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(ACSS) Atlantis 0 Hour

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posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 08:27 PM
Atlantis 0 Hour


Over 30,000 years ago the great nation of Atlantis was the civilization. On one land mass surrounded by ocean and mystery. Technology advanced in some areas like war and communication beyond that of the civilizations known today, while suppressed in other areas, Atlantis was a great empire. But a dark day came when the aliens from Persicron 8 came to check on their creation. Expecting great beasts standing taller then a building, but some the size of chickens, they were surprised to have found mammals controlling the world. How could this be? Millions of years ago they laid down the creation of dinosaurs that could never have been killed by these puny mammals, with no claws or thick skin, no fangs or great speed, how did they do this? Revenge for the slaughter of their great beasts must come!

Chapter One Atlantis.

In the blazing heat of July, Marian and Hirotina work in the field, harvesting apples the size of their heads. “With this done we will have time to prepare for the Great Feast of Zicko and impress everyone. Well, if you aren’t wearing that old emerald and ruby dress you got at Cushman’s, Hirotina.” Marian continues to pick the apples as Hirotina sticks her tongue out. “Dork that dress is priceless, show’s what a guy knows about fashion.” “More then you and your Fashion Fiends do, wearing stones went out with furs.” Hirotina throws an apple at Marian, nearly knocking him out of the tree. “It’s Fashion Club you idiot, why you make fun of us for our great taste in fashion I don’t know, something must have hit your head, or someplace vital when you were younger. Now let’s get this last tree done so we can go home and prepare, I have hair, nails, make up, so much to do.” As they finish with the tree they get in the cart and go home.

As evening comes, the Feast of Zicko is prepared by the many workers and servant of the Emperor. Pork, beef, fruits and vegetables, completed by the finest wine ever made, the Feast will be great as always. The sun almost gone, the trumpets sound and the people become quiet as they wait for the opening speech. All lights are turned off except those on the balcony of the Great Temple, leaving an eerie glow. The doors open, the Emperor steps out, spreads his arms as though he was hugging the people, and with the people silent, he speaks. “Ladies and Gentlemen, after the winter snow has fallen, after the spring rain has come, we have the heat of Zicko, his heat warming our lives, bringing us the Light of Life. We have a great feast prepared to honor him and you the people. If not for you this food would not have been planted, if not for Zicko it would not have grown. Now please enjoy the Great Feast of Zicko!” Fire explodes from the ground, lighting the people in the Light of Life as they enjoy the night of eating, drinking, and dancing.

With the morning coming, the sun rising, the celebration begins to break up as people scatter to go home and relax, knowing that today they have a day off much needed. In the dark of night, with the lights off and nothing but fire to light the city square, no one sees what is in the sky. The aliens watching the weak mammals, wondering how such creatures could have killed beasts that they have trouble killing with all their power and wisdom. They came to hunt the great beasts and have found nothing but small mammals to weak of mind to realize what was about to happen.

Chapter Two In the Heavens Above

“These creatures as you can see have the basic body structure. They have two arms, two legs, one head, but strangely no tail. We have studied the ones captured and found them to be quite easy to scare, and although one would expect them to have trouble walking with no form of counter-balance, they run quite well. We are going to dissect one to see if something inside them explains the ability to walk on two legs without a tail or other means of balance.” Vassar 7 explains to Vassar 2 the new data acquired.

“But you have found no reason for the ability to kill our beasts?” Going over the reports from a holo-screen Vassar 2 tries to show no emotion. “They appear to have weapons, ones like our own just not as powerful. We have found nothing of our beats and the creatures questioned say they have no idea about any beasts we described to them. The ‘humans’ as they call themselves say that no beasts like these exist. But we know they do, we put the seeds on this planet and gave them time to grow. Why they are not here is puzzling, but I will find out Vassar 2.”

Chapter Three Atlantis Havoc

Waking up after a hard night of celebrating, Hirotina leaves Marian in bed and decides to make breakfast for him. Pretending to sleep Marian relaxes waiting for Hirotina to finish, but gets bored. He gets up and quietly sneaks into the hallway into the kitchen. Slowly he sneaks up behind Hirotina, until finally grabbing her arms and yelling. “You bastard, you know I hate it when you do that! Just for that I’m not serving you breakfast in bed.”

She sets the food on a large plate so they can pick and choose what they want later. “But while you’re up, could you do something for me?” Sure babe, what is it?” She points to a cupboard. “There is something on the top shelf for you, I hid it up there awhile ago and think now is the perfect time for you to have it.” Marian walks over and opens the cupboard, but before he can get his gift the Earth shakes. “EEEEP! Marian it’s an earthquake, get under the table before something falls on your head, or something vital!” Hirotina scrambles under the kitchen table as things fall off the shelves around her. Marian grabs hold of the counter to stable himself until the Earth stops moving. Finally the Earth stops moving and Hirotina and Marian begin to clean the mess.

