet and dig the dirt, or our slaves, then we sell it to those organic manipulated, and I just don't want to think too much, but they did a mistake and we waited, we were their slaves at first, but we talked with the creature in the core, and made a deal with the creature, we will help him escape and then creature will help us gather resources for trade.

And this is how it worked for very long time till the second Nibiru war.
That was just before I was born, Nibiru was on this (our) side of orbit and they somehow made it, they took our mines set base on another planet red one, we were holding the blue, but our teams were weak for invasion forces of that size and when Nibiru came everything was lost. They are like ghosts, they can take any shape from their liking and can posses bodies, they can use bodies of one race even continualy, so that race never has its consciousness. They were all around the red planet, several huge ships and one invasion ship near red planet Tiamat was its name and we knew it, but our forces were wise they didn't talk of the Nibiru and they didn't know, too. Nibiru was mighty ship it can turn invisible for some time, too. So here is what we did as our base Atlantis was totaly evaporized, our men there were very wise not talking of Nibiru, they also burned all the material which eventualy would link the agressor to our force coming, so we turned Nibiru into direct impact on their base, and as their quarters turned into thousand little planetoids, we launched attack on red planet we used every weapon available on Nibiru and pealed almost all the surface of the planet, mighty attacking systems were still usable, but I
think nothing left since and now it is just cycler transport ship.

Since there we never made the same mistake our teams are deep undercover, and we made this wiser covert method of gathering resources, partly we stole it from the enemies, we manipulated the genes in our slaves to be greedy and always to gather more and more, so when we come next time we can easily transport it to the ship and then carry it back to trade. We made them so ilogical it is painfull, they gather resource and even don't use it, it is better then making silly objects like till now, they even guard it in the hidden places in big quantities and use instead some weaker rare materials. I think few our genes prevail when all the races mix on the planet, those slaves then just collect the garbage, and that is sad truth of us. This will be turning point for us, the leaders gave us instructions to repair the ship and try to make it battle operative again,
and I just don't know how, they said we must find the artifacts of the second Nibiru war, deep under red planet surface or in the oceans of the blue planet. They know something and I smell they know much more, but they want to hide it and now just want the impossible even if we find those artifacts, I am not sure I can use it to repair the ship, and what I fear the most is this beast in the core begining to be hungry and there is no ethereal food left in these systems, how we can give the slaves to him to eat, but slaves are not so well developed we should helped them more to improve to be a better food. I am still mixing those two together red and blue one, I am not a historian, and even better for me because what we been told is one big lie, I heard lot of confusing stories on Nibiru, and about it. I am going into locked areas sometimes, but don't want to go near core.

There would be another story how we managed to cage the creature to be in the core of the ship, this is another one but this one is very strange looking it resembles the old man with a beard sometimes when look at it, but it is dangerous to look at it directly. Prior creature was more like snake. But he escaped, and didn't help us in gathering resources. Hope to hear from you soon, and don't go in the army, at least no voluntarily; you are too young to die, just entered 20s (revolutions). I can not advice you to aply for the job on the cycler, at least not this one; it was good for me, but not for others.

Yours Michael

PS those slaves seems to know of my father, they made him deity there
) You are named after cycler from the NW II, did you know that? All these people are on the blue planet like gods, odd. I think his name was meaning something like Black.

edited for bad title now ok

[edit on 27-4-2005 by MankoW]

posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 07:46 PM
Welcome to the competition mankow, I wish you luck in the eyes of the judges when they have to make their final decision.

I'm honored that you joined us.

Love and light,


posted on May, 5 2005 @ 04:54 PM
The letter format is a new one. I hadn't read this until now. Very interesting that you use a letter format, a plus to me since none others have used it.(from the ones I've read)

posted on May, 7 2005 @ 12:44 PM
Good story I liked it very interesting! the letter format is cool.

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