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voyage to the stars

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posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 09:45 PM
this is my first story if you want to be in it u2u me. here it goes.

Voyage to the stars

I awoke to a bright light shining in my eyes. I looked down and saw that I was floating and allso rising from my bed. I tried to yell for help but all that came out was a little squeak, I was too scared to say anything. The last thing i saw was a ufo. Next thing I knew I was in a room strapped to a chair that was made out of metal. The room was cold and allmost empty there was only a door, 2 chairs and a table that was right next to me. On the table was something that looked like a scissor but hade a button on it. As I tried to reach for it I noticed that I was naked! Right then the door opened and a big headed creature walked through the door. The creature was green, short, long fingers, big eyes, and no nose. the creature put on a pair of gloves and picked up the scissors that was next to me and pressed the button. then all of a sudden the scissor turned into a chain saw except a little smaller. he turned on the saw and said "this wont hurt a bit". he brought the saw closer and closer to me whe all of a sudden the whole ship starts to shake. the creature fell down and the saw turned back into a scissor. then the whole room started flashing red and an alarm went off. the alarm made a loud high pitched sound that hurt my ears allot like nails on a chalk board.

sorry thats all for now.

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