Sirens blare, people start screaming, and Hirotina runs outside to see what is going on. People running, the earth shakes again, she can’t believe what she is seeing! Metal ships sailing in the air, but not like any ship she had ever seen. “Marian come here, you have got to see this!” Marian runs to her wondering what the big deal is, there have been earthquakes before, but the sirens have only gone off once before when a fire had started. “What is it babe? Why are the sirens going off?” Hirotina points into the sky at the air ships, suddenly a blinding light comes from one and the Earth shakes again. “What are those things? What’s going on?” People scream and run away, but another flash and Hirotina and Marian see the people vaporize in mid step, in mid scream as nothing but a crater is left. “Come on Hirotina, we better hide in the basement, grab what you need and let’s get going!” They run back inside, hoping they might be safe.

Chapter 3 Invasion Begins

As the War Ships come in from above the scouts destroy anything that moves. Buildings falling as the foundations are blown apart, people turning into nothing as the very atoms that make them are destroyed. “Vassar 2, we came for a hunt, and a hunt we shall have. We will be the first to have these creatures heads mounted on our walls, the trophies no one else has will be ours! They have shown no resistance, this will be easier then our war with the Kor’Yun Goi’s.” Vassar 7 chuckles as he remembers the slaughter of the Kor’Yun Goi’s, they entered their space and that was the last thing that race ever did, no one brings upon themselves the wrath of the Tacrons and live. “Don’t get to cocky yet Vassar 7, they have weapons and may just not been able to round up the troops. Don’t make the same mistake as you did with the Tyrinu. They were weak, but when you stirred the nest up billions came forth and nearly made it on a Capital Ship before the Psion Rifle blasted the planet apart.” Vassar 7 is subdued by that memory and he gets back to the battle at hand.

Four more War Ships drop down unto the planet dropping off troops to clean up anything left by the scout ships. The soldiers feel that this drone work is demeaning; they came for a hunt, not the slaughter of creatures obviously to weak to be worth bothering. “Karn, what is with this? If anything is left we certainly need not bother with it! Why does the Vassar think this is of any use? They are pathetically weak; they haven’t even fired at us.” Scanning the area for any signs of life he becomes bored and listens to Karn complain.

“Come on Mirrioth, we could have skipped this planet and be doing something important. We already wiped out the creatures on the red planet, now we are doing the same thing here. I don’t get why we have to bother with creatures that are no threat to us when we could be out conquering the Saxins or something more sporting.” Walking over to a strange object on the ground Mirrioth checks it out and shows it to Karn. While looking it over it begins to heat up. “What the? It’s getting warm, wonder why?” Karn looks towards him and notices the object is starting to glow. “Put it down! Whatever it is it can’t be worth….” Too late, the device explodes in a blue dome destroying everything in a ten yard radius. The first Tacron casualties in the slaughter are two soldiers who had no say in what they did.

Chapter Four Fight to the Death

In an under ground bunker the people who made it through the first wave of attacks prepare. The highest ranked man left alive, General Tai Wan Do rallies the men. “Troops, this is your basic Gauss Rifle with Pulse Grenade attachment. Most of you already have had training with this weapon, but for the ones who don’t, here is what you do! Point this end at the enemy and fire! Any questions?”

Marian who made it into the basement and used the passage way to get to the main bunker raises his hand. “Yes grunt?” “How many rounds do we have? Or are these the newer styles they came out with after my two years? Sir.” General Tai Wan Do holds the rifle out so everyone can see the side. “This is the X-23, less powerful then the X-21, but has unlimited energy. If you run out just hold this button and wait for it to recharge. But if you are a good shot you won’t need to worry about this.” Marian raises his hand again. “What else grunt?” If whatever they are happen to get through us, what will happen? My girlfriend is staying down here helping the wounded, and I don’t want her to get hurt. Are there any second defense plans? Sir.” The General waves his hand as if to wash away the fear in Marian. “Do not worry, when we close the entrance doors nothing will get in until someone on the inside opens them. We are in total lock down and nothing will get in. Even more so since we will not lose! We have a back up plan, but that is something only I need to know. Now Move Out Grunts!” “Sir Yes Sir!”

Hirotina pours mashed up roots into a bowl and begins to feed it to an injured woman. “Its ok ma’am, just swallow, you don’t need to chew. This should help with the pain.” She bites her lower lip worrying about more then the woman. Her boyfriend is going out to fight against the animals that destroyed her home. Atlantis has never been attacked; no one would dare to do so. Where did these flying ships come from? Why did they come here now? “Marian, come back to me, I need you.” She whispers to herself, trying to hold back the tears.

Chapter Five The Countdown

“Vassar 2, it appears that the ‘humans’ are starting to resist. I have reports of three troops killed by an explosive.” Vassar reads off the report off of the holo-screen. “But they still pose no threat to us as it seems they were killed in the first two waves of the attack. The few still left will be found and exterminated as soon as possible.” He turns it off and looks over new reports coming in on another holo-screen. “Vassar 7, wait for the last War Ship to drop off the troops, we may need them. We collected more information from the creatures captured and it appears as though there is an underground bunker, one that they flee to when they are attacked. But some say it might not exist for this is the first time they have ever been attacked. We are trying to find this bunker, but so far it seems there is none.”

