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Interesting Comments from Mind Control Survivor

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posted on Apr, 26 2005 @ 05:52 PM
Please refer to the below site and then respond:

Read the last sentence in the first paragragh. Read the third and fourth paragraghs now.

Wow! That really is sort of shocking isn't? You think that you can trust someone but then you look around a bit and BAM! You're back to trusting nobody. I have never heard of this before has anyone else ever heard of this type of mind control? Maybe this type of mind control is being used on people that believe in the NWO? If so that is just... scarey.

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posted on Apr, 27 2005 @ 03:10 AM

Maybe this type of mind control is being used on people that believe in the NWO?

The mind control that will be used by the NWO will probably be more advance then that.


posted on Apr, 27 2005 @ 01:15 PM
Read about the Monarch program, which is far worse: a high-level government sex slave and courier operation that seeks children of multi-generation icest families, then takes them and electroshocks, tortures them (CIA and defense, same people who injected children with plutonium, folks) to manipulate their minds, creating MMD, multiple personality disorder (now called dissociative disorder). Then, they can be molested, used to set leaders up for blackmail, tortured to obliterate their memory of a given, high security liaison, then "thrown from the freedom train" (killed) at age 30 to dispose of some. Satanic groups are tracked and sought because their abuse of children creates MMD, children useful for ops.

To read a Monarch survivor's story, get Cathy O'Brien's book Trance-formation of America ($12). She came from a multi-generational incest family, and, when her father was arrested for mailing child porn (of his children) the feds cut a deal that allowed them to use her in mind control torture/conditioning, then use her as a sex servant and a drug-and-intelligence courier. All the while, she was tortured hideously, regularly electro-shocked to obliterate her conscious memory.

In Cathy's case, she was lucky because Mark Phillips, a mind control expert and deprogrammer, rescued her from her "owners" and was able to get her to write down her story before she'd educated herself about the background by reading too much (which could have contaminated her memories). Cathy has picture perfect memory, a product of the self-stifling tortures. Much like a savant, she has eidetic memory, hence her memories about sex with Reagan, Cheney and others is precise---she remembers their exact diction, their mannerisms and even the decor of their private quarters in picture perfect detail, which is one of the best indicators of accuracy of recall. (If Cheney's wife or children ever reads her book, he is in deep trouble!) Her abusers' mistake was to think that a little torture and electroshock would obliterate her memory. It didn't. Cult babies tortured from birth may be easy to completely compartmentalize, but Cathy was 5 when they they started professionally conditioning her. Prior to age 5, her abuse had simply been parental incest, which she thought was normal, up to that time.

Cathy says that then-Congressman and Monarch spotter Gerald Ford sexually abused her right when she was taken into the program, that Reagan enjoyed watching animal bestiality sex with humans videos while having sex with her (was he from a farm town?), that Sen. Robert Byrd, the ex KKK member, was one of the leading figures in the Monarch program (saying he sexually and physically abused her many times). Cathy was so attractive and well shaped, so easily manipulated and sexually uninhibited (upon coded command) after torture programming, that she says she became a Monarch beta "presidential model." She also says she carried coc aine on special trips to Panama's Noriega, $ to Mexico's Carlos Salinas de Gotari so that he'd open up Mexico narco traffic to Bush Sr's cronies, and that she was given "wonderful wafers" by then Defense Secretary Dick Cheney (ecstasy) to enhance the times he abused her in his inner "bunkhouse" offices. One of the weirdest parts is when reported sado abuser Robert Byrd has her trapped, at one point, in his typically blowhard, wordy fashion, he told her he was "an alien." Whether that meant that humans were seeded by aliens, or that he's a direct gray-federation operative, we're left to wonder.

Cathy names Kris Kristofferson, Boxcar Willie (country music star), Hillary Clinton, Wyoming Sen. Alan Simpson, and others as using the Oz coded words of Monarch slave manipulation against her, and abusing her. She says that a Mellon family man (other sources say it's Seward Prosser Mellon, an exec of Mellon Bank) ran the Charm School, a Monarch slave torture and electroshock conditioning center in an old railroad baron's house in Youngstown, OH. She says former PA gov. Dick Thornburgh abused her, as did Trafficant (the Ohio congressman ousted for corruption) and that PA Sen. Arlen Spector was a Monarch manipulator of sorts. The weirdest part of the story is that Republican presidents are shielded from having embarrassing sexual encounters like the Democrats because, says Cathy, they have control of a stable of Monarch sex slaves at their ready access, women who cannot remember what they've done, so extreme is the conditioning.

