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Refineries at Ex-Defense Bases.

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posted on Apr, 27 2005 @ 09:25 AM
President Bush has proposed using closed military bases as locations for building new Oil Refineries and power plants.

WASHINGTON - President Bush is offering to make closed military bases available for new oil refineries and will ask Congress to provide a "risk insurance" to the nuclear industry against regulatory delays to spur construction of new nuclear power plants, senior administration officials said Tuesday.

Over the past 20 years no new refineries have been built in the US because the EPA has a strangle hold on the amount of pollutants a plant can produce and discharge, which makes good sense.

But the amount of cars and trucks on the roads in the US goes up each year and so does the supply for fuel, if no new plants are built soon we are going to have a fuel crisis that will make the 70's gas crunch look pleasant.

King Faud of Saudi Arabia said to President Bush the other day in Texas, that the amount of oil produced is enough to supply the US demands, but its the ability to produce, and or to refine the oil into fuel is what is driving up the price of gas.

Supply and demand, we cannot produce the fuel needed with the refineries on line at this time.

So what do we do, sit back and pay higher prices for gas, and save the enviroment.

Or do we allow the construction of new oil refineries at closed military bases around the country.

If the technology has improved enough since the last plant were built to keep the nation clean, I say build the plants, produce the fuel and drive down the cost per gallon. I think it would help the nation and the economy.


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