A Talcron runs in. “Vassar! We have just been attacked! Seven troops were killed in sector 5, area 51. Another four were killed in sector 1, area 16. We are waiting for more reports from the troops in sector 1, area 15 and area 17 for information.” Vassar 2 takes the disk and inserts it into the console. A new holo-screen comes up. “So Vassar 7, this was going to be a slaughter, right? Looks like those weak mammals are fighting back.”

Chapter Six Pillar of Baal

The resistance is moving to the surface after the scouting missions came back. The creatures are big, strong, and reptilian in appearance. One even describes them as “crocodiles walking as humans”. “Grunts, we are less then a minute from battle. If you are scared do not worry, it means you are human, and that is what we are fighting for! Humanity may have been attacked by these things, but humanity will not go down without a fight, it will not disappear into the night, it will live on! You all have sisters, mothers, wives, and other loved ones back in this hole waiting for you to return! Do not disappoint them Grunts!” “Sir Yes Sir!”

Sunlight is seen, they are ready for the battle with these demons from the sky. Why Zicko allowed these creatures to kill his people, why the Emperor fell before these animals that kill man woman and child, they don’t know. There is the sun, there is Zicko, the one who brings the Light of Life, and here they are ready to die to save the ones they love. “Grunts, on my signal, we will go forth and fight!” He raises his hand, his fist clenched. He counts as one finger goes up, then two, three, four, and five. “Charge!” The men burst forth into the daylight and find the creatures waiting for them.

One of the creatures steps forward, he is taller, bigger, and wears a special vest, red and black covering his many battle wounds. “Foolish humans, you have nothing to do now but die!” The Tacrons raise their weapons but stop as General Tai Wan Do steps up inches away from Vassar 2. “Why have you done this? What did we do to you that we deserve to be killed? We have never seen anyone like you yet you say we deserve to die? You attack us without warning, you kill innocent women and children, what did they do? You are nothing but a coward! You are nothing to me and my men, for we have something more powerful then any weapon you may use, and that is the will to live!” With this he spits in the face of Vassar 2, feeling extreme pain as Vassar 2 strikes him down with a single blow. “Fool, you think you can stand up to me? Now if we are done with this little chit chat, I think it is time for these people to die.”

Marian fires a shot striking Vassar 2 in the chest. The other Tacrons back off as the sudden flash of light and the fall of Vassar 2 is unexpected. “Come on men, we can’t let ourselves die like dogs, fight until you have nothing left, and then fight some more!” The other men start firing on the Tacrons and start running for cover. The Tacrons start firing back, killing the troops even as their own fall next to them.

General Tai Wan Do watches as his men are losing, with every second passing more men fall. There is only one thing for him to do. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a box. When he opens it he knows that with this he will save the people in the bunker, but everyone else will die.

“MEN! FALL BACK!” The troops are stunned, but do as ordered. Running back into the tunnels firing on the Tacrons brave enough to follow. Many have already died, but they know the ones they love, the ones they are dieing for will be safe.

With the men retreating General Tai Wan Do opens the box. Inside is a single button, he presses it. At first nothing happens and he worries that it has failed. But finally the Earth starts to shake, and then he hears the humming of the Pillar of Baal charging. “Damn you animals! You won’t get away with this, you won’t live another second, you have LOST!” With his last words the Pillar of Baal discharges sending a power that equals Zicko, which equals the sun itself! The wave of energy spreads over the planet, eradicating everything on Atlantis and above it.

Marian and the others rush down into the cave. Getting to the entrance they pound on the door until it finally opens. The men rush in as the wave of energy crosses the lands they had tried so hard to make great, the land they fought for, leaving behind many friends. Marian looks for Hirotina, happy to be alive to see her again.


After the Pillar of Baal was fired, the energy broke the very Earth it was on. The great nation of Atlantis split apart creating new land masses. With all the different bunkers on different parts of Atlantis the people lived. But separated they began their own lives. In South America great temples were built, in Egypt others were made, in China others were made, and in Antarctica more are made. The new civilizations separated but having the same past create very similar temples, using the same technology, having the same stories and legends.

Thousands of years later the people have come to a time equal to that of Atlantis but different. Where Atlantis was peaceful, the people of today fight; where Atlantis was united the people of today are not. What will happen if the Tacrons come again? Will a separated people be able to fight and win? Will a separated people be able to work together for the common good?

posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 09:09 PM
Good story my friend, and welcome to the contest. I look forward to seeing how you do.

It's great to have so many writers joining in the fray and baring their souls to the mercy of the judges. That takes real guts, Which you have now shown yourself to have. I'm honored.

Love and light,


posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 09:15 PM
I guess, I just have no life, or job, or friends, or girlfriend, lol. Kidding.

I just like to read and realized how hard it was to write, mainly coming up with names.

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