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posted on Apr, 27 2005 @ 05:35 AM
My thread was removed because it apparently does not contain anything 'paranormal' the philosophy I encouraged people to read is a promotion of that and I see no reason why the thread should have been moved especially to BTS where no one here can contribute... does anyone even use that site?

KRISHA.MURATI; Talks of achiving higher states of being.

DR MICHAEL WOLF; Has a picture of a (supposedly) real alien on his book cover!... His job is to get gov information out to people, Dulce file etc etc...

R.SHELDRAKE; Talks about the sence of being stared at and other hidden aspects of the human mind... the subconsious.

How is all that not even slightly paranormal orientated?

If THIS thread gets removed then this site is corrupt. I'm glad I'm not into reptilian theories cause it was Kinglizard that took it off.


It was necessary to move a thread you created titled, Knowledge which was originally posted in the Paranormal Studies forum, to the Literature forum. kinglizard has initiated this action, and included this message about it:

I moved your thread to the Literature forum on BTS because it didn't deal with the paranormal.

Your thread is still available here,

This U2U was automatically generated when your thread was moved, please contact kinglizard (by replying to this U2U) for additional information if you have any questions about why your thread was moved.


I'm on Amazon right now and was wondering if anyone had any reccomendations. It'd be good to know what others are into and how they got to their understanding of the things around them.

The bible is one we all know well as is the Koran and Torah.

Heres some I'm digging into;

The awakening of intelligence-
Freedom from the known-

J Krishnamurati

Dr Michael Wolf is intresting for those into Aliens, the pic on the cover of his book is supposed to be an actual grey he knows. Type it into and check it out.

Qigong Meditation: Embryonic Breathing

Yang Jwing-Ming

Buhddasim, I'm buying it now along with...

The sence of being stared at

R. Sheldrake

Have to get this one, the idiot told me to buy it when I asked him for guidance and I've refused since but I can't find anything else on the topic so I'm stuck.

Anyone got any other info to share? Obviously theres more to it than books, DVDs, classes and meditation CDs are good as well.

Hymi - Sync
Merlins Magik
Subliminal/hypnosis CDs

Are all good.

Let me warn you though its good to be wary of some subliminal Cds best to check it out first, do a search on the people that make them and hear from anyone thats used them.

P.S. If this thread is to be removed or something please tell me before hand cause I'd really like to hear from people on this.

Thank you

posted on Apr, 27 2005 @ 05:54 AM
Maybe your post seems more like an discussion on what books to buy and not really on discussing the contents of the books,that is why it is being move to BTS.

My 2cents


posted on Apr, 27 2005 @ 05:59 AM

Originally posted by The Drifter
If THIS thread gets removed then this site is corrupt.

Wonder what it means if this duplicate thread that makes no sense WITH ALL CAPS TITLE get's locked?

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