It's a chilling read. The narcotics aspects tail precisely with what we know about CIA and intelligence narco dealing. It should come as no surprise that Cathy reports that Bush Sr. got coc aine to Prince Bandar, and that Bush and Cheney and cohorts got in on the $ of some coc aine trafficking, as did Clinton, reportedly (this matches what we know about Mena, AR--see Barry and the Boys, a book about Clinton and Mena by Daniel Hopsicker).

What Cathy describes is so weird that it is a jolt, but in the end, it agrees with what basic demography predicts: too much power corrupts, and sexual crime is more common than the old seduction theory of Freud and 19th century moral idealizations ever admitted.

NOTE: We all have different methods of judging the tone and validity of Monarch victims' reports, but, to help demonstrate how easy it is for such a program to proliferate here, consider the following:

France had De Sade, a torturing (not pleasant, not delightful) but predictable twist of human psyche, but the US is much bigger, much richer than France ever was. The US (currently) has more military impunity to do wrong than any country EVER had. All previous cases of the sort were challenged in wars, colonial schemes, murders of kings, etc. So, we should expect to see the spoiled children of the rich doing exactly what the Monarch program suggests. What would stop them? Their basic "decency?"

Centuries ago, France had a Medici on the throne, resulting in the mass murder of a French possible-king's hundreds of aides and guards. The Italian peninsula had the Borghia family, which massacred many and killed several of those who displeased theme every day, and put a Borghia in AS POPE who murdered his own family members (see Jacob Burkhardt's respected history of the period). At present, the US has a black budget and arms/narco $ entwined family, the Du Ponts, who were the equal of the Borghias in cruelty and mass murder IN GUATEMALA ALONE, let alone the rest of the world. Du Pont's United Fruit invented the death squad and schemed the deaths of hundreds of thousands, rivaling Roman gore in Central America, alone. Du Pont crimes elsewhere (combining with Rockefellers to CFR/Trilateral plan and profit by the Indonesian genocide and many other massive bloodbaths, sponsoring anti-semitic propaganda during the Nazi era and even militating for avowedly "fascist" rule here, according to a 1936 Congressional inquiry) vastly eclipse the mass murders of the Borghia family. What do Du Ponts own? Part of GM, Boeing, Du Pont Chemical, Coke, Conoco, Phillips, and more. Get the picture?

Shouldn't we be looking for crimes of the Monarch sort, here? Every other regime in history has had similar developments. If it wasn't noble rape of peasants, it was cultish, mass murderous other. The US is no different. Monarch isn't unbelievable, but if you approach it with the attitude that you never saw such a thing in church (see Jesus covered with sadistic gore), in your middle class neighborhood (see the kids video games), among your friends (as per the typical NPR or corporate media dumbing down of outlook, the infantile stereotype of advertising), then you won't even look for it. It seems ~alien.

Meanwhile, what does massive narcotics trafficking in government and dogfights over every single scrap of narco money among the complicit breed in such minds?

Extremes of corruption. WORSE than France of De Sade, worse than the Borghias. Face the facts, the US will be looked back upon and regarded as innovative, but terribly corrupt, thick with heinous criminals. Do you have any control of it? Do you have any alternatives?

When you live in such a place, the tendency among popular outlets is to deny, deny, deny. How many Germans worried about Jews being sadistically butchered by Dr. Mengele in Auschwitz? Not many, at all. They were living the good life. (Mengele pioneered some of the tortures used in Monarch programming, and the reported child sacrifices at Bohemian Grove rival Nazi cruelty---the Bohemians gather in dark hoods beneath the owl statue of Moloch, god of child sacrifice. They even kill the effigy of a child in a torchlit ceremony, then some retreat to "the U.N.DERGROUND" rooms there for their sadistic diversions, says Cathy O'Brien, Paul Bonacci, and others!) See their stories for details. Though some don't want to hear about it (it's so bizarrely cruel), Monarch stories are lucid, supported by corroborating accounts. Col. Michael Aquino, who was reportedly the Oliver North among White House Republicans re Monarch abuse of sex slaves (used to keep the elite free of risk exposure) did a satanic ceremony in a German castle used by Himmler's SS elite, says the San Francisco Chronicle. Sick, sick people.

