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Your guide to the NWO.

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posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 08:52 PM
The NWO is coming. The reason so many are talking about it today should be proof enough for anyone to at least start looking into it.
Sadly, many only find the smaller parts of the puzzle.
You have see some of those here on this website. The different groups behind the NWO have almost all been talked about here at ABS. Many fail to connect them together. Some even seem to work against each other. They are all part of the same plan however, and that plan is all about YOU.

Q.) What is the goal of the mind behind the NWO?
A.) A unified world under one leader

Q.) How can you unify so many different people under one banner?
A.) You must control two things. Money and Religion. You must also give the people a reason to join together. Something to unite against.

Its time for everyone to take an open minded approach to bible prophecy again. Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Revelation along with a few snips from the 4 gospels , give many of the details.

Q.) How can a conspiracy as large as this stay hidden from most of the world, especially if its supposed to be talked about in a book as widely distributed as the bible?

A.) Stigmatize the book so that anyone believing the words of it are looked upon as stupid, intolerant, or haters. Have the book declared to be poetic and alegorical, containing very little truth.

If this conspiracy is correct, then we are about to repeat a tragic story that leads us to the end of the world as we know it.

A basic outline is this
The seat of power of the entire world MUST be in one of the nations that was part of the Roman Empire. This is in the book.
10 nations must band together to back up the person who takes charge.

The person in charge will bring a false peace treaty between Israel and its neighbors. This person will prosper at everything he does.

The worlds religions must unite under one banner. Some feel that a secular Iraq will rebuild babylon for this purpose. This world religion will serve one purpose. Once that is done, it will be destroyed by the 10 kings. The focus of worship will be directed at the world leader. Leader worship is common in earth history.

This all happened before the flood. After the flood when the people had one language, it was tried again. Ever since that day, someone has been working to bring the world back to that point. Back to where he can be worshiped.
So lets see how he is doing.

The false church called the RCC is loved by the world. Its Pantheon of gods and goddesses is the same one used in Babylon. This is 'the official' church.

The last hold outs of christianity are being secularized. Christianity is slowly being confined to the insides of the churchs. In many places in the US and Canada, parts of the bible are 'Hate Crimes".

Many false churches are here. YOu know them. They go against their 'own bible' in favor of Interfaith and Unity. Even if you arent christian', you can surely see that these folks are not giving much more then lip service.

This all has one goal. To make YOU believe that the words of the book are not worth following. If you believe them, then you'll know the truth.

GOAL ONE is complete.
The bible is merely 'another' text of religion.

GOAL TWO: Unify the masses.
Pope Benedict picked up where John Paul left off. Reach out to Islam and Jews. Unity.

In the mean time:


Q.) When did it happen?

A.) Approx 1948. I can go back all the way if you like, later on in the thread.
In 1948 the documents were signed that created what would become the EUROPEAN UNION. This was the beginning of the end. At the time, power was overwhelmingly in the hands of the USA. The USSR was strong, but could not support its war machine if left on its own.

The USA - IRAQ war saw something unprecidented. France and other Western European Union members objected to the USA and even supplied Iraq in the war. Russia also did this. The EU is making its power grab.
The balance of power is shifting

The Western European Union now has a military treaty by which they will conduct join operations and have already done so in Africa.

The Goal is world control.

Q.) How can the EU hope to dominate Russia and the USA, not to mention 1 Billion muslims?

A.) Ezekiel 38-39 outlines a massive muslim-russian (or russsian supported) invasion of Israel. This is a nuclear war and IRAQ is NOT named in it. The end of the war 39:6 shows what may be a USA - Russia nuke exchange.

The EU is now the most powerful entity on earth.

The conspiracy to form this New World Order contains all the 'symtoms' that you see mentioned in the threads of this forum. Money, power, greed all play a part. But the leading driving force behind this reall does not care for any of that. He wants two things.
1.) To be worshiped as the highest
2.) To destroy anyone who wont do the first.

Its not a coincidence that the bible is a hate crime in many places now in Europe, Asia, and NA.
Its not a coincidence that the worlds religions are moving toward a unity of sorts.
Its not a coincidence that the EU is taking center stage
...that the hottest news item is mideast peace
...that earthquakes have increased dramaticly
... that the guilitine(sp?) is making a comeback

Between 1800 and 2000 we saw Mary go from human to goddess, we saw the pagan olympics brought back (look up the opening ceremony for the 2004 games!), we saw the worst holocost that humas have ever done in abortion, we saw an explosion of knowledge and the general decay of the family. Its all part of the plan.