When you live in the belly of the beast, it's easy to overlook such ugly details. BUT, in other countries people take notice. Other intelligence agencies are all over the story. They seem to see the US government as THE BIG STUPID, so demonstrably evidenced in 9-11 (see Daniel Hopsickers book Welcome to Terror Land, showing that foreign intelligence had to know about the hijackers' ties to US cabal heroin traffic with Bin Laden, who had near control of Afghanistan, the opium source of sources). Monarch mind control victim Cathy O'Brien's husband and rescuer, intelligence insider Mark Phillips writes about how he was about to do business with Alex Houston (a weird Monarch operative) without knowing about Monarch, and, they were signing a contract with the Chinese some 10-20 years ago. The Chinese drew Mark aside and showed him photos of Alex Houston sexually abusing a small, African American boy, then told him about Cathy and daughter being victimized in Monarch (the young daughter sexually violated many times), and Mark Phillips was aghast. He cut Alex Houston out of the deal, contacted Cathy and rescued both she, and her daughter.

And when you see one of those Monarch totems, before you allow it to ring some numbly erotic bell in some corner of your mind, remember: Monarch victims see a Monarch butterfly and remember knives stuck into them to scare them, rape by parents, beatings, regular death threats and demonstrations that high-level officials are in on it--hence they have NO ESCAPE; they remember going unconscious during electroshock to obliterate their memory of a liaison, electric cattle prods, people talking about them like mindless objects, telling them they have no minds or brains but are "shells;" they suffer sleep and food deprivation, nightmarish suffering that's almost incomprehensible to a normal person. Not erotic.

Foreign governments know about Monarch, and they see it as part of the US monopolar nightmare. When you live in a county where such monstrous offenses occur, when those coked up, dismissive children of the rich just laugh at your idea about exposing Monarch (which provides them with easy sex and other hush-hush diversions), don't forget: the story is out. Professionals are digging deep in dozens of nations intelligence agencies. US official are being blackmailed, then they, in turn, try to set up some dunce with a Monarch slave/photo'd liason. The US government is a sick joke, internationally, in such regard, extremely corrupt and thick with stupid operatives.

Monarch is just the tip of the iceberg. It is among us, and we need to mobilize to go after Monarch goons and the narco cabal AND their compromised, masturbatory capitulation to that other "breeding program."

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posted on Apr, 27 2005 @ 05:43 PM
this smells of political bias. I don't believe it. Why? because both side are corrupt. Most likely they are both doing it. If not shes lying pretty bad.

posted on Apr, 27 2005 @ 05:54 PM
Gl2-- thanks for my introduction to cathy obrian. I will look forward to reading her book. I googled her and couldn't pull myself away from a very lengthy article on her and her llife. What's your opinion?


posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 08:59 AM
Her memories aren't just vivid; they're photo precise. The most striking aspect is the way she remembers their exact diction, their way of phrasing themselves, even their gestures--down to the slightest movement. She was trained to do so. Having studied US history/politics in grad school, and having followed the careers of the men she reports about, I recognize what she says. There's no way she could know inner details about the White House, Cheney's office, and Robert Byrd's personal life, his travel habits, unless she'd actually been there. She also knows their intimate physiological peculiarities, something not published. She describes Saudi king Fahd's you know what in ways that no one, but a contact could describe. The Monarch thing appears to be predominantly Republican, but they do get some Democratic dupes in on it (Byrd and some others). Brice Taylor says she had sex with Democratic presidents.

posted on May, 5 2005 @ 09:15 PM
OK, but....

The thing we are talking about here was, the NWO tells you "You need a guidance counsellor (in High School), you need a psychologist (in middle age), you are crazy (Internet)."

The thing is, Cathy's elaborate tale does the exact same thing! It scares us so much, that we give our power away!

This is how power has been maintained since before the Dark Ages. Either the public is held in fear or they are SATISFIED to numb them. The fear is caused(through unimaginable acts, such as burning down farms and houses (which happened in South Africa only 100 years ago, razing the very ground at the hands of the British) or through the use of violence at a student protest, when the students imagine it to be IMPOSSIBLE for violence to be committed against them, and thus, are helpless when it inevitably does occur.

What I am saying is, realize that the NWO has sanitized the story Cathy can tell us. And in this case they have made it EVEN MORE TERRIFYING than it really is. Mind Control is MOST dangerous in the subtle forms that we are exposed to it, EVERY day. When we concentrate on how others were mind-controlled, we are being controlled ourselves.

For example, who can't wait to see Star Wars? Me, I have waited some odd years, what does 7 or 14 or 21 days or weeks matter to me at this point???
The point is, to realize how ALL are controlled, not only how SOME are, because I assure you, most others who were abused, were granted power in exchange for it.

This means, in their eyes, the abuse was worth it. This is not made clear from Cathy's stories, she makes it seem like people are being taken advantage of. In reality, when you give in to mind control, it is like in 'The Matrix', when (Lou)Cipher sells them all out, and says "I want to be famous. And Rich. Filthy rich!" You are doing an exchange!

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