One last thing that we saw was the rebirth of a nation that hasnt existed for 2000 years.
Imagine the Anasazi or Toltec peoples retaking the southwest USA or parts of central america. Its unheard of in history for this to happen.
But the book that tells of the NWO told us it would.

What should you look for?
More of the same

1. Unity and tolerance. No god is above the other. All are the same
2. Refusing the above is hate
3. Focus on Europe and Mideast

We need a crisis to set off the powder keg.
Ezekiel says that Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Spain-England (tarshish) will object to a large force coming down from the north.
This force never makes it past Israel. What if Israel is only part of the goal?
Islam and Russia make a deal. Destroy Israel for an alliance. Saudi must be convinced to join this as well. An embargo against the USA.
This is why Saudi objects to this force even though it is attacking Israel.

In the end, the power is in the EU. If you want this site to be viewable after that war, it should be hosted in the EU.

Now you can close your mind and pick it apart, or help put all the parts together. Everyone has a piece of the puzzle.

posted on Apr, 26 2005 @ 03:19 AM
nice thread, but sorry
this has been done before. Check out my FSME threads and the Index threads for examples of members explaining the NWO.

posted on Apr, 26 2005 @ 04:34 AM
I thought it was an interesting read even if it had already been done. Thanks!

posted on Apr, 26 2005 @ 05:16 AM
I had done a quick pass through but did not see it. Sorry for the dupe.
YOu DO understand though, that this is what is happening now, and is the reason for the rest of the things that are going on, right?

posted on Apr, 26 2005 @ 06:10 AM
In all actuality its not the EU that has all the power its the UK.

We are the hidden force behind everything political that happens in the world today, the tiny island to many is in fact a fortress to others in power, just because we are a tiny island does not make us small. The round table and everything around it is based here in the UK.

Hence the name United Kingdom and the United states of america. The UK basically created the USA. The hand in the puppet of america.

Its all about unity indeed but the one thing you forget is unity is not freedom. Especially when there is 1 leader invlolved.

I'm going to state once again that its the people who need to wake up and rise, take out country governments and have one central government and police all with the help of the internet.

In all seriousness we could have a world government like no other. No politricks, no secret societies, no controlled media, no controlled education etc. etc. EVERYTHING would be in the hands of the people of Earth.

We need a crisis,

hmmmmmm.........Peak oil springs to mind, 911, columbine etc. etc.

Hey I've been putting bits and pieces together for about a year now and still I keep finding new information about the New World Order and secret societies, I'm guessing most of the stuff on the web is bull but not all of it.

How can a conspiracy as large as this stay hidden from most of the world, especially if its supposed to be talked about in a book as widely distributed as the bible?

You make me laugh, Whats the best way to hide something?????

A) Do you hide and cover it up as much as possible and hope the truth never gets out.


B) Stick it right in their face and preach it to them for 2000 years. hmmmmmm.....???????

The best thing to do is read as much as you can but do not understand what they say but instead Overstand and learn what they teach you.

[edit on 26/4/05 by Hunting Veritas]

posted on Apr, 26 2005 @ 01:09 PM
I was just trying to get people to see the conspiracy for what it really is.
Look at how much something as simple as evolution has not only changed the world, but also set the stage.

Everyone is looking at a tiny part with their masons, and skull n bones, etc...
like blind men feeling an elephant. This is thee big game. The source of them all. All of them, like little battles, are part of this war, and we are going to be under this one world leader. We cant change the course.

posted on May, 5 2005 @ 08:03 AM
The key to it all is peace in israel.
The guy who 'confirms' the peace...actually establishes the one that this NWO is being prepared for.
Nooo...I really dont expect many to believe me or take it seriously. Im basing this all of events that line up with the bible. You have been taught that the bible is just a fantasy book. A passtime...aka religion.

BUT... if you ever find yourself in place to wonder if maybe those nutjob christians were right

Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Revelation...
and if you see enough there to make you realize you need Jesus Christ then read John.

The NWO is coming, but its not going to last long.
Now I'll leave this